Saturday, March 03, 2012


LOL! I love this image!! HOLY COW --- Get it? ;c)

I got home from our Bee Sew Day at Leann’s to find that I have new neighbors! The old neighbors moved out over the past couple of months. We never really got to know them, they weren’t very approachable, and no one came to welcome us when we were in the process of moving in --- so upon seeing that a new family was starting the process of what looked like unloading, and seeing the for sale sign gone, I went over there to make friends.

I met a delightful couple with two small boys, ages 3 and 6 --- and the first thing the mom asked me was “Are there younger children in this neighborhood?” I wished I could tell her yes and where to find them, but a funny thing happens when your kids are grown --- and you aren’t involved in school schedules and activities any more.

You lose track of who has small kids and who doesn’t. Especially here, because everyone here has 1.5 to 3 acre lots --- and houses aren’t right on top of each other and it is a fairly quiet neighborhood at our end. They said they won’t officially be “Moved In” until mid March, and I look forward to spending more time with them. On my walk home I thought…..how did my youngest get to be 22? And hers is 3? And I suddenly realized I’ve probably got nearly 20 years on her. I still feel 30! Life is sure funny that way, isn’t it?


Now if I can only get her interested in quilting ----hmmmmm!

After getting back in the house, DH arrived with items for dinner. The guy had a hankering to GRILL – and when the man wants to cook food for dinner, I don’t stop him. We had a yummy meal, and here I am sitting to check email for the first time today ----I couldn’t believe it! What a successful day Yard Sale Saturday has been. Great participation, and I sold out of EVERYTHING I had listed! Hopefully our other participants are also doing well. Remember there are some late joiners – I’ve kept it open all week, so new things may be continuously added. Check HERE to see if you missed anything!

Listing my items on Etsy was easy. That meant I didn’t have to wade through everything after coming home. Yes, it cost – 20 cents to list each item, and 3.5% of the purchase price as a surcharge. I also had to pay a fee for accepting pay-pal, but I still feel like I came out well in the long run because I didn’t have to baby sit it, or wait for anyone’s check to come and clear.

I know some were disappointed that I didn’t offer to send to Europe and Australia, But I didn’t have the shipping prices to add to each item for each different country. And I didn’t think that anyone would be happy with a $15 shipping charge on a $5 book.

Thank you to those who purchased my items! I’ll be packaging them up and mailing them out on Monday morning as I leave for Norfolk!

Now I’m off to go wander around the other links and see if there is something that might just catch MY fancy!

Shall we do this again, First Saturday in April? I just checked and it is the day BEFORE EASTER. What do you think? It's the day in between Good Friday and Easter. It might not affect all of us, but I'd like some participation if we do decide to do it, so leave me a comment so I know who wants to. The NO's don't need to reply --- just the Yes's -- okay? Thanks!

Have a great Saturday evening, Everyone!


  1. LOL - I have no idea where the children live in our neighborhood either - after our kids got of school - 20 years ago - oh my!! I kind of lost track of who even lives here anymore.

  2. I know the feeling! My baby is 2 in my mind, but has a 5 year old; and a 20 stepdaughter and a 15 stepson. His wife is 5 years older, but that still makes him 35 - wow - how did that happen! That makes me ---- old! But still 30 in my mind!

  3. You never know you might pop over to the new neighours house for coffee and see quilts, a sewing machine..... oh and bless you, threads on her clothes!!!

  4. P.S I have just finished piecing Strippy Classic! Thanks for a fantastic book Bonnie! Now finding the time to quilt it??

  5. I sold a few items this month, but don't think there was as much traffic as last time. But...I'm willing to try again! I've already started a pile to list next time.

  6. I had missed the last two Yard-Sale events so I was happy with this one and would like to do it again. Since you leave things open for a while, Easter may not be a concern next month. I'm thinking of adding a permanent page to my blog to list stuff and link to. Would that be OK?

  7. I just saw the yard sale thing and I'm willing to give it a try on that Saturday in April. I'll start gathering items.

  8. thanks ! I thought I'm the only crazy one around who has forgotten how old she really is :-) !!!!
    I talked to my next door neighbor recently and later realized as well, she is younger than my stepdaughter, but we get on well and that is important .... and they welcomed our daughter into town here and took her out to her first parties....

  9. I was surprised to see my post made it to the yard sale list. I only had time to post one item. If I can figure out how to connect your blog to mine, I will do that for next time. I also hope to have more things posted. I'm not a huge fan of Etsy. I'll just do it from my blog. I feel safer that way too. I do have PayPal though. LOL

  10. Yes, I would post yardsale stuff in April. Although that will be a busy time for me, in Blogger a post can be written in advance and you can schedule when it will go "live" and then only have to do the linky thing with your blog on Saturday.

  11. I love your blog. Didn't get involved in this weekend's yard sale, maybe in April. But since you seem to enjoy cows, you might like this! Cows Gone Wild (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92S3zSQWEyg&feature=plcp&context=C3c34192UDOEgsToPDskLWeOn03jID3lKFFW0-zOaS)

  12. yes, I'd like to participate in the yard sale in April. I haven't been able to yet, but I will be able to then and am looking forward to it.

  13. I missed the yard sale this month (WHERE was my BRAIN?), but I would love to participate in April. Holy Saturday is actually a pretty quiet day in my family, the quietest of the Easter before and after, so it would work for me!

    I already have a bucket of things to sell, so bring it on!


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