Wednesday, March 21, 2012

IPhone-o-gram! Blooming Beauties!

I just went and sat blissfully on my front porch swing while taking in a phone call. Oh MY but things have exploded into spring while I've been gone!

Southern California was cold, wet, rainy and dreary much of the time I was there, so this explosion of spring is just what I need to welcome me home!


  1. Its snowing here in eastern Washington! Wish I was There!

  2. Anonymous4:25 PM EDT

    Not getting snow up here, thank goodness, but no blooming anything yet!
    Andrea in Canada

  3. Anonymous4:38 PM EDT

    Do not believe this and hard to explain: Downeast Maine - in March - sun shining lovely and the temps are 85 -YES- 85 degrees!!!!!
    For a time of year when temps are in the 40-50's, I am appreciating this "spring break", but do not know what August will hold!!
    Faye in Maine

  4. Beautiful. I love the time we sit outside and watch nature emerge. It happens very quickly here in Florida, not just sooner but faster too.

  5. Love it........it is just starting here too......I was out all day cleaning up the yard. I have daffodils and forsythia blooming!
    that doesn't usually happen in March here in upstate NY :0)
    I'm loving it.

    Happy Sewing, welcome back to the East coast :0)

  6. It was so warm here in Mount Pleasant, SC today!! People are already going to the beach!! It's nice that you were able to sit and enjoy it for a bit!!

  7. Spring is the best time of year for me, I love watching day by day how the buds open. I'm in the spring mood and am putting bright felt flowers on my cell phone and ipad covers for the book club and pressies for my friends. I've made penguin cell phone covers for my kids new Tracfone LG800G cell phones. Amanda has already scratched her touch screen and the phone cost me $50. I've just found the cheapest price for cell phone time for the kids, $5.99/40 minutes/month using Tracfone's family value plan, you might like to investigate for yourselves.
    As a novice quilter I've already started making little pouches and bags for xmas for friends and family and for the first time in a long time my pressies won't cost a fortune but will be treasured as they were made with love.

  8. beautiful, beautiful I wish I could be there with you !

  9. Here in Virginia Beach, VA. the daffodils are almost gone by and the tree leaves are popping out. I love this time of year!


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