Sunday, February 17, 2013

Deep in the Heart of Georgia!

This is the story of a “Catch & Release” FAIL!  And for very good reason!

I couldn’t let this one pass me by ----it’s just so wonky in every way.

Simple scrap bag fabrics --- string pieced into diamonds and pieced into 8 pointed stars ---

The background of each block is a simple chambray in blue, the sashing a red that has faded to reddish pink over the passing century.

The quilting is “Sort of” quilted in diagonals, but I doubt anything was ever marked as lines do not stay parallel – they are simply “enough” to hold the layers together in rows of black stitches.

Georgia_Feb2013 613

9 blocks, and no side sashings!

Georgia_Feb2013 614

Bottom right corner….star points off the edge and into the binding --

Georgia_Feb2013 616

Left side….LOVE the very “relaxed” diagonal quilting!

Georgia_Feb2013 618

The backing is home dyed and has faded over time, the quilting stitches plainly visible on the reverse of the quilt.  The backing was also brought around the edge to the front to bind the quilt.

Georgia_Feb2013 619

I am so happy to add this quilt to the “Antique Quilt Inspiration” side to my String Fling lecture.  These quilts inspire me so much. 

Note to self --- must find some chambray to use as a background…I just love the effect it has on this quilt!

I am typing this while watching Downton Abbey from my hotel room in Dallas, GA. I spent the evening with a lovely group of ladies from the guild and the local shop!  We enjoyed a yummy meal and lots of conversation and laughter at the home of one of the guild members, and I look forward to seeing these ladies again over the next couple of days!


  1. I completely understand why this quilt had to come home with you Bonnie hon, it just looks like your style!
    Love it!

  2. Oh, Bonnie, this is so you! Glad you're enjoying your time in Georgia.

  3. I do not see how you have the energy for all of these workshops that you do! you are constantly moving from one place to the next - I envy you but at the same time I get exhausted :)

  4. GOOD CATCH!!! What a great quilt!

  5. Beautiful quilt. I love the chambray color. Also, the way they alternated light and dark in the centers is cool. Glad you are enjoying your time in my home state.

  6. With your love of blue it has to be a neutral in one of your string quilts. In fact I can see your Sting Geese done in a blue colorway.
    You exhaust me too. But in a good way. I get so much inspirational energy from you. I have been sewing hexies so much that under my right thumb nail has gotten tender and started to bleed. OK...off to the band aid aisle for some waterproof tape. That stuff is thin enough to keep me working and tough enough to handle the needle tip.
    XOXOXO Subee

  7. String Geese...getting late here!!!!

  8. Great catch Bonnie! Rather than diagonal quilting maybe you could look at it as gentle waves? Either way a very you quilt. :)

  9. Really makes me want to do some string piecing. I haven't tried that yet, but I just loved your string pieced geese and this one is lovely as well. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful things with us!

  10. Very interesting quilting in the stars! From the back you can really see the design. Yep! Good catch!

  11. Beautiful old quilt. Makes me wonder why we use so much effort to get all points to meet, all the time....
    Have a wondeful stay in Dallas. (Never been there).
    Regards from Ingrid.
    ( sitting by the costline in Sweden, looking over to Denmark, but I am a Norwegian.... hehe. Through Scandinavien...)

  12. such a happy quilt!

  13. Nice one.....love the chambray too! Based on recent book and pattern purchases I also see stars in my next project!

  14. My scraps have taken over my sewing room. I like the idea of the chambray color. I know you like cheddar, but it is'nt one that speaks to me. the chambray however does! possibly have something in that color skeme.

  15. I can sure understand why this quilt had to come home with you - it is a good one! I love everything about it! Wonky is good!

  16. This post really explains one reason I read your blog religiously. Before I made my first quilt, 12 years ago, I had the notion all quilts were scrappy, then noticed many patterns were not. Then years later, found an online quilting board, where people really focused on perfect, on point quilts. My quilts just scream "homemade" in every possible way, down to the large, uneven hand quilting. Then, I found your blog, and how you embrace the scraps, wonkiness, and every imperfection.

    Love the quilt. It looks like it had some stories to tell.

  17. And I can't believe I'm the only one to feel the need to comment on the shocking finale of Downtown,,,wow! Hope I was the only one who got a quilting needle mishap!

  18. Great quilt, and I bet you could find some good chambray shirts!


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