Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Star Struck in Little Rock!

Yesterday’s workshop was a load of fun! The day started with the guild business meeting and my lecture ----and then we got BUSY. Tables were moved and chairs arranged and machines unloaded and everything plugged in --- and in between that and the start of class we managed to eat a bite of lunch for the energy we’d need to get us through the afternoon!

We met at a library, with a great conference room for our use. I love libraries! I need to remember today to get a picture of the beautiful fountain that is right outside our room...too much time, not enough for all the pictures I want to take!

littlerockAR_2012 014

I love organized preparedness! Doesn’t this just make you want to flip through and look at each individual strip?

littlerockAR_2012 015

This too! Cut and stored and all ready to go!

littlerockAR_2012 021

More strip and square readiness!

Take a look at all we got to – we had a great half day class, and don’t let the half day part fool ya – it was a 4 hours of pedal to the metal chain-piece-a-thon!

And today we do it all over again with a My Blue Heaven Workshop!


  1. you must be at the River Market area if you are at the library I am thinking of that the Little Rock guild meets at. It is a pretty area. Hope you are able to get outside and take a walk - it is pretty there.

  2. The library is a fine place for a quilt workshop!

  3. Great slideshow -- I am aching with fabric lust!

  4. Great looking stars!

  5. Ohhhhh! Wonderful! Makes me want to sew today! If I did not have to work, what I could do! :)

  6. OH--I have been collecting reproductions Confederate blues, browns, and neutrals for a star quilt and this might be just the star quilt for me--is this pattern available yet? :-) you sure have a knack for inspiring me! AND those pics of the so organized pieces....well, THAT I am jealous about! :-) I think I should spend the day in my room!

    1. well, silly me--I found the FREE pattern! and I told myself to stay away from thousands of teeny pieces quilts for a little while! LOL

  7. From totally scrappy to totally planned, there are some wonderful quilts happening here. I am partial to the blue/brown and to that purple batiky thing, and the R/W/B and ...I'd better stop.
    Hey, I hadn't noticed when you posted the group shots before, but isn't that your hexie project on the table under the books? Nice!

  8. Anonymous1:10 PM EDT

    Great pictures. I love seeing the machines they use and some of the notions. It tends to give me ideas!

  9. Looks like everyone was having a great time! Those strips are pretty impressive!!

  10. Looks like a great time and a great bunch of ladies! I'm down in Houston and had planned to attend since this is spring break but sadly had to cancel a couple of weeks ago. I've been so looking forward to seeing these slides. I'm sewing along with you!!

  11. Anonymous5:16 PM EDT

    What fun! Wish I was there! But I got one of your books, and ordering another so I'll be doing some more as soon as I finish my RRCB! BT

  12. Yummy strips! I made this quilt for my nephew's 21st birthday last year.

  13. Holly Melton9:15 PM EDT

    That is my friend Cindy with Miss Bonnie. Nice job girl.


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