Friday, March 02, 2012

Late Night Binding Adventures ---

Last night I was “Home Alone” --- DH is in Hickory for meetings for two days, and he’ll be home tonight. Jeff was off visiting with friends. ((Hanging OUT as he would prefer me to say --- get with the lingo, Mom!))

And I don’t know what hit me about 9pm, but I got this burst of energy to get the Winston Ways quilt trimmed up, and put some binding on it. It quilted up wonderfully, no problems at all with this one. No jammed bobbins, no broken needles with all those seam intersections ---my muse must have been with me with this one!

Here we are, all in the machine, quilting away! Maybe it was the brightness of the colors that kept me from being able to go to bed at a decent hour? Who knows?

I couldn’t decide what to bind it in, so I started pulling yardage. I thought black? No….there’s already a black inner border and it just didn’t look right. Blue or aqua? No…..not very often will I bind a quilt in the same fabric as the border, I didn’t have any more of that border fabric, and every blue or aqua that I tried didn’t look right either. There is obviously already ENOUGH Yellow/Gold in the quilt as it is, I didn't want that to define the edge as well.

WinstonWays 037

The checkerboard units in the quilt are all scrappy reds…EVERY kind of red, even Christmas fabrics are in there. Hey, when there is only 1” of fabric showing, you can really push the limits on what can go in a quilt – because all you are going to see is COLOR! So --- Out came the trusty bag of 2.5” red strips.

Boy, have I LOVED having my strip stash divided by size AND by color family! I have to re-train myself to get in the habit of putting things away in the same way that I pulled them out of there – meaning it takes more time to wind things back up and put them in the bag before putting them in the drawer – but the effort is time and frustration saved in the long run. For instance --- I didn’t have to dig, sort and iron all the red strips as I would have had to if I were pulling them out of a messy “everything under the sun” drawer.

WinstonWays 040

This morning’s back deck photo shoot was a bit chillier than yesterday! It’s not supposed to be as nice, and it looks like rain maybe – so glad I got this when I did, AND glad I took advantage of being out on the beautiful day yesterday! I think the scrappy red binding is going to be fun!

WinstonWays 044

Here you can see the quilting a bit better. I used “Deb’s Swirls” by Deb Geissler. And my Kansas girls might remember gifting me with THIS fabric! Do you see Dorothy, part of the cowardly lion, the wicked witch, and the tin man’s hat?

kansas_sept2011 071

I used most of these strips gifted with the “Welcome to Kansas” sign in this quilt! Dorothy said “There’s no place like home” And Winston-Salem has been my home for 4 years now, so working these scraps into this quilt was fun on many levels! Wanna see where they ended up?

WinstonWays 041

There are Dorothy’s shoes, on the black background! It is so fun to put really crazy fabrics together!

WinstonWays 042\

Here is the block with the “Yellow Brick Road” fabric!

WinstonWays 043

Here are Dorothy’s shoes again on yellow!

There was a strip of witches on purple background in the poster above too --- I used THAT in the Midnight Flight quilt. Great memories, ladies! Thanks for the fabric momento! I’ll think about my September Kansas Adventure every time I see them!

WinstonWays 031

Another close up of quilting detail. I DO LIKE! My only problem is --- there are now FOUR quilts on my sofa ready for me to do the hand stitching. Guess what I’ll be doing for the next while?

For those wanting to make this quilt, the block pattern is from Quiltmaker Magazine's 100 blocks by 100 designers, Vol 3. I'll be teaching this as a workshop during Quiltmaker's Block Party in Williamsburg, VA in August, and again in Portland, Oregon in March of 2013.

Today I’ve GOT to get the rest of my stuff ready for Yard Sale Saturday. It goes live tomorrow morning. Be watching for that post, and come link up with me if you have things you want to unload find a new loving home for! If you are new to participating, remember these are gently used “Yard sale” type quilty items. You can sell FQs, charms, fabric –strips, strings, UFOs, kits you don’t want, notions, books, sewing machines, ANYTHING quilting/sewing related, but they must be yard sale kind of things --- please no “new” retail or “made for the craft show and sold at full price” type items. More info in tomorrow morning’s post!

