Monday, March 05, 2012

I’m Out The Door!

I stayed up way too late last night getting things ready to go, and I need to leave the house by 8am, so this is short, quick, and to the point!

When I was in Florida I met some really great ladies who made my time with them very fun and memorable. Upon my return Hilary sent along a hint for those of us who LOVE triangles --- and maybe it’s a help for those who HATE them as well.

It’s all about that thing called BIAS, and trying to avoid the stretch.

Check out this cute diagram she sent me and see if it makes good sense to you! Click to Biggie-Size might actually make it better for you.


How you place your fingers on either side of your triangles as you sew them can either distort, or help stabilize the grain while you sew. EVEN if you are doing the method where you draw the line down the diagonal of a square --- because even though you are not sewing on a CUT bias, you are still sewing on the true bias, and if your fingers are pushing, and pulling – you can waffle the fabric or stretch that square completely out of square.

If you want to print Hilary’s Hint – I’ve uploaded it HERE for you ((It looks better in real pdf than the “made-for-blog” graphic I saved it as above, but hey – I had to have SOMETHING to show!

I’ve got my MP3 player loaded with books to listen to on my drive. The Nearly Insane is in the car – the quilts are in the car – the books are in the car --- my clothes are in my car--- did I forget anything? Well, I’ll figure it out AFTER I get there ---There may be an Iphone-o-gram or two along the way depending what I get my nose into ---Antique Mall fun, anyone?

And I’ll be staying HERE --- I just wish the weather were a bit better, it’s gotten dang COLD here again!

Be Good Everyone!


  1. Anonymous8:14 AM EST

    Safe travels!

  2. I'm jealous! Have fun...send lots of pics please.

  3. Have safe travels, and lots of fun! iphone o-gram if you can....I love those quick glimpses into your day :-)

  4. Thanks for the tip on the bias. I love the B&B. Wish I could be there even if it is cold. Stay warm and safe travels.

  5. Anonymous8:34 AM EST

    Great tip Bonnie on the triangles. Have a safe trip and enjoy your next group of quilters.

  6. Great triangle tip. I am going to use it today. Looking forward to antique mall fun.

  7. The place you are staying looks awesome!! Have a wonderful trip!

  8. Thanks for the tips and hope you have a wonderful trip!

  9. That place looks so cool. Can't you just imagine rocking on the porch while sewing a binding down? Ahhh. Maybe it will warm up so you can enjoy it a bit more.

  10. Anonymous12:09 PM EST

    Thanks for sharing the triangle tip. With 2 of your quilt patterns in progress I should be able to master this...if I cut accurately and ...if I sew a correct 1/4 inch seam while using my leaders and enders during chain piecing...Love ya, Bonnie.
    Suzanne and the Dump Machine ; )

  11. Christyhort@gmail.com12:24 PM EST

    I'm so excited! I love it when you travel, almost as much as I love travelling! Can't wait to read your blogs, have a wonderful time.

  12. I love the look of triangles but hate sewing them and matching them to the next block. I'm going to try this, it may help!

    The B&B looks fabulous! Enjoy. Someday I'm going to see the east coast! Someday...

  13. Thanks. I just printed out copies for my (tiny) guild. We love to pass out great ideas that we've found from others.

  14. Great tip...the comment at the bottom of the page made me laugh. "Permission to share, just don't pretend it's yours!" Love it!


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