Friday, February 01, 2013

iPhone-o-Gram! Why Quilts Matter!

I am staying with my friend Laurie while here in the Atlanta area.

We've had a great dinner, lots of chat and laughter and sharing of quilts.

We are winding down our evening by watching "Why Quilts Matter" on DVD

If you haven't seen it, it is so worth it!

Oh, and this snoring bundle is Gilbert! What a sweetie!

Tomorrow we are raring to go for a Scrappy Mountain Majesties workshop with the Chatahoochie Evening Stars of Alpharetta, GA!


  1. How fun.

    Is that Gilbert's personal couch over there by the tv, and Gilbert up on the people couch? LOL!

  2. Do you stitch your binding down with the binding away from you as shown in the picture?

  3. Is this a different bow tie Quilt of yours or Laurie's? I like the sashed bow ties and cheddar bow tie cornerstones. So many different ways to set this Leader/Ender Quilt. Nice to see them popping up on the Blogs. Have fun in Georgia.

  4. What a fun variation of the bow tie. And the colors are really fun and spunky too =)


  5. I ordered it last time on Amazon...
    The first part is just bombarded by "men". ... and their "views"
    I am trying to get up enough "HUDSPAH" to put the disc back on.. maybe tonight is the night.
    i don't know...
    I was SO EXCITED to see this....
    So many have been waiting at the library for it...
    I am not impressed.
    But, I am TRYING to be.
    I will go put the first disc back in.
    will report

    1. The narrator is not my fav either...

    2. Why Quilts Matter