Friday, February 08, 2013

Feb 8th Quilt Cam!

Cute pic from Shanti who was sewing along with Quilt-Cam before I headed out to Georgia!

No live pets in the house……she posed her stuffed Giraffe for the photo opp!

She writes:

Watching you now and baby Giffe is looking at me with saucer eyes wondering why I am so excited.. 

Thank you so much .. I just finished a Disney quilt ..this machine brings me loving memories of my mother in laws machine that had a bullet shuttle and hand wheel in India ..

Shanti (shanti means 'peace') !!
Shanti also means PIECE if you are a Quilter!

It’s been a bit over a week since we did this last – but it feels like it’s been 2 weeks or more!

I had to stop and think of what I was working last --- and quickly throw something together that I can sew on tonight.  Do you remember what I was doing?

4 patches on the hand crank!

stringgeese 039

Today I pulled out my Great Grandmother’s Singer 15.  It belonged to my Great Grandmother Manuel, and then it went to my Grandma Mach ---and was used all through the years my mom was growing up.  And now it is mine.

I’m continuing on the 4 patches tonight ---and when they are done, I’ll be putting them on point strippy style..I’ve got some triangles cut for that, but not sure how far we will get tonight!

I guess the most important thing is not that we get the job DONE – but that we just work at it!  All I know is that it is going to feel good to sit down and sew after a week away from piecing. :c)

Want to come join me?  Bring a project!  I’m turning on the cam in the studio for a while!

You can leave a comment in the comment section below, or leave one in the guest book by clicking the blue guest book button in the left hand side bar, While I can't answer them all ---I do pick randomly and try to answer questions and comments as I sew!

I've got to leave early in the morning -- so I"ll probably only go until 10pm tonight ----


  1. Is Dave watching Duck Dynasty

  2. The music is fine! Glad to see you on quilt cam , and love your great grandma's machine ! My friend has her grandma's machine just like it hers Is a 15 91.

  3. The square root of 2 is 1.4142...
    That is why it works.


  4. Boy I missed seeing you.
    You look so much thinner!!!
    Beautiful green for the side triangles!!!
    XOXOXO Subee

  5. tis true, we here in southern coastal maine are getting hammered! so far still have power so quilt cam is a go!

  6. Checking in from Pacagoula MS. Received the Hexagon Book. Thanks for the quick turnaround. So much fabric so little time. -Sandra

  7. HI Bonnie!
    I sure have missed you!
    I am SO excited!!! Tomorrow I am driving a couple hours to pick up my new baby! A Featherweight! She has been used and looks worn out and her carry box is duct taped but she works just fine! I will bring her home and restore her and love her to pieces! I do not know her age specifics but she is an AG number.
    wish I could enclose a picture for you but this post format doesnt allow it.
    Robin in Bellingham. Im SO Excited!
    Do you have Georges painting information listed on your site somewhere?

  8. hi bonnie, glad to see you tonight. been working on a quilt for my mom's birthday but not sure if it's going to get done or not! birthday is next friday!
    tammy k. in illinois

  9. I love being able to catch up with you on Quilt cam even if I'm not sewing - some time it is hard to organise with time differences from Australia.

  10. Hi Bonnie! Thomas and I are watching tonight-we just got home last Friday, we were in your neck of the woods last week. Love watching you!

  11. Hi to Dallas!!!~ Bonnie, so, so , so glad you are HOME!~! miss you. Talked to my good friend, Gail in Macon tonight. She will be the one who is just STARSTRUCK over seeing you soon. lol (sorry Gai) lol
    Thanks for all you do Bonnie > Luv ya

  12. If you want to drive the van to my house, I am not afraid to open those bags! I love the adventure of new scraps!

  13. Quilting along with you from snowy Massachusetts but not sure I will last long. Worked this morning and eyes are getting droopy lol

    Bonnie, I have a question. My guild is having you speak and then do a workshop in April. But I am worried my skill level isnt good enough for your class. What level quilter should you be to take your workshop?

