Thursday, March 15, 2012

Find a New Purpose!

Oh how I love learning from the ladies ((and gentlemen)) that I meet in my travels. Sometimes I see things that they have brought or found a new use for ---and it gives me the biggest AHA moment!

You might recognize this little round purple thing as a scotch tape dispenser.

See? It even says SCOTCH right on it.

Well, this whole thing puts my own SCOTCH heritage and nature into happy overdrive!

littlerockAR_2012 111

Do you see what Vickie is using it for? She’s turned it into a traveling bobbin case! The bobbins actually stay on their sides within the little circle, but we laid them down to show them in the picture…you can carry around a whole lotta bobbins in a very compact and protective container that will keep them from unwinding all over the place.

Of course, now it’s on my mind that I need to go buy some TAPE just so that I can have the dispenser… ;c)


  1. lol, me too - that is a good container - I just threw one out at my mom's when I helped her move last month not even thinking of another use for it - now I will have to go buy one.

  2. carol randall3:37 PM EDT

    Does it come apart easily?

  3. You can get them on amazon.com for $3.99 each or a 4 pack for a little over $8.


    1. And you get the tape as a bonus!!

  4. My husband bought one of those to keep the cat hair off the tape, I wonder if he would notice if I confiscated it? LOL

  5. What a great idea.

  6. Anonymous5:12 PM EDT

    LOL when I saw it I thought of the triangle containers for a piece of pie, and thought they now were making containers for donuts! I've never seen one before!

  7. Donuts!! Hahaha! That made me laugh out loud! I've never seen one of those before, what a great idea!

  8. Anonymous5:40 PM EDT

    Great re-purpose idea! Also, keep in mind....those black and white plastic Salt and Pepper shakers from TupperWare which come apart...they hold pins and bobbins really well for traveling. Bobbins go in the white one (4-5 on their sides) and pins in the black one. Who needs salt and pepper anyway!! haha
    Faye in Maine

  9. I never saw this type of tape dispenser before but will be on the look out for one the next time I shop! My bobbins end up everywhere in my bag and machine when I travel to a class. Thanks for the great tip!

  10. Scotch tape sales are going up as we speak! Great idea

  11. Great idea! Now I have to go find one like that... haven't seen them before... but then again, I haven't been looking!

  12. I'm married to Mr. 3M. Wonder why he hasn't brought me one of those little babies home. I'll have to have him get me one. I love sales going up. Helps his profit sharing which helps me support my quilting habit. Thanks all! lol

  13. Anonymous3:22 AM EDT

    Innovative! Great solution!
    Lynne in Hawaii

  14. This is hillarious. I have never seen so much conversation about tape (or lack of tape in this case).

    I too will join the 'gotta get one' cue.

  15. Anonymous4:57 AM EDT

    I have one but I replaced the regular tape with the removable kind for paper piecing and have it in my travel bag.. will have to get at least one more. they come in different colors so can have bobbins for different machines in different colors.

  16. Anonymous7:52 AM EDT

    Very cute and I love purple. I use empty prescription pill bottles for my bobbins and write w/ a Sharpie on the outside which sewing machine those bobbins fit.

  17. I came across with this dispenser only a while ago and it was actually a hallelujah-moment for me! You see, when having a hobby that tricky as cosplay, being creative is needed. And in this case, this kind of dispenser was just perfect for my costume's ponytail donuts.. can't really explain it, but I've made a post about it o/ http://the-vertex.blogspot.com/2012/05/ling-progress.html I just wish there was a bigger size for these, because I need something very similar for my bracelets 8C


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