Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tiles, Tables & Triangles!

If you’ve followed along on many journeys with me, you’ll know I have a penchant for tiles and places they are used. I love tiles!

I’ve often thought that a simple hexagon tile floor ought to come with markers so we can color in the tiles to create any design our hearts could imagine. Might be messy on the socks, though --- so maybe make it a tiled WALL --- dry erase markers. Works for me!

My first day of classes in Burbank last week for the Glendale quilt show was Thursday ---other teachers had also arrived that day, or the evening before and had taught Thursday classes as well. After class, the teaching staff met in the lobby to be rounded up by quilt show staff, we were loaded into cars and caravanned to the Market City Grill in downtown Burbank. What a fun evening, and oh MY the yummy food!

But of course, what caught me right off was the vibrant tile designs outside the building ---and I bet if you saw this on your own, you would have thought to yourself “Oh, Bonnie would LOVE this!” and you’d be right!

glendaleCA2012 079

I loved the abundance of yellow on the outside of the building…and there is NO DOUBT what is on the menu, it’s plainly written in the tile!

glendaleCA2012 081

It was definitely a night for a gourmet veggie pizza for me. I saw one being delivered to the next table, and though there were wonderful fish and pasta dishes --- this girl wanted PIZZA! And it was yum….but look at that tile work, doesn’t it make you smile?

glendaleCA2012 082

Square in a Square and Flying geese..checkerboards around the door…and SCREAMING YELLOW! Yeah, baby!

But that wasn’t all to tease the quilty-senses….look at our dining table:

glendaleCA2012 083

It’s a paper piecer’s dream inspiration!

This was all inlaid stone, marble, quartz, some shell for the shiny bits, and all around GORGEOUS. I would so love to have a dining table like this – but quickly ascertained that it was way too heavy to check home as luggage…LOL But what a NEAT NEAT end to our quilt show day!

glendaleCA2012 084

Isn’t it just LOVELY!? And it was extra fun to ooh and aahh over the table with the other teachers: David Taylor, Larkin Van Horn, Mickey Lawler & Diane Pitchford! ((Yes, I'm name dropping, we had so much fun!))

glendaleCA2012 085

I’ve had geese and triangles on the brain ever since!

However, I’m not in love with curved paper piecing. So last night after the Big Clean Up in the studio ((interrupted by intense bursts of hail, thunder, lightning, and rain)) I drew up some little foundations in EQ and set to tackling my crumb bins. They are OVERFLOWING – and it’s either sew them up, or pitch them!

studio 003

I know these are more simplified than the table above – but it satisfies my need for something “Wild & Goosey!” I’m not sure how many I’ll make, or how big I want this to be, but I haven’t had an “extreme piecing” project since the Pineapple Crazy was finished. This will travel easy with a handful of scraps, some foundation papers, and I’ll have a great “on the road” project without having to pack the entire studio with me.

I know this post is late this morning. Since coming back from California I am still seriously out of whack on my sleeping patterns. This morning I woke at 9am! I never do that --- and it’s been this way all week. I think I’m over sleeping because I’m tired, which makes me more tired. I need some exercise, and some endorphins! But the rain hasn’t helped that -----today I NEED a spring walk around the neighborhood. I’m just afraid the trees I wanted pics of had all their blossoms pounded off in the hail storm last night. Sad smile

I just feel like I could lay down and sleep for a week, and this is so unlike me!

Enjoy your Sunday everyone!


  1. Love your crumb geese! Is that template going to be available in a future book?

  2. Cute crumb geese! Great idea...

  3. Hi Bonnie! Take your time for your system to readjust! You may be fighting off a virus, which will be harder to do if you are run down and tired. Early to bed a few nights, you'll wake up ready to roll!
    Take care, Leslie

  4. The tile work is amazing.....what's more amazing is that I just drew up the exact block the other day. Mine are 2" blocks and will be sewn into a purple scrap mini. Pretty cool! I love the scrappiness of yours and will have to do some bigger blocks like that one day.

  5. Just love those little Wild & Goosey blocks! What size are they?

    I'm amazed you didn't figure out a way to bring that table home LOL!!

  6. Joanne, Armstrong, BC, Canada11:07 AM EDT

    Bonnie, you might be interested in a product called "No Jet Lag". It was developed years ago for the New Zealand All Black rugby team to help them get over jet lag when they travelled for games. I buy it at the local travel/luggage shop (and apparently health food stores may carry it), and use it with good effect when I am travelling more than 2 time zones. It is some sort of homeopathic formula. Intructions are to take one tablet (they are the size of an aspirin) on take off, one every two hours in flight, and one on landing. Somehow it helps adjust a person's internal clock. You can google it to find out more.
    Joanne, Armstrong, BC, Canada

  7. Hi I just found your blog and I am enjoying a Sunday morning going through past blogs.I was amazed with Simon's snow Quilt Art Amazing. Lookong forward to many more blogs.