  14. My American cousins in Buffalo, N.Y. took photos of the snow; when I asked how much they got, they said 4-5 inches. On the other hand, quilty friend in the Province of Ontario got a FOOT. There's American Snow...and then there's Canadian snow! ;-)

    Out in Central Alberta we've had no new snow for about 10 days...just Chinook warmth, sunshine and...ice...

    It's all good; it's all and excuse to stay inside and sew!

    Glad to be with you on Quilt Cam tonight!

  15. Speaking of gifting quilts, I plan on making one for each person or couple in my family over the next few years. That will make a total of 13 quilts, including my sister's grandkids! Thank goodness I've already made 2 for my brother and his wife, and of course my grandkids already have several each. I plan on using your quilt patterns for all of these quilts, including mystery quilts. The hardest part will be giving them away!

  16. Hi Bonnie. Susan here in a blizzard in Connecticut. I have recently purchased two vintage machines and I am loving sewing on them. The idea of the Decoupage is great timing. Because one of the machines has a musty smell that I haven't been able to remove. So once the snow stops I'm off to Joanne's. Thanks for quilt cam.

  17. I am starting to think my strips are multiplying in the drawers when I'm not looking. Have finished cutting pieces for cheddar bowties from the dark strip drawer... will sew all these and then tackle the light strips......

  18. Tell your family not to roll their eyes! LOL! That is awesome to have your grandmothers machine! I wish I had my grandmothers machine-I will have all of my moms machines, we share a sewingroom so I get to watch her work on stuff and will have so many great memories!

  19. Hi Bonnie, Mary in snowy Ontario, sewing on my 99 tonight, finishing the crayon box blocks I started last Quilt-Cam

  20. Opening loops for scrappy trips blocks tonight. I'm trying to finish up the top before show and tell when you visit out guild on the 18th. Prepping for Jamestown landing on schedule for the weekend. Thanks for keeping us motivated during your busy schedule!

  21. My first Easy Street came back this week from the longarmer. Binding is all made...second Easy Street went back with the longarmer . Love the quilt. Thanks so very much for the Mysteries. I am cutting for the Quiltmaker mystery. May also do that one in grays/pinks with some browns.

  22. Hi Bonnie, Helen in Brisbane Australia.... finally some cooler weather for us! Sewing curtains - not so exciting !! right now I'm fixing fruit salad for lunch ! love quiltcam, always get excited when I see it's on.

  23. You need something as a L&E for two baby quilts. The TRIPs quilt wouldn't be so easy. THEY ARE SMALL!!!

  24. Welcome home! I am working on a quilt block for my BOM class tomorrow. I was wondering if you would share how your friend is completing the scrappy wedding ring quilt. Janet from Missouri

  25. Hi! Have you used any of your batiks yet?

  26. Anonymous10:06 PM EST

    Bonnie what do you suggest that those of us new quilters without a lot of stash do to make one of your quilts. I have no one I know who has a Shamu to unload.

  27. Yay for meeting hubby! Glad he said hey to us finally! Love that he brings you treats too....Kathy is sewing on Old Tobacco Road borders tonight and I am finishing up the first clue on Lazy Sunday Morning!

  28. Hi Bonnie, so glad to see you back--and then we were out today, and just got back, so late for quiltcam! Today is my birthday, and what I wanted to do was drive the area from here to Fayetteville, AR looking at antique malls, flea markets, and then eating at a place I heard of called the Briar Rose Bakery--was worth the drive and enjoyed the day very much, altho DH got more "presents" than I did, found things he wanted everywhere, it seemed. Saw a couple old Singers, but not impressive. One really nice FW (now that I don't need one anymore!) at one place for $399.00 Anyway, had a real nice birhtday! Carol

  29. You inspired me to come back downstairs and cut out the snowball blocks I need for a background for next weeks class. The big blocks are all cut, corners are cut for some. Not bad for an hours work.
    From very snowy Mississauga, Ontario (the grass was green yesterday)

  30. Thanks for quilt cam tonight, always enjoy it. Have a good weekend.


  31. Please consider Scrapy Trip baby quilts for Quilt Cam so we can see how it is done up close and personal. Would be great to see complete process.
    I was cutting strips for a baby quilt for my guild to give to Heartbeat.

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