Thursday, February 21, 2013

Texas Tumbleweeds in Cartersville!

The Cartersville guild had a great idea ----I could teach Texas Tumbleweeds right out of the Quiltmaker Magazine issue ---and everyone provided their own copy!

It was a great bonus, because there are loads of other wonderful patterns in the magazine too.

For those who were unable to get a copy of the magazine, never fear – this pattern is appearing in my next book.  I really love this quilt!

The layout here was pieced by Shelby, who was so excited to make this quilt that her “couple of test blocks” kept multiplying even before class day arrived! LOL!  I do love that though ---When a quilt really grabs hold of someone and they just can’t wait to dig in and do it, you may as well encourage them along.  I love her teal ladder blocks…VERY COOL!

Some ladies sewed with batiks, some with EVERYTHING, and it was really great to see the quilts looking so different based on fabric choices and colors,--

Georgia_Feb2013 818

My Texas Tumbleweeds Quilt, as found in Quiltmaker Magazine, Nov-Dec 2012 issue.

I do believe we have crammed as much activity into this Georgia trip as we can.

This morning I’m checking out of the hotel and pointing Shamu toward home ---

I can’t wait to come back again!!


  1. Looks like you left a nice group of happy quilters behind in Georgia
    all sewing with their scraps to make more of your terrific patterns.
    Nicely done Bonnie.

    Safe travels and Happy Sewing

  2. Drive safely - we are looking forward to seeing you on Quiltcam! Am now thinking of a Tumbleweeds quilt..... what IS it about your designs!!

  3. Looks like a happy end for your class, and some beautiful work to show from it.
    Your quilt looks very nice.
    Regards Ingrid

  4. Bonnie, the slideshow asks me to sign into my Microsoft account. With previous slideshows all I had to do was click on "view" and I could see the pictures. If I click on an individual picture to enlarge it, I'm asked to sign in.

    1. Hi, Nann. Not Bonnie (by a long shot!!!), but SkyDrive is acting up again, as it often does. Nothing Bonnie can do about it. We just have to try again later.

  5. I just LOVE the Tumbleweeds Quilt. What a great project for a group of ladies to do together. Just imagine all the colors you could use. Have a safe trip home.

  6. As soon as I saw the Texas Tumbleweeds Quilt in the magazine, I pulled fabrics. I've set aside a Batik jelly roll and some yardage. As soon as I finish Easy Street I'll start cutting this one. I love this quilt! Bonnie if you do it on quilt cam I may just have to start it sooner! Have a safe trip home.

  7. Safe travels. I am going to have to do the Tumbleweeds Quilt in batiks. LOVE this! I love your style.

  8. More trouble with the slide show. sign.

  9. Hope you have a safe trip home. Thanks for visiting Cartersville. I enjoyed the Texas Tumbleweeds class. Unfortunately I can't view the pictures.

  10. Love that Texas Tumbleweeds. I've been eyeing it ever since it came out in Quiltmakers. On my list. Thanks for the reminder to vote on Canton Village. I'd forgotten. I like the way after you vote they show the number of votes for each candidate. You're leading buy substantial numbers in every category you're listed in! YOU GO GIRL!

  11. Anonymous10:09 PM EST

    Love the Tumbleweeds. It is another of your great scrappy quilts.I will go vote Bonnie.... .Thanks for being such an inspiring person and unbelievable quilter.I loved,loved,loved your day class in Elkhart,In.You make a class easy fun, and you pack a lot into a day for sure.I'm on the 2nd quilt by you. Made the 7 shirt quilt.Really enjoyed and loved the finish on it.I had shirts from my Father who has passed on and my stepfather. It made it a memorable way to use something of theirs... Thanks for the great idea!!!!! Moving rather slow on Easy street but 'getting er done' none the less !!!!!!!. Debbie Kelly


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