Saturday, March 03, 2012

Yard Sale Saturday, Take Three!

This is the third go-round for Yard Sale Saturday! I’m so excited that you are participating with me….if you’ve got a hankerin’ to clear out, clean up, and move out, write your blog post listing your items and come back and link your post to mine below.

There will be some ground rules…These items need to be QUILT RELATED. Patterns, Books, Fabric, Notions, Partial UFOs…whatever you want. This is for gently used –white elephant type items, not new-sell-at-retail-stuff or new crafts you have made to sell for craft shows, etc. You must link your post back to THIS POST, not the whole blog ---we need to keep this post specific so that people will be able to find this post even days from now after it is buried underneath more posts ;c)

You write the post on your blog, you come back here and link it up. It is up to you to decide how you are going to interact with your buyers.

In an effort to save those who are just arriving from having to wade through all of my items to get to the bottom of the post where the linky is found, I've moved it to the top of the page!

This time, after watching and learning from others, I’ve listed my items on Etsy. You can purchase and check out there, no muss no fuss, and if the item is sold it will say sold. If it doesn’t say sold, it’s available!

This is a long post, because I’ve got a lot to list. Books are first, Vintage quilt items follow at the bottom.

**NOTICE!!** All the items listed below are SOLD! Yard Sale Saturday was a great success, and I hope you will join us on future Yard Sale Saturdays. The other vendors listed below at the top of this post may still have items for sale, so be sure to check them out!!

I’ve got quite a few books to unload, I’ve been a book hoarder and these need new homes as I have gleaned all that I can from them. All books are used, but used gently.

etsy 001

Aunt Reka & The Peace Creek Quilters

Publication Date: 2004
"This is the fourth book on the Clothier family's history and quilts. I want to continue telling Reka and Wilford's stories and share women's history and a set of quilt designs from 1900-1929. Reka's quilt group of friends and relatives maintained a long history of making quilts for Navaho Indian missions, World War I victims, and political support for the Women's Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) and women's right to vote. Friendship blocks and quilts represent long lasting ties with the Peace Creek Kansas community in Reno County, Kansas". --Terry Clothier Thompson
Retail price: Was $19.95 new. Sale price: $8.00 Click HERE to purchase! SOLD!

etsy 003

Here is a delightful collection of patterns for 14 quilts from the former "Irma's Sampler" Quilt Shop in Haarlem, The Netherlands, including pieced, appliqué, and combinations of both. Pattern designs include Dutch Bouquet, Delft Blue, plus12 more. That Patchwork Place. The shop is now known just as “The Sampler”. I have two copies of this book, I’m keeping one and letting this one go to a new home. Sale price: $5.00 Click HERE to purchase!

etsy 002

Old & New Quilt Patterns in the Southern Tradition by Bets Ramsey

A treasury of ideas for the quilter, Providing 41 full-scale patterns of southern quilts, it also contains many tips and quilting ideas from master quilter Bets Ramsey. Book is gently used, and in good condition. Sale Price: $5.00 Click HERE to purchase! SOLD!

etsy 005

The Thimbleberries Book of Quilts by Lynette Jensen

One look at Lynette Jensen's quilts tells you who so many people are crazy about her designs! There's something irresistible about the way she takes traditional quilt designs and adds a wonderful twist. Lynette's booth at quilt shows is always swarming with people who want her patterns. Now you can get more than 40 of her designs all in one book! Take your pick from bed-size, wall or miniature quilts, table runners, place mats, pillows, chair pads and an assortment of festive Christmas projects all in Lynette's bold designs and deep, rich country colors. Even if you've never made a quilt before, detailed diagrams and step-by-step instructions guarantee you'll be pleased with your finished quilt. Sale Price: $5.00 click HERE to purchase! SOLD!