PS – I know this is a late post this morning, but that late night sewing, and a night with benedryl thanks to the SPRING POLLEN going around has me in a bit of a fog this morning --- it will get better as the day goes on, I’m sure!


  1. I LOVE your choice of red for the binding - it really pops! Beautiful job, as always! And, sorry for the allergies, but your tree pictures are so pretty. Here in Iowa the picture would be of a bare tree, brown landscape and grey, dreary sky. Ahhh, spring will get here someday! Also, THANKS for the Kindle stuff. I had a Nook, my friend had a Kindle and I liked hers so much better AND because of all your posts on free downloads, I just bought a Kindle Fire! I'm loving it, hope you like yours too! Have a great day!

  2. I dreamed of seeing you this year in VA. Nice to know that Portland is just a year away, I think I can wait- it is MUCH closer for me to go to Portland. Love the red shoes and yellow bricks. What great memories and stories your quilt has to tell.

  3. Your quilt is sensational and the binding is perfect. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Looks great, Bonnie! And how fun to have memory fabrics in there from your travels. Delightful!

  5. I love the look of this Quilt. so awesome. I like doing my bindings scrapy also

  6. The quilt is gorgeous. I am starting to like (and use) so many new color varieties in my quilts since taking your class awhile back and reading your blog. Thanks for broadening my horizons.

  7. Love the Oz fabrics worked into yet another stunningly graphic design. How do you do it?
    Spring pollen? Are you kidding me? We just got buried in snow for the past 2 days!

  8. It's only 10 a.m. (central) on the second day of the month and you already have SIX blog posts.

    WWays looks great -- the scrappy bindings are perfect. And I love the Wizard of Oz fabric!

  9. Another winner - LOVE the Wiz of Oz additions. The red binding was most definitely the right choice. You've go the eye, lady!

  10. It's easy to sleep in on a cool, overcast morning. It's kind of lazy weather... and you're entitled.

    Love the quilt. One of my groups just went through a discussion of pre-washing vs. not pre-washing fabric. Looking at all that red made me wonder if you pre-washed it. ?

  11. Love the quilt. But I have a question. The binding looks as if you doubled it instead of doing the fold in half thing. Please comment on how you make your binding. Thanks.

  12. beautiful! love how this one came together. have fun hand stitching the binding zzzzzzz find something fun to watch on the tv!

  13. Bonnie, I love how this quilt looks, the colors are almost like jazz, wow. As per your usual, your brilliant and this quilt is a winner.

  14. Anonymous12:32 PM EST

    Terrific fun zappy quilt! I LOVE IT - congrats to you once again :)

  15. What a fun surprise to see the Oz fabrics in your quilt!! We loved having you in Kansas last September & can hardly wait for you to click your heels & return! --from Shirley in Rose Hill

  16. What a fun surprise to see the Oz fabrics in your quilt!! We loved having you in Kansas last September & can hardly wait for you to click your heels & return! --from Shirley in Rose Hill

  17. What a fun surprise to see the Oz fabrics in your quilt!! We loved having you in Kansas last September & can hardly wait for you to click your heels & return! --from Shirley in Rose Hill

  18. your a quilting machine!! love the fabrics in this one.. you need to put the photo of you on the label!

  19. Anonymous2:00 PM EST

    You continue to amaze me - pull out the strips and sew sew sew and it all ends up so fun and just "right". Getting closer to just "doing" one your way!

  20. No pollen around here. Sorry for your problems. I love the red binding. You gave me an idea earlier today for a quilt. I found a huge piece of black with polka dots at a thrift store, and I decided I need to make some RED string blocks and use the polka dots as sashing and borders. Thanks for the idea (and you didn't even know you gave it to me).

  21. My grandson would absolutely love your quilt he is a big fan of Wizard of OZ and loves bright colors. He is blind by has a small amount of sight in one eye because he can see really bright colors. I just finished making him a " The Hungry Caterpillar" quilt so named after the book and it is really bright colors.

  22. The red binding is perfect - love it!!

  23. I must have missed this before. Bonnie it is stunning I have my Bonnie Hunter thinking cap on looking at how the block is structured. I love how you can put any fabrics from any designer, style ,season and they look amazing.


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