Thursday, February 28, 2013

Out With The Old–in with the New-To-Me!

First off – Quilt Cam TONIGHT!  9 pm Eastern!  The time frame has opened up so I’m trying to get the word out.

This title has two purposes!  It fits the announcement I need to make that Colorado Lady IS doing yard sale Saturday in two days!

The first Saturday in March is the 2nd DAY of March—so I know it is really sneaking up on everyone.

I too have some things to list, so be watching for that --- the linky will be over at her blog so she can take care of all of that stuff – I’m just going to participate like everyone else.

The title of this post also fits the story I have to tell:

I have had a morning of running around…all necessary items as I get ready to leave for Houston on Sunday.

((Are you ready, Baytown and Tri-County girls?!?!))

I had to drive to the “main” post office and pick up a package that was marked “return to sender”.  Seems a book order was “undeliverable as addressed” and now I have to track down that quilter to find out of she transposed her house numbers or street address while ordering her book.  I hope I can find her!

Bonita Cross, if you are out there, this is what has happened to your book and I will get you out a new one as soon as I can double check your mailing address with you!

From there it was off to do something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.  I took several bags of donated stash to a church Quilt Ministry in downtown Winston Salem.  They work solely off of donated fabrics, and were so appreciative of the fabric!

I have to start being a bit more realistic here.  I want to make charity quilts, but I don’t have as much time right now, so I can at least supply the fabric for such!  What a partnership that makes ---and helps me feel that I still have my hands in doing something for others.

stash 001

No sooner had I returned home from delivering these bags…..feeling a bit LIGHTER in the stash, here on my doorstep is a BOX!  in the box is ----OH BOY!!

stash 003

Sweet note from Sarah S!

I can’t wait to dig into this bag!  Small pieces I don’t have too much of a problem with --- it’s large pieces of yardage that give me the “whatever am I ever going to be able to do with this?!?” feeling.  Small pieces?  I’m planning on sorting these, and anything the right size will quickly be cut and kitted up into more leader/ender spools!  Isn’t it always more fun to play with everyone else’s fabric?

Countdown on the Golden Quilter Awards!

I don’t know if you are still watching the voting results or not….but this is going to be such a close call!  I’ve stayed away from the computer since this morning not wanting to know ---but as of a few minutes ago, there is just a mere 60 or so votes between first and second place in the Best Quilt Designer category!  I am really counting on your vote!

If you haven’t voted yet, would you please do so?  After today is over – I promise I won’t mention it again!

You don’t need to vote in all categories, just the first one…Click HERE to vote by clicking the yellow star beneath my name: http://sewcalgal.blogspot.com/2013/02/2013-golden-quilter-awards-voting.html

If you have NOT voted before and do not see the star – please refresh the page a few times.  I know several who have had trouble, and it’s those who have had trouble voting that I need to vote! 

It’s all so very exciting and very fun! :cD

And as always – I thank you for your love, support and scraps!


  1. Ha ha ha! Scraps out, scraps in. Better get to stitching to try not to be buried.

  2. OMG!!! I thought I voted for you a week ago; but I clicked on your name and not the STAR! What a goofball I am. I fixed it now; it looks as though you are doing well.

  3. I wish someone would drop off a package like that for me. Looks like some pretty pieces in there.

  4. YES BONNIE, We girls in Baytown are ready and counting the days. Can't wait for your visit as we have had you on our calendar for 2 years now...Safe travels and I'll pick you up at the airport on Sunday. Look for the big black Surburban with MIMI G plates...Safe travels!

  5. Just in case your Texas ladies don't tell you about it, I highly recommend a visit to The Painted Pony & Quilts in La Porte. Just across the bay from Baytown. It is a beautiful shop and they have a scrap bin where you can pick your own and pay by the pound! A quilter can never have too many scraps!

  6. I just had to giggle....you have to use the red and white stripe now that you gave it away and it came back to you! See you tonight!

    I could use a box also....but I need neutrals! Think that could happen? lol

  7. I too giggled over the giving away, and receiving back, what looks like an identical red and white stripe, lol.

  8. Good grief Bonnie!!!~ I am going to have to go back to Goodwill and get you that red sequined dress I saw this morning!!~ You are going to NEED it for the Quilter's Awards you are winning!~~~ :)

    1. Do it Sandra!!! She is going to need it! I have my fingers crossed!!!!

  9. Love the new wallpaper behind your blog. (PS Sat is March 2, not March 1 - the time is going much faster than you even realized!!)

  10. Hope it isn't my book! I'm anxiously awaiting it's arrival!

  11. Husband is going out, daughter is in bed...woo hoo, I am ready for quiltcam! I've got some cutting to do to start...


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