Thursday, March 01, 2012

Sunshine ---Pure Sunshine!

Certain colors just lift my spirit!

The yellow in this one has certainly done the trick ---I spent time last night getting the rest of the top sewn together. It was dark by the time I was done, and no great spot for a good photo op so I thought I would wait until morning.

9am, the rain had dried --- I went out to my usual “over the rail” spot on the back deck and – Yep! It must be MARCH – the winds are blowing! And it’s a VERY WARM WIND!

I was out in short shirt sleeves --- I checked the temp, it was already 65 degrees. It’s supposed to hit 75 today! Happy March, indeed!

I am so NOT wanting to be inside today. I think today I may go out-and-about just to soak up some of this beautiful weather. The one thing stopping me from really planning something wonderful is the fact that my day is to be interrupted by two appointments --- one Chiropractor for the sciatica at 2pm ((Which is working wonders!)) and a dentist appointment, I’ll be all clean and shiny after my 4pm with them! But with a 2pm appt and a 4 pm appt –there isn’t a lot of time to get out and do.

WinstonWays 034

Do you SEE the green coming back into my lawn? I had to walk down by the creek – even the peeper frogs are making a happy racket this morning along with the birds.

Welcome Spring! Welcome in the sounds of the south ---love my noisy critter-filled out doors! In a few weeks, all of these trees will be fully leafed out and you’ll hardly be able to even SEE the house. ((And I wish the trees could hide the trailer, but hey, this is life in the country!))

WinstonWays 032

I moved my photo op to the “other” railing because the wind kept fluffing the quilt top off of the rail and onto the deck. There’s a lot of shadow on this thanks to all the SUN out there, but I am not complaining! I like it – I really do! The lighter blocks just dance between the darker ones….It has the feel of the original antique quilt I was trying to capture.

WinstonWays 035

But the true test is if it will fit the guestroom bed where it is going to live. I LOVE how the yellow adds such a happy warm feeling to the room.

But --- Nope. Definitely going to need borders of some sort. It's not quite wide enough to cover the bed like I want it to. Put PEOPLE in the bed with the quilt on top, and there will really be a draft of air along the sides if it isn’t wide enough to go down the mattress a bit farther! ((That drives me nuts when I’m sleeping, to have the quilt short on the sides to where I’m catching a breeze!)) So I’m brain storming on what to do for borders.

A simple checkerboard would be nice…but I just did that on the Winston Ways. Oh well—not everything has to be something new, right? What gets the job done gets the job done, and I’ve got no shortage of fabric to continue using up!

WinstonWays 036

This is a view of the room from the side…see that BRIGHT SUN coming through the blinds and the sheer curtains? Oh Happy Day! I love that old little 1941 Singer 99 with the godzilla finish…it came in that cabinet, I picked it up a thrift shop for $50.00. There are 3 machines in this room, crazy I know! The date is special, 1941 is when my mom was born.

Anyone wanna join me for a walk around the neighborhood? I just don’t think I can stay inside one minute longer!


  1. LOVE the quilt and it looks great on the bed!!! GREAT job!!

  2. I think that quilt is just pure "sunshine"--and I love that pattern....I think my spare room could use a change from the bargello quilt there now....super work! Julierose

  3. I love your Floribunda! What a sunshiney addition to the guest room!
    I'd love a walk, if I could get through the snow to join you!

  4. Oh yes I'll join you Bonnie! I was just taking my Promises & Borders stitchery outside to sit in the warmth and stitch for a while. So lovely!!!! Your Floribunda is coming along beautifully!

  5. Drafty bedcoverings are one of my pet peeves, too. During the cold months I keep a twin sized quilt on my side of the bed so that it hangs below the kingsize covers that are only king sized until you get under them! I don't care how it looks, it keeps me snug.

  6. So pretty and such a nice introduction to March!

  7. Your Floribunda is gorgeous and so perfect for the guest room. Far be it from me to suggest to YOU what to do, but....why don't you just add 3 or 4 more rows to the width of the quilt and call it a day? It'a already a beautiful quilt. I don't know how you come up with all these super creative (and beautiful!) borders, but don't you ever just want to not? (Looks like 3 more rows will make it the right width...) You go, girl.

  8. Your room looks so lovely! We are heading into Autumn now and I am loving the change. I'm a winter girl, I love soup, crackling of the fire and a warm quilt over me ....of course!

  9. Anonymous2:40 PM EST

    I just heard that where my granddaughter is in N.C. it's 80 and sunny. Well it's 28 and snowing hard and has been all day. As long as it's not tornadoes I will NOT complain. Time to rig up and go snow blow.
    Your quilt is very sunny indeed and I like it. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Love the quilt! I'm not joining you for any walk (unless you can get me to wherever you are :). March is definitely coming in like a lion up here - snowing and blowing, and "warm" is not a word I expect to be using for a few more weeks.

  11. Anonymous2:42 PM EST

    Bonnie, I absolutely love the look of this quilt. I've been looking for something to use my newly purchased orange colors in, and now I have found the right pattern. Thanks loads.
    Enjoy the sunshine, and so glad to hear the trips to the chiro are doing so much good. Good day to ya, girlfriend.
    Faye in Maine

  12. Anonymous3:20 PM EST

    I wasn't a fan of yellow until I used it in Orca Bay (in place your black), and OMG, it is such a bright, cheerful, happy color. I love it!

  13. That's a lovely quilt. Boy do I need some yellow (sunshine) in my world today. It's been yucky, drab, grey skies for days now. Thanks for sharing your pretty day. So glad you are loving your days at home. Enjoy!

  14. The Florabunda quilt looks great with the headboard. Making for a very 'happy' room. I told DH yesterday that I heard the frogs in our little water feature/pond thingy.....he told me I was hearing things. LOL Loving this warm weather.

  15. Hi Bonnie! I love your quilt with the yellows and purples/lavender together. Those two colors always seem to warm a persons heart and brighten a room!

  16. Anonymous4:39 PM EST

    Love the quilt, it is all nice and sunny. Would love to walk around YOUR neighborhood today, since mine is covered with about a foot of snow.
    Ramona from Maine sewnsew@live.com

  17. Wish I lived closer too you - I wouldhave goneon a walk with you! Instead I got to shovel some snow! t does look pretty out there though!
    I really like the new quilt, nice and springlike.

  18. Hi Bonnie....Really love all the beautiful colors..and how they really brighten the room....Keep up the great work,love it....

    Thanks Tommy

  19. Anonymous7:16 PM EST

    How about a vertical/horizontal repeat of your design (the on point squares) traveling down the siedas and across your quilt? You would have to have a separation of inner borders of cours. You could even switch your colors and have your squares be the yellow...or not. Just an idea. Have fun. Its the "daffodil" quilt for Spring!

  20. That is a very sunshiny quilt. And it looks perfect on the bed in the room where it will live.
    Hope you enjoyed the day. It is cold here.


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