Friday, March 02, 2012

Looking For ----

I’m getting my items ready for Yard Sale Saturday tomorrow.

One or more of our participants last time did something neat and listed their items on etsy and linked to the etsy items in their blog post so that when that item was sold, it was sold, the shopper could go ahead and check out, and the seller didn’t have to wade through emails upon emails of all the wanters and inquirers to find out who was buying what.

I’m thinking this might be a good way to proceed ---

If you had your Yard Sale Saturday connected to your etsy, can you contact me by EMAIL please? I have some questions for you!

Thanks Bunches!


  1. Bonnie - would love to see a quick post on the response as well. I didn't participate last month so I have no idea where to begin (other than at the begininng) with pricing and posting style (does Etsy charge fees?)and ...

  2. Etsy does not charge closing fees. They only charge 20 cents a auction last time I listed on there. What a great idea to link my blog to my etsy so that it will be simplier.

  3. Anonymous5:08 PM EST

    There is an explanation of etsy fees here http://www.etsy.com/help/article/2144
    They charge 20 cents for listing the item, and when it sells they charge a 3.5% transaction fee that is added to your monthly bill.

  4. On top of the fees Etsy charges, you get to pay a PayPal fee too.

  5. Anonymous10:32 PM EST

    Bonnie, that may have been Kim at Kim's Big Quilting Adventure.


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