Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Counting of the Spools!

My back-stock of kitted up spool parts to use as my current leader/ender project is running low!

Click HERE for info on Spoolin' Around!

As I prepare for this trip to Georgia, I know I am going to need to kit up some more to take along with me…and I’ll be spending time at the cutting table this afternoon getting my projects ready to take.

One thing lead to another and I found myself wondering just how MANY spools I’ve done so far!

Remember we are doing this just as we can, there is no “set number” to shoot for, and no determined way they must be set and made into a quilt – what you do with them is your own prerogative,  but they are SO. DANG. CUTE!

While I had things  pinned in sets of 10, still the easiest way I know of to keep count of many small pieces and parts – I had reached MANY sets of 10 and wanted a better way to keep track --

So out comes the other thing that I simply can not live with out --- zip lock bags!

spools 004

I can tell by looking at this photo just what I have!  The bags each hold 10 sets of 10, or 100 spool blocks.  There are so far, 2 bags – giving me an easy count of 200.  The un-bagged pinned sets of 10 give me another 70, while the loose 6 are waiting for 4 more to make them a set of 10 when they will be pinned together.  When there are another 10 pinned sets – into another zip lock bag they will go!  And so the count continues-- We are at 276 spools so far.

It is amazing how they have added up since we started them in July!

vintagemachines 077

Because tomorrow is Valentine’s Day ---I felt the need to get in the mood and pulled out Barbie, my pink 1950s Japanese import Class 15.  What a sweet girl!  Just what I needed to get the borders on a quilt this morning.

The backing is in the wash – I hope to get it loaded into the machine later this afternoon and start the quilting on it.  I can’t show the quilt now, but it’s destined for a future Quiltmaker Magazine issue, and I’m so excited!

I am loving my bonus day today! 

EVERY day is a bonus, don’t you agree?


  1. yup, every day is a blessing, a real gift!

    i'm doing the spools as leader enders, but don't have near as many done as you do. i started later than you did, also. that's okay, i just throw them into a basket and one of these days that basket will be full! they are a fun little block and really are so cute!

    have a safe trip.

    tammy k. in illinois

  2. I started putting 2 inch squares together for Happily Scrappily Irish from your Adventures with Leaders and Enders Book mid way through putting the blocks together for Easy Street. I have 265 done already! And Easy Street is almost there. I hope to do the final seam joining the top half to the bottom half tonight and then I must decide on borders. Thanks as always for your inspiration.

  3. I have been counting my spools too, but only up to 140. I have some in the same print as your black dots, but is in lime green! This is my first leaders and enders and I am hooked, thank you so much.

  4. Every single moment of every single day is a gift from God ... a blessing indeed. Enjoy and travel safe, Bonnie! Happy Valentine's Day, too! Linda

  5. that is just how I *gather* my small hexies!!! what a way to have fun!--thanks for sharing! Carole

  6. Pinning in sets of 10 is the best way to keep track. I also put my Bow ties in a box and wrote on the box in pencil how many and kept a running total. Your spools are going to be so fun to see in a quilt next year. Will be waiting patiently to see a new pattern in QM. Still working on Easy Street and Lazy Sunday.

  7. Doing the spool blocks also as my leader enders. I have a nice box full and should pin them together in 10's, then count them out. They are so adorable and I am having fun putting combinations together from my scraps. I am also keeping the little half square triangle bonus blocks from the cut off ends for another project. I double sew the ends, cut them off, and put all 4 of them into a ziploc. Someday they will become a cute little miniature.

  8. Your just so gosh darn clever! Thanks for the Ikea lamp tip. Finally got one of those babies, and I can see to thread my serger now! Fantastic!

  9. I kitted up some spool blocks last night so I would have them when I went to the Doctors office with my husband. I got a few of them hand sewn while we waited
    . the spools are so pretty.

  10. I don't have nearly that many but they are coming along quite nicely! It is always fun to see your progress! :)


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