Sunday, February 10, 2013

Log Cabin Bliss!

Do you recognize these yellows and the double pink?  They’ve been reproduced, but these are originals!

I completely forgot that I was going to share more of this sweet vintage quilt upon my return home from Georgia--

While tackling a pile in the Living Room ((Some of which has to go back INTO the van for Wednesday’s upcoming trip to Perry, Dallas and Cartersville, GA)) I re-unearthed the quilt! 

I really miss taking photos outside.  But it’s just not warm enough at 7:30am to go out to the back deck, and since we changed that railing last summer….things don’t lay out as nicely on it either!  So the rails of the longarm are going to have to do.

This is just a simple simple basic log cabin.  But this is the kind of scrap quilt that makes my heart sing!


Limited palette due to limited scrap bag contents.

If you wanted to make a quilt, and all you had was one bag to pull scraps from --- those scraps being the left -overs of clothing construction for the family, some masculine, some feminine ---what kind of quilt would come out of that bag?

antiquequilts 001

We’ve dated the “construction” of this quilt by the newest fabric in the quilt ---either the very pink large scale gingham check, or the solid lavender ---which would date to about 1920.

antiquequilts 002

But of course, that red, the indigoes, the yellow and some of the shirtings as well as the double pink in the block at the top of this post could be as early as 1890 – 1900.  Or earlier?

You may even recognize the pattern on the red and on the yellow as ones that have been re-printed within the past 10 years or so.

antiquequilts 006

Lovely shirtings next to stripes, next to lighter toned plaids --- I love the simplicity of this quilt!

antiquequilts 003

There are very few “florals” In here --- and this one is quite sheer and wibbly-wobbly.  Who’s dress was this?  Can you imagine this fabric at a summer lawn party?

Each log cabin block starts with a blue/white half square triangle.  I’ve always done my log cabins with plain squares in the center, so this might be something to do for fun! I love how they draw the eye in the quilt design.

antiquequilts 007

Another anomaly that I didn’t notice before:  The top and bottom borders are different!  If you compare this photo to the full quilt photo above, you will see it!  Again….I’m attributing that fact to a limited scrap bag.  Did she run out of the burgundy print that frames the sides and fills 2 borders on the “bottom” of the full quilt above?  Who knows!  I love quilts that leave me questioning the whys and the hows!

The quilting is “basic” with the quilting mostly in the ditch, other than an X through the center triangle square of each block. Functional, warm ----it stole my heart!

Yes there will be Quilt-Cam at 2pm Eastern today!  Bring a project and come spend some time.

Also ---VERY IMPORTANT!  Today starts the voting for the “Golden Quilter Awards”.  While I so appreciate your votes over the past couple of years, I’m not going to tell you WHO to vote for. Just click HERE and vote for the nominees you feel fit each category best!  There is some stiff competition, what a line up!

***Note*** I tried to link directly to the voting page, but it doesn’t seem to be up and running yet – could be that she is on California time and it is set to post in a little while.  I will re-post the link when it is up and running.  So far all I see are nominations though the voting is supposed to run through Feb 10th –Feb 28th.

Have a Quilty Sunday, everyone!


  1. When I married in 1964 my grandmother gave me a log cabin quilt top. It was hard to see the difference in the light and dark areas. I foolishly thought that she didn't know how to make the quilt. One night in the dark the pattern stood out (so it was my eyes that couldn't see the difference). Now I know that she didn't have many lights in her scrap bag. I loved that quilt to death, literally. I had it quilted by a church group and it was not quilted tight enough so after many many washings it came apart. (I didn't know how to wash it either, lol.) I only have a few square left. Thanks for the memories and the explanation.


  2. As I listen and read about how you date antique quilts (fabric choices, patterns, size of blocks, etc.)and watch you make quilts (replicating antique patterns, combining great ideas from other quilts, designing your own patterns) and hear you talk about the age and diversity of fabrics in your stash, it makes me wonder...

    How will someone analyze your quilts 50 years from now? Will they appreciate the ingenuity or be confused by the generational cross-over? Knowing the abundance of fabrics available, what reasons will they come up with for your use of recycled fabrics? Oh, how I'd love to be a fly on the wall for those considerations! At least they won't have to wonder about the age and creator of our quilts if we always label them. But there will be plenty left to the imagination, I'm sure, for anyone curious enough to imagine. Looking forward to QuiltCam - thanks!

  3. I absolutely adore this quilt. The first quilt I made was a log cabin for my 7 yr old son in 1988.
    I love the colors and layout of this quilt.

  4. Thank you for sharing the beautiful old quilt. One of the things I liked was that you really discussed it, with appropriate pictures. That takes time and energy and I wanted you to know that it is appreciated.

  5. yes they are those fabrics because most were sugar and flour sacks that had been lovingly washed and pressed and used in magazine and newspaper patterns

  6. What a beauty. Thank you for taking time to share this quilt with us. I like the half square triangle start because it really emphasizes the light/dark sides of the blocks.

  7. The log cabin is beautiful! oh snowflake I missed another quilt cam as I was busy trying to focus on putting the borders on my Easy Street! As you can tell I have been doing other things, like adopting vintage machines! What have you done to us! My DH is so into it he even tried to sew with his newest purchase!SMILE! Thank you for taking time to inspire us daily I still need alot more practice on that crocheting but I am determined to make some of those beautiful spool pin doilies! Love it and you!

  8. Everyone can start voting now...


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