etsy 004

Nancy Zieman’s Sewing A to Z

The Answers to All Your Sewing Questions!
Whether you’re a novice sewer or a skilled seamstress, who better to go to for sewing answers and advice than expert Nancy Zieman? Set aside your sewing fears and let Nancy guide you step-by-step through 100+ basic to advanced sewing methods and techniques.
§ Arranged in alphabetical order for fast and easy reference, this handy guide will make its permanent home by your sewing machine or on your workspace.
§ With over 100 topics ranging from Appliqué to Zippers, Nancy will help you achieve beautiful results with every project.
§ Helpful Notes from Nancy throughout the book provide insights and tips for a variety of sewing techniques and skills.
§ Spiral binding allows the book to lay flat for hands-free reference while you sew, cut or press.
§ Clear, concise instructions and detailed illustrations help make even the most advanced techniques easy to understand and successfully execute.
A wealth of information and instruction from your favorite sewing expert is at your fingertips in this go-to guide! Stitch with ease and assurance with Nancy Zieman’s Sewing A to Z by your side!
read once through! New price: $29.95 selling for $12.00 Click HERE to purchase! SOLD!

etsy 006

Building Block Quilts by Sara Nephew

by Sara Nephew: For a touch of contemporary, these quilts offer many options for the designing eye. Layout, shading, and color choices will drive your skills to a higher level of quilting. The designs may seem difficult, but with the Clearview Super 60 or 8” triangle ruler what appears nearly impossible is definitely possible. Learn 3-D theory. Includes 14 Quilt patterns and 18 plans for quilts with suggestions for many more. Quick cutting and piecing methods.
Used, in good condition. Sale Price: $5.00 Click HERE to purchase! SOLD!

etsy 011

Color Magic by Ann Seely & Joyce Stewart

Using the color wheel as a starting point, quilters can explore color relationships to create show-stopping quilts. Just a few simple guidelines and techniques help quilters choose and use colors effectively. More than 800 fabrics plus 24 color wheel relationships work like formulas for combining colors for more than 250 quilt blocks. 200 illustrations. 275 color photos. By Ann Seely & Joyce Stewart Sale Price: $8.00 Click HERE to purchase! SOLD!

etsy 008

Patches of Glory by Deborah Gordon

An Americana Sampler by Deborah Gordon. 35 traditional blocks plus original applique designs. Full size patterns and historical information. Complete directions for making your own unique quilt to celebrate America. Sale price: $5.00 Click HERE to purchase! SOLD!

etsy 007

Deck The Halls by Possibilities, Nancy Smith & Lynda Milligan

Really cute book chock full of Christmas ideas in a sweet country style. Includes Instructions and full size patterns. 63 pages of inspiration plus full size patterns. Sale Price: $5.00 Click HERE to purchase! SOLD!

etsy 012

Quick Country Quilting by Debbie Mumm

By Debbie Mumm. You really can make a quilt in less than a week! 300,000 copies in print. Quick Country Quilting is- Fast! Easy! Fun! Debbie Mumm's tried-and-true methods for quick cutting, quick piecing and quick appliqué create great-looking results in no time. Step-by-step directions and over 600 diagrams guarantee that every project will be a success. You'll enjoy making wall quilts, holiday decorations, pillows, baby accessories and more to give as gifts or keep for yourself! Hardcover. Sale Price: $5.00 Click HERE to purchase! SOLD!

etsy 010

Scrap Quilt: Strings & Spiderwebs by Marcia Lasher for Quilt in a Day

Easy fabric foundation method for doing string quilts and spiderwebs. by Marcia Lasher for Quilt in a Day. Book is used, but in good condition. Sale Price: $5.00 Click HERE to purchase! SOLD!

etsy 009

Homecoming by Little Quilts

by Alice Berg, Sylvia Johnson & Mary Ellen Von Holt. Collection of quilt desings for quilts, pillows, table mats, etc. Homecoming quilt, crows & patches quilt, calico table mat, wooden crows, tiny pillows, etc. Very Cute!
Book is used but in good condition. Sale Price: $4.50 click HERE to purchase! SOLD!

