Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Quilts & Fashion Statements!

Last night during Quilt-Cam two beautiful Easy Street quilts came in to the mail queue that I just have to share with you!

The ladies were so gracious to send me photos…and they knocked my socks off!

Not only were their quilts beautiful, but they included THEMSELVES in their photos, and it was so fun to see a bit of their personalities come to life in the fabrics they chose to put in their quilts -


Now I’m not making fun of anyone – I’ve witnessed this phenomenon time and time again as I go through various parts of the country teaching classes from coast to coast.  It’s not a localized thing, I think with quilters it’s GLOBAL!

We are just very in-tune to our projects, to how the colors in that project effect us,  and for whatever reason our brain says –we unknowingly dress to match our projects!

I did this last night…I was wearing an apple green t-shirt while sewing green triangles onto my plaid 4 patches.  Was it intentional? Nope! But it happens none-the less!

Sandy writes:

My quilty friend Julie and I have finished our Easy Street quilts.  We took them to our guild meeting on Friday and everyone loved them.
There are several more guild members making the quilt but we were the first finished.   We were both in your Cathedral Stars workshop last fall in Shepherdsville, KY.
We loved your patterns and Quilt Cam.
Sandy in Kentucky

julie's easy street (1)

Julie and her Easy Street!


Please note Julie’s sweater!  Julie is a lover of blue, at least in this photo!  And she may not have thought of it while getting dressed, but somewhere in her subconscious was this voice that told her what to wear!

I’m also tickled to note that easy street is in some of the most popular colors for spring, not that I really keep track of that kind of thing – I just sew with what I feel like!  But look:

Pantone’s Spring colors!

Btw, did you know you can take ANY Photograph and get a palette pulled from that photo?  Click HERE to try the Color Palette Generator!

Let’s look at Sandy’s quilt!

Sandy's Easy Street

Great colors and awesome border!

And of course, Sandy’s purse and outfit fit the theme too!

Holy Moly, look at that border!!  Sandy explains further:

Bonnie,  thanks for the complements on our quilts.  The border on my quilt was a piece I picked up at the local quilt shop in the clearance section.  I had the fabric for a couple of years. 
I had all my East Street put together and was not sure what I was going to use for a border when I remembered that piece was sitting in my stash. 
The colors I used were dark brown,  white and brown shirtings, red, mustard, blues that were more teal in color and the inner border was civil war orange. 
Thanks again for all your great tips and ideas. 
Sandy in KY

I love the way this girl thinks!  Sometimes the fabric you need has been in the stash for a long long time ---just waiting for the right project, so don’t forget to shop there--  This border is BEAUTIFUL on this quilt!  And yes, her quilt goes right along with the chosen spring 2013 colors too! 
I just love color.  Color has a direct effect on my mood and my thought processes.  Color is music for the eyes.  I love trying different things and getting out of my box and going completely another direction as far as color is concerned.  Always something new to try, always a new adventure…Quilts do not have to match the couch, and yes you can quilt with colors that you can not wear!
In fact, the two color graphics in this post are from Pantone and I love their statement about color:
“Color is life. Live it.
Color is essential to your life. The colors you love are deep and vital affirmations of who you are. Bringing those colors into your day and your environment is the ultimate form of self-expression.”
Isn’t this exactly what we are doing as we quilt?  We bring COLOR into our day!
And don’t forget to accessorize your quilt making with  matching attire to set your mood for your creative time!
((And I am so happy that I have this extra day home!  I don’t leave for Georgia until TOMORROW!?  Oh goodness – what am I going to do with this day?!))


  1. Thanks for showing those photos, Bonnie -- easier to see them in a blog post than from your phone during Quilt Cam! ;-) Once my ES top is together, I know just what I can wear for my quilt fashion photo shoot! LOL! Have a wonderful extra day...don't you have more triangles to stitch...?
    And travelling mercies for tomorrow. :-)

  2. Note to Sandy: Your colors are so much to my liking! It is a great quilt. My easy street is on step 6. I still have a long way to go. I am letting it rest for a while. It needs time to think! So many other quilts patterns are calling my name.

  3. they look beautiful! Can't wait to get mine done...almost there!

  4. Love these! Borders are fantastic!

  5. Beautiful quilts, thank you for sharing.

    Your extra day ... a walk, more sewing, quiltcam, do something special for yourself, you do so much for the rest of us. Enjoy your 'free/extra'day!

  6. I love, love, love Sandy's colors and that border ... OH MY!! I didn't make Easy Street along with the group because I had too much else going on but I definitely have plans to do it. LOVE the design and seeing all the different finished quilts in the various colors inspires me even more. I will never, ever pass up a clearance table in a quilt store with lots of border-type prints without giving them a second thought again. Great quilts and thanks for sharing!! Linda

  7. I love these quilts. Beautiful colors. I just don't understand how to pick colors for a mystery. My East Street quilt looks all washed out. Not defined blocks like these.

  8. A few years ago a member of our guild opened a quilt shop. Shortly before opening she invited the members to a preview and gave each person in attendance a fat quarter of their choice. We started to notice that almost everyone had unconsciously picked the same color as the shirt they were wearing! My FQ was green and so was my shirt. It seems we each have our own color identity!

  9. Julie and Sandy, beautiful quilts. Further proof that Easy Street looks great in every color combo! Further proof of the genius of Bonnie and her methods. LOVE the coordinating outfits! Thanks for sharing.

  10. I'm piecing my rows together for Easy Street. Needs to be ready for my sister's bday march 16. I'll send pix when done, and dress accordingly. !

  11. I'm piecing my rows together for Easy Street. Needs to be ready for my sister's bday march 16. I'll send pix when done, and dress accordingly. !

  12. I'm piecing my rows together for Easy Street. Needs to be ready for my sister's bday march 16. I'll send pix when done, and dress accordingly. !

  13. Just gorgeous ladies !!

    Jan / Florida

  14. I missed QuiltCam last night. We had a Quilting Symposium at our Monthly Guild Meeting. Thanks for sharing more EASY STREET quilts. I'm hoping to get mine sewn together this week. I want to bring it with me to Portland! I really need to find a cool border fabric like these two did. Perfect pairings. YES, I dress in my quilt colors too.

  15. Gorgeous quilts ... not sure where the "easy" came in.

  16. I LOVE love love THESE TWO QUILTS! I am in total agreement that I will not pass up any more border prints!
    And I think it is self defense to co-ordinate the shirt with the color of thread snips that will be added to the shirt later in the day.....

  17. Anonymous3:57 PM EST

    Julie and Sandy your quilts are amazing

  18. Gorgeous quilts Julie and Sandy. Thanks for sharing Bonnie.

  19. Another two great quilts from the Easy Street Mystery. I have just been amazed at all the beautiful work that was inspired from every one sewing together. My top and back are two of my favorites. Several of my girls have called dibs when it is quilted.
    I have showed several friends the link up just to see the eye candy. One gal spent several hours looking at all the quilts, she then called me and asked if I would teach her to sew. We hooked another one!

    keep up the good work- cw

  20. Can Sandy answer - if she used the same colour for background?

    1. I used scrappy backgrounds. White shirtings with brown onthem.

  21. Absolutely love the border on Sandy's quilt. It reminded me that I also have a large border print that I bought awhile back and haven't used yet. I loved the colors, purples, rust/orange and greens. Maybe I'll just have to make one of Bonnie's quilts and pull the colors from my border print.
    Sandy, thanks for the idea.

  22. I love the border fabric. Great choice! I'll have to do some stash shopping to see what I have for borders.


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