Monday, February 11, 2013

iPhone-o-Gram! This Far!

It's a drizzly foggy day out there –

One of those days where there isn't a whole lot to report.

Bank run – done.

Sam's Club run – done.

Post office run to pick up a package with the slip that was left in my mailbox because I wasn't here when they tried to deliver – Undone!

I have a very small one window post office in my little town of Wallburg, North Carolina.

However – mail is not delivered from the Wallburg post office unless you have a Wallburg PO Box.

If you want mail delivered to your house – that all comes from the local Winston-Salem post office. Hence my Winston-Salem address.

Shamu was on autopilot this afternoon as I bypassed the exit to go way out of my way to the Winston-Salem post office – and drove straight to my local post office and went inside with the receipt only to find out that – Yep, you guessed it – I was at the wrong post office.

That job can wait until tomorrow! I have things to do to get ready for my trip Wednesday!

And because of that impending trip – I needed to move the donated stash out of my car.

Holy. Moly. Here it is at the bottom of my stairs ready to be sorted!

I know there are some charity groups who are going to be very happy to have this – for making kids quilts!


  1. OHHHH! looks like sew much fun! but, can wait until you get back home as long as DH doesn't "donate" it while you are gone! See you tomorrow on quilt cam! Love all you do for us!

  2. I'm cleaning out my sewing room too..lots of fabric to charities.

    Don't for get to tell you blog followers about the voting going on over at SewCalGal....you are winning in several categories now :0)

    Happy Sewing and safe travels

  3. Hi Bonnie. My husband and I are driving through Florida on our way back to Houston. It is also raining and dreary here! Of course it isn't so bad that I couldn't check out one of the Florida quilt stores I happened to see a sign for. We celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary at Disney World and are heading home. I just discovered your Quiltville through a Quilt Guild friend who convinced me to give the Easy Street mystery a try. I have almost finished putting the step 8 A blocks together. The rest are all ready to sew together. I have had "sew" much fun with it. It was a real leap of faith for me - I would have been way too intimidated by that pattern had I seen the finished top! I wanted to say THANK YOU for that. I love it and feel like I have really learned a lot and have really stretched my boundries. Thanks again!

  4. Hi Bonnie, I have been out of the loop here, and was just wondering when the next quilt cam will be? I ended up in the hospital with chest pains last Thursday evening, and I just got home this afternoon. Didn't have my iPad with me, so I have been missing all your posts.
    Grace from Long Island

  5. Congratulations on all your wins from the Golden Quilter's Awards!
    I knew you would get many, many votes.


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