Friday, March 02, 2012

“On Track” Winners!

I know this post is late --- at least for those on the East Coast! I had a phone emergency today. As in ---not quite dead as a doornail but going there quickly. You remember last week when it wouldn’t hold a charge?

Well, last Sunday morning on my way home from Florida it was also doing this thing where I could hear the person on the other end, but they couldn’t hear me at all. Then it seemed to be fine mostly, but sometimes the conversations, especially on the receiving end were crackly – meaning I could hear them, they heard me from the fizz, fuzz and crackle of a bad connection.

Today when I was trying to talk to my friend Karen, I could hear her fine, she could not hear me – and we resorted to text. I tried to call DH –--- he couldn’t hear me at all, though I could hear him, so we resorted to Tango, which is a video chat app.

My phone was going belly up and fast, and so he met me at the AT&T store to see what we could do, who’s account was available for an upgrade, and I replaced my phone. We decided that the little cute and slim case I had on the phone just wasn’t durable enough for the likes of me! I need a case that can BOUNCE. Literally. I am the biggest clutz, I am always dropping this phone --- so now it is in an “Otter” some what indestructible case – and we’ll see how it goes.

So now as I type this, the new phone is synching with the old one and hopefully everything transfers over before the other one is completely gone. Technology we love to hate, and hate to love, you know?

So let’s get on with it:

fortmeyersFL2012 305

Our three winners of the “On Track” magazine are:

Lynn who wrote:

Would love to win a copy of this magazine. Besides your article the cover art features the beautiful Nebraska State Quilt Guild 2012 raffle quilt, Magic of the Rose,that will be drawn for the end of July.

Chatty Kathy who wrote:

I just saw this quilt at the Mid-atlantic Quilt Festival and would love to read more information about how it was created (plus, i ALWAYS like to read your articles, Bonnie!).

And finally:

Jennifer who wrote:

I didn't even know this magazine was out there! Love having as many idea's and tips for quilting as possible. Also, love spreading the word about leaders and enders - everyone is always so amazed by how many quilts I complete and it's all due to this system. Thanks for the giveaway!

These ladies have all been contacted by email and I’ll be mailing their copies off to them as soon as I have snail mail addresses to send them to.

fortmeyersFL2012 304

Thanks everyone for participating in a great giveaway! And thanks to the International Machine Quilters Association for including me in their issue and giving me the opportunity to spread their wonderful publication around --- this was lots of fun!

And tomorrow? On to Yard Sale Saturday! I’m ready!


  1. I HATE having to learn a new phone. This last one almost did me in. I still hate it a year later. Good luck with yours.

  2. Congrats to the winners! I will definitely look this magazine up. I'm a longarmer and could use all the info I can get. Thanks for sharing, as you always do.

  3. My husband just bought me a cute rubber phone case because I the other one had pieces falling off of it since I am always dropping my phone.

  4. Congratulations to the winners...and I have to tell you...I couldn't find one of my land line phones for a couple of days this week..didn't worry, it would turn up...it did...in the big freezer in the mud room.....I'm losin' it...it was frozen, but still worked.

  5. Anonymous11:01 PM EST

    I'm ready for the yard sale...my posting is up because I have such a busy weekend with work...figured I'd get it done today. I'll link up tomorrow. Thanks Bonnie!


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