etsy 025

Isn’t this just the wonkiest thing?! It measures 41” X 62”.

etsy 016

The blocks themselves measure 11.5”

A very wonky plaid quilt! I had the intent to remake this by removing the sashings, squaring up the blocks and sewing all back together, but I know that time will never allow me to do it. The vintage plaids, checks and ginghams are wonderful, and there is a fun bottom border of shirtings and indigoes -- large pieces that could be purposed into another quilt if needed. Selling this for the same price I bought it for, just to move it on to someone who will do something with it. Sale Price: $25.00 Click HERE to purchase! SOLD!

etsy 020

This top needs some help. I bought it thinking I could repair it and complete it, and I know that just isn't going to happen in my life time. This is a vintage piece with stains, thread-bare places and fading fabrics. The fabrics are from the 1930s. Completely hand stitched, the right person could fix this and finish it up with a little love and care. I'm selling it for what I paid for it. It measures 77” X 91”.

etsy 022

The fabrics are wonderful!

etsy 023

Each flower has a yellow center surrounded by pink, and then the lovely 30’s prints, followed by white, and then connected with the green path.

etsy 021

This is the worst of the threadbare flowers. Someone washed this hand pieced top at one point and these seams shredded and came loose. Quilt top sold As Is. Sale price: $45.00 Click HERE to purchase! SOLD!

etsy 024

This top needs some help. I bought it thinking I could repair it and complete it, and I know that just isn't going to happen in my life time. This is a vintage piece with stains, thread-bare places and fading fabrics. The fabrics are from the 1930s. Completely hand stitched, the right person could fix this and finish it up with a little love and care.

etsy 017

I found it interesting that this quilt was pieced with partial seaming, shown in the pic above. I always wondered how they knew how to put what/where without strip piecing, and now I know! I'm selling it for what I paid for it. Quilt top measures approx 50" X 50" with each square finishing at 1-1/4".

etsy 018

It would make a lovely baby quilt if you removed the 3 unfinished rows and bordered it and quilted it. That was my plan.

etsy 019

Aren’t the fabrics sweet? Sale price: $35.00 Click Here to Purchase! SOLD!

Do you have items you wish to sell? Please link your blog page to mine!!


  1. Good Morning! What great items you are rehoming! There are at least 4 of your books that I would snatch up in a heart beat. However payday isn't untl the 15th!! That is always how it works for me!! LOL The quilt tops are beautiful! I am just beginning the cutout stage for a grandmas garden. I love the old quilts! On the upside I did get 8 more crumb blocks made last night!! Yahoo! Great success on cleaning out the sewing room!

  2. Oh man, I had every intention of joining in on this. But, life got in the way. :-( Maybe next time!

  3. Hi Bonnie,

    I found some items in your Yard Sale which I would like to buy. But unfortunately I saw, that you don`t ship it to Germany. I`m very sad about that.
    Wish you a nice weekend from overseas

  4. Denise J.12:42 PM EST

    I can't participate in this yard sale but would possibly like to in the future if you do it again. However, I don't have a blog. Do you have to have one to join? If not, what would I do?

    Not so computer savvy,

  5. Today is my DH birthday, by the time I got o the yard sale some of the items I was interested were SOLD
    Visited other "yards" in a couple of them I was not able to post a Bid ? Since I'm on the IPhone ( visiting my son in NJ ) would that be the cause ??
    I would like to learn to LINK so I participate as a seller too.
    I will try to send you an e-mail on the matter .
    Thank you for all you do for us , appendices !!!

  6. Hi Bonnie

    Great idea doing the yard sale. I too would like to join in but I do not have a blog but I do have an Etsy account. Let me know if there is a way to do this. I love your scrappy quilting.

  7. Oh, such a temptation! especially those quilt tops. I too am curious, as Jill is, about how to join in without a blog. I love your blog!


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