Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine’s Love!

I just love Valentine’s day!

Hearts and flowers and chocolate -

Even my split pea soup was made more festive for the day with its sour cream heart floating there on top!

While sitting in the restaurant with Siobhan, talking up a storm – I noticed a mother/daughter out for lunch.  The daughter had presented her mother with the most gorgeous bouquet of ORANGE roses!  Bright and cheery, and the mother was beaming.

Guild meeting last night with the Crossroads Quilt Guild was also quite the affair!  When Angelia told me to not worry about dinner, that there would be food at the meeting, I had in my mind that there would be snacks – maybe some chips or pretzels, or some veggies and dip – that kind of thing.  But NO!  it was a full on pot-luck dinner!  What a great way to spend time getting to know the ladies before the meeting “really” started.

And while we were milling around……I saw a quartet of men in red vests walk in and assemble……and I had to capture this on video.  Can you feel the love?

((Pardon the lady who decided it was okay to walk between the recipient and the quartet with a big box instead of going BEHIND them…….obviously the shortest distance between two points was a straight line and she was going to take it and not wait for the song to be over –))

And that wasn’t all!  Cookie decided that I needed a valentine bouquet too!

Georgia_Feb2013 483

Holy Happy Yum!

Yes, I look sweaty -- it was hot in the room and I had just finished speaking.  Hot flash anyone??

There is no way I need a dozen chocolate bars --- those will be cut up and distributed amongst the ladies in the next two day’s worth of classes!

Today it’s a crumbs workshop and I am excited about getting in there and helping these ladies make a complete mess.  Tomorrow?  Blue Ridge Beauty!

I think Valentine’s Day should last at least a week, don’t you?


  1. Bonnie, I agree about Valentine's lasting a week. It's my favorite day of the year....here and gone before you know it. We had heart shaped pizza for dinner, with 10 friends, last night. What a fun day to share our love with family and friends :)

  2. My hubby has sung with a barbershop chorus for 23 years now. He has sent me a singing valentine several times over the years. My brother sent my mother one yesterday (different states). Fun! Enjoy sharing all that chocolate. We're off to meet up with our sons and future daughter in law (not official yet) in Missouri. Yea!

  3. Lucky you!!!! Sounds like you have a great time that will last a couple of days!!!!
    Please check out my valentine day on my blog amariefieldcraft.blogspot.com

  4. Anonymous8:53 AM EST

    Actually Bonnie, I think one day for Valentines is what makes it so special, focused and not generic. To show love all the time is what we are made for but for focused attention one day keeps it special. And you had a special day day indeed OR you are sensitive to the different ways peeps showed love around you ..... thank you for the lovely share.

  5. Oh that looks like it was so much fun!

  6. Love, love, love that Valentine's tribute to that lucky lady. I used to sing barbershop in a Sweet Adeline's choir and have always enjoyed it. What a happy memory your video brought. (We'll ignore Rude Woman. Maybe she needs a Valentine's blessing to wake her up!)

    And holy chocolate, Batman! Good thing you have lots of lovely ladies with whom to share your Valentine surprise! :-)

  7. Such a cute holiday but we FORGOT about it! lol.

  8. Thanks for sharing. I loved the Valentine's Day serenade! A Capella is always so beautiful.


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