  8. As always you are inspired by your surroundings as am I.
    I even put my pats of butter on my toast "on point".

    Sigh! Life is good!
    XOXO Subee

  9. Those tile tables are awesome!
    and of course so are your pieced blocks!
    Is this the beginning of a future project you will share with us?

  10. Love those tiles! When I started my blog (http://aquilterspath.blogspot.com), I called it A Quilter's Path because I was (and still am) a novice quilter, and saw the process as a journey. I still do, but now I think a great name for a blog would be Through A Quilter's Eyes -- we see quilt designs everywhere we look! SubseeSews is a perfect example.

  11. YES Bonnie, that tile work is so wonderful..the best I've ever seen. I actually thought of you last week when I was eating at Burger King. They had tile work at the ordering counter and I thught Bonnie would love it! But your tle work pics beat the heck out of what's saw at BK!!! Wish I could print ut pics of just the tile works. I actually learned a great trick for curve piecing and next time we see I'll show you.

  12. I laughed to see that green-on-green foliage print because I have some of that to use up, too! Those are such cute blocks. Hope you will unwind and decompress a little; sending hugs!

  13. Anonymous1:35 PM EDT

    Bonnie, I have been trying to think how to tell you this but to put it plainly, EVERY DECADE YOU MIGHT VERY WELL SEE A CHANGE. You're tired because you are a very busy lady. But you so enjoy your life and you let us enjoy it along with you. Keep on, keeping on honey. Thank you for that. Be kind to yourself and enjoy the movie.

  14. The table top is gorgeous! It reminds me of some of the floors I saw in Italy and I loved those! I'd love to make a quilt like this. Ah, who am I kidding, no way I could make one so I'd have to hope to inherit one instead! :)

  15. The beautiful tiles also reminded me of the floors on shop cruise ships, I usually take my camera to the loo (bathroom)where "mariners compass" is often used in various versions & colours. Drink lots of water when travelling!!! Luv Annette....who cannot sleep in Oz

  16. I'm always amazed by your energy and productivity (love those little flying geese blocks, by the way, and wish I was one of those people who just pick up and start something on the trot)....I guess it catches up with one eventually, though. Hope, with your longer hours of sleep, you'll soon be feeling back to normal. Thinking of you. Margaret

  17. Diane, our friend Joyce and I had a sew day Thursday and she showed us the photos she had taken of the tiled tables, but she had not taken any outside, so it's fun to see what other treats there were for you all! Love the tiny flying geese!

  18. Oh Bonnie, this post is amazing. I was at a hand sewing workshop on the weekend and the tutor asked if anyone else was fascinated by the tile designs in public toilets. I was one of the couple to put up my hand. Now I know your tiles aren't in a public toilet, but it is the same concept. Those tables are amazing.

  19. I love those wild and goosey blocks. I need to make those with all my scraps.

  20. Those new little 'Wild Goose' blocks are adorable. And you got a whole bunch of them done already! Looking forward to seeing how that project progresses over time. Enjoy it!

  21. I also love the " something “Wild & Goosey!” blocks and I hope you will soon publish them. I'll hold onto my scraps until then. Shirley

  22. Some of the subway stations in NYC have great tile designs; I hope nobody ever decides to "modernize" them. And I took a bunch of pictures of tile floors in Italy one year, but couldn't get a decent enough picture to copy any, and lacked the nerve to sit down on the church floor and sketch. Well, I have the nerve, but my travelling partner would have abandoned me from embarrassment. One of many wasted opportunities--

  23. Anonymous12:04 AM EDT

    Do you suppose that the artisans that make those tables have as much trouble with the points as some of us do? They are just beautiful! Thank you for showing us those. Love the "Wild & Goosey" blocks too. You are so talented! Thank you for sharing those with us too! I always get called Anon when posting comments, but I'm aka Sara.

  24. Love the FG in the round on tile work! I have a challenge to make a quilt with FG this year. They seem to be showing up in different places for me- just a little nudge to get working on it. Maybe I'll have to do some EQ FG like you and Judy D. Get some rest this week, I hope.

  25. Bonnie, when was your last check-up? It might be time. Just sayin.

  26. Wow that table is gorgous! Makes me want to make some flying geese and do some paper piecing as well! Your blocks are so nice and bright and fun! Wow! Thanks for all the inspiration!

  27. Beautiful blocks and oh my gosh....I see fabric scraps that I have!


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