Saturday, March 17, 2012

iPhone-o-gram!! It is THAT time!

I've hit the Must Have Chocolate hour!

Ginie came to my rescue with her little packages of chocolate m&m goodness!!

Must remember to make these at retreat time!



  1. Chocolate is definatly a 'quilters helper'! Enjoy!

  2. The M&M package with commenets is a great idea, BUT I can't read it. When I enlarge it, it just gets too fuzzy to read. Please share the words, too.


    1. carol randall8:20 PM EDT

      Eat one
      Green when you can't cut straight.
      Orange when your seam allowance isn't 1/4"
      Red when you are irritated that you can't find the right fabric.
      Yellow when you have to miter corners.
      Brown when you have measured once and cut twice.
      Blue when your points don't match.

    2. I need a whole bag of orange ones. I'm on a quest for find the perfect 1/4" seam allowance.

    3. Let me know when you find the solution for the perfect seam allowance. I have bought the special foot, special strips to put on the machine, marked material. Not sure what my problem is. Good luck in your search.

  3. kermitgreen10:56 PM EDT

    What a fun idea. I'm going to try it for our guild meeting. Thanks also for clarifying the wording.

  4. thank goodness I don't live by those rules!

    1. I'd never have any M&Ms left, and
    2. I'd weigh a ton more than I do now because I'd be eating M&Ms all the time! :P

  5. thanks going to give this out at my next reteat. I do retreats in my home for small groups they will love this...

  6. I can think of a lot of reasons to eat these. LoL Judy C

  7. Ah, chocolate, my downfall!

  8. I wish I could read what colour had what remedy!


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