Tuesday, April 03, 2012

iPhone-o-Gram! Bite of Whiteys!

I've been told for weeks now that I could not come to Moline without stopping for Whitey's ice cream!

So that's just what we did!

After our first lecture was done we headed out.

My flavor choice?? Butterfinger shake!!

It was every bit as good as promised--I ate the whole thing myself!


Holy Cheddar Bowties, Batman!

Kelli brought along her leader/ender bow-tie blocks to work on in between other things this past weekend!

I feel put to complete shame!

I don’t know if you can tell that they are assembled into semi-blocks here in the container

((Insert personal thought --- don’t you LOVE snap ware?! :cD))

There are over 1,000 bow-ties in her quilt. I’m at 200+??



Here we are in April ---- I issued the challenge last July from Sister’s, Oregon ---how far have YOU gotten? Our 1 year challenge will be up by the time my Sisters trip rolls around again!

That gives me 3 months to buckle down more on them ----

Scrappy Mountains in Moline!

Day 3 of workshops with the Mississippi Valley Quilters ----This has been such a great visit ---several of the ladies are INSANE enough to tackle 3 consecutive days of workshops, willingly adding not just one, but THREE UFOs to their long lists of current projects and challenges --- you just gotta LOVE that kind of determination!

Today we also had several quilters who were new ----they quickly set up their machines in the empty spaces left by those who had to go back to work on Monday morning –it was like changing of the quilt –guard!

Some of the" new" arrivals are SO dedicated --they were at a Quilt Retreat all weekend....but came to join us on Monday! I wonder if they even unpacked their cars? LOL! Now THAT is some dedication too!

It gave me a chance to meet some new faces, and to reconnect with some familiar ones who I’ve spent time with elsewhere in other parts of the country ---they traveled in to spend time with us!

And then there are the workshop-crashers! LOL! ((Okay, Michele, just so you know that I am a big tease, and sometimes I tease and want you to know I am because I don’t want you mad at me!))

Here, let Michele tell you her story herself! It’s priceless!


So now I’m hoping I’ll get to pop in on Dan and Michele during breakfast at the hotel this morning because I’m not being picked up until 11am for my first of 2 lectures today ---I get time to PLAY in the morning! ((I already feel a walk along the river in my future for tomorrow morning as well ---))

And then there was Shirley, who brought along her sister --- Shirley came to my classes in Venice, FL in January! And she brought me a picture of the two of us together that I get to keep. Now this is funny—pay attention ---

Look at my outfit above…..this is what I wore yesterday. Now look at my picture with Shirley in January ---

DavenportIA2012 226

The woman must think that I never change my clothes! LOL!! And it’s true when I say that I get home and wash the contents of my suitcase and pack it right back up again…what works on the road works on the road, and it only changes when the seasons get hot or cold…I think it’s time to go shopping for some more variety in my teaching attire!

DavenportIA2012 221

Here I am with the two sweet sisters ((In the same outfit I wore in January in Venice FL!)) who also spirited me away for an impromtu tour of the magnificent Butterworth house! So now I can say that I saw more than just the “Garage!”

Oh, I have laughed so much over the past 3 days that my cheek muscles hurt!

So let’s talk about a more serious thing. PLEASE be careful when rotary cutting. I know during class time that cutting space can be limited. Table heights vary, and lighting can be different than what we are used to in our own work spaces.

DavenportIA2012 206

We had one Oopsie that ended up with a quilter having to be run to the emergency room after a rotary cutter got the better of her finger.

The other quilters around her were quick on their feet! There WAS no bleeding on the quilt! And a strip of muslin was found to wrap her finger which impressed the medical staff at the hospital to no end…do NOT wrap a cut with a tissue or paper towel – you’ll get paper debris in the wound…..grab a strip of muslin….. much cleaner than tissue!

4 stitches later, she was back in class. What a trooper! And this mishap does have its upside --- seems she MUST refrain from washing dishes for at LEAST a week……poor thing! :c)

Come along and see how we busied ourselves all day ---

I’m really looking forward to the two trunkshows today ---I expect this guild to continue to be a lively bunch and I’ve really enjoyed being a part of things here.

In between the two meetings we have some time to run around ----I’ve been told a stop at Whitey’s for ice cream is a MUST when in Moline ---so that is on the agenda, and I think I need to hit the John Deere Pavilion to see all the vintage tractors, don’t you? I need a picture by some good ole John Deere Green!

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!