Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Long Way to Iowa!

WHAT. A. DAY! Mother Nature, you are a force to be reckoned with ----

I spent much of my day sitting in terminals with THIS crowd.

Take a look at the two Chinese guys…they look identical! They crossed their legs the same, they dressed the same ---I didn’t even notice it until I uploaded this photo. FUNNY!

But you can imagine me here ---- sewing hexies…and sewing MORE hexies ----and listening to my book on my MP3 player ---and occassionally checking gate information.

I missed my connecting flight when I got to Chicago too late to catch it.

A thunderstorm in the Chicago area yesterday morning set off a chain of events that is probably still not quite untangled…..and I consider it lucky to be only 5.5 hours late to my destination! The only sad part was that I didn’t get into Davenport early enough to do any sight seeing like we had planned ----

The 3pm flight I was to catch NEXT was pushed back until 5:38 PM --- and they didn’t even KNOW if they would have a plane then --- so I went to the customer service counter to see if I could get booked on another flight --- and they had one that finally left Chicago about 5:30pm. I’d been sitting around the Greensboro airport for 3 hours more than I should have, and then spent 5.5 hours at O’Hare!

DavenportIA2012 013

But at least GETTING here HAPPENED! THIS was the best thing to happen to me this whole ordeal --- I got upgraded to FIRST CLASS! For a 45 minute flight. But hey, I’ll take it!

When I got to Davenport --- I made a beeline to the baggage claim, hoping that my bags had made it. I had changed flights so many times, I wasn’t sure if the bags stuck with me or not.

DavenportIA2012 014

Upon entering the baggage claim area…WHAT do I see in lock up behind glass doors? MY BAGS! See them? Two big army green duffels and my grey suitcase is the one with the pink fabric strip tied to the handle..LOL Tell me HOW my bags made it before I did if I missed that connecting flight ? Maybe they had already closed the boarding door, but luggage still have time to make it on? At least it was there, and it was DRY and waiting for me.

This scenario was easier to deal with than having my bags block the chute on the carousel in Little Rock!

DavenportIA2012 015

Davenport is, of course, the home of the John Deere Museum….and being as I was STARVING we thought it would be fun to head over to The Machine Shed for some home-style grub – what a fun place! It’s family style…and you can get a hay ride before you go in and eat!

I was so hungry I was afraid I'd start EATING the hay --- so we opted to pass on the hay ride and go straight for the food ---

DavenportIA2012 016

There are all kinds of old farm machinery out front – and what little kid wouldn’t love climbing up onto this huge vintage Farmall tractor? This little guy was bouncing in the seat, just ready to plow or harvest, or do whatever it is that farmers do on a tractor.he was ADORABLE to watch!

DavenportIA2012 017

Can you tell his legs are blurry because he couldn’t stop bouncing on that seat spring?! Adorable!

We ate our fill, talked and gabbed and got to know each other, two guild ladies and me --- and before I could take my last bite I knew I was done for the night --- it had been such a long day – I just wanted to see my bed and crawl into it.

I’m staying at the Stoney Creek Inn in Moline –Another neat place! It’s VERY lodge-y inside….in fact, I was greeted by a moose when I walked into the front lobby:

DavenportIA2012 024

Do you see how the ceiling is painted like sky?! Cool effect ---The whole place is decorated like woodsy hunting lodge ----

But the best part is---

DavenportIA2012 025

My Room! Lodge Theme included! How comfy does this bed look?

DavenportIA2012 026

How great is this desk for setting up my featherweight and doing some piecing while I’m here in the evenings?! Check out that chair made of “twigs” :cD I”ve got a beaver for a mascot!

DavenportIA2012 027

You might see fridge, coffee maker, microwave ---

But this girl sees ---- CUTTING TABLE! :cD

DavenportIA2012 028

Even the little bathrom is woodsy and cute ----I’m so comfy here!

But I can’t stay comfy for too long. Wendy is picking me up at 8am and we are headed out for our first of 3 workshops while I’m here. Today is Smith Mountain Morning. I understand she is serving BBQ pulled pork sandwiches for us for lunch. I’ve got ladies coming from several different states to join in the fun ----It’s going to be a great day!

How are you spending your Saturday? Hope you get some time to put at least a FEW stitches in -----


  1. Have fun Bonnie and make lots of new friends! =^..^=

  2. So glad you arrived safe and sound...with your luggage! Looks like a fabulous place to spend the weekend. I am so jealous and sure wish I could be there. I know that Jo is coming from Jo's Country Junction so she'll tell us all about it and we can live vicariously through her!

  3. sounds like a comfortable place to sew in the evenings. Have fun - I would get tired of so much air travel but you seem to thrive on it.

  4. Anonymous8:41 AM EDT

    So glad you made it safely, girl. Enjoy your stay. Just keep sewing, just keep sewing.....
    Love the lodge look...
    Faye in Maine

  5. Enjoy your stay here in Iowa! I am sure the ladies there will make you feel right at home!

  6. Anonymous8:47 AM EDT

    Ooooh, I love the looks of where you're staying. Sorry your day was long yesterday but you must have lots more done on the hexies. Have a nice visit. I'm playing golf today with my friends here in Florida and Tuesday I'll head back to Maine. I've missed being able to sew for two weeks. Home I'll be soon.

  7. I don't know if you were told this, but Wendy and I went to high school together here in Orlando! Small world, huh?

  8. Anonymous9:27 AM EDT

    I think I need to add Iowa to my places to see list. Although I hope I don't have as much trouble getting
    there. My Saturday will be spent at a 90th birthday party celebration that my former MIL is having for herself. I'm told there will be upwards off 250 people in attendance. Should be fun seeing lots of former in laws that I haven't seen in years. No sewing for me today but there's always tomorrow.
    Linda in CT

  9. Well today from 10-12 we are gong to the greenhouse for some hands on learning with the Master Gardeners. They are having a garden seminar to get kids into gardening and teaching them the right way to do things. Then a little tour of the greenhouse and the grounds Looking forward to that.
    Then off to a quilt show, with presentations, giveaways, lunch all the goodies The theme Scrappy!
    So excited!! I will have to post pictures to the blog later

  10. Great pictures of the rustic inn. Seeing the pic of the bathroom reminded me: Priscilla Hauser, primo decorative painting teacher, traveled a lot like you, bringing her projects with her - done and undone. She said the best light was always in the bathroom and many hours were spent painting there, sometimes using the toliet as the needed flat surface. LOL So you are fortunate to have a mascot, a desk and coffee area/cutting table for your sewing fix.
    I loved your pictures of houses in NC. One of them is the current desktop photo.
    Love the blog.

  11. Saturday stitching? You bet! I'm heading to my guild workshop for a curved piecing class. Chose beiges and blacks for my colours after wearing those two colours a few days ago and having an aha moment about what colours to choose for this workshop!

    Smith Mountain Morning is such a gorgeous quilt. I'm sure you will also have a great Saturday stitch day.

  12. I've stayed at this Stoney Creek and the beds are great and the rooms are spacious! And, the counter is just about the right height to cut at! Hard to beat that with a stick.
    One day soon, I'll find my way to one of your classes, Bonnie.
    Anna in IL

  13. Glad you finally made it! That is why I can't get my DH to fly unless we have no alternative. He hates airports. lol I love flying. Your rooms looks like your are in for a fun cozy stay. My Saturday will be spent between the sewing machine and yard/garden. WAY behind on my sewing projects!

  14. I have my 3 and 6 year old grandkids here this weekend so while I might get to do some crocheting, sewing is not likely on the agenda!

  15. Oh my goodness Bonnie, thank goodness you got there safely.
    Take it easy and get some rest.
    the ladies are gonna have a ball with you....I hope they
    appreciate what you go through to get there!

    Happy Sewing

  16. So glad you and your luggage all made it safely - but I wish you were on MY side of Iowa, and not the extreme opposite side. :) Have a great workshop day!

  17. Good grief. That trip was way longer than it needed to be. Glad you got there safely and that you have a comfy place to rest up.

  18. I can't even imagine coping with all the travel nightmares you encounter! Glad everything worked out and you have a very fun place to settle in and call home, however briefly.

  19. Y'all picked a good place for dinner. I've been to The Machine Shed several times and always had a yummy meal. I hope you are enjoying your stay in Moline.

  20. Constance Ross6:47 PM EDT

    The two Asian men look like Father and Son. Interesting, I wonder what they thought of the woman sewing little pieces together.

  21. I have had the pleasure of eating at The Machine Shed several times. Our daughter lives in northwest Illinois. Often, when we visit, we head to the quad cities to shop and eat. I think that getting to Moline by air must just be difficult for everyone. I flew from Harrisburg to Chicago. My flight frm Chicago to Moline was delayed by several hours. It was not weather related either. I was told by another passenger, who flew this route often, that it was always delayed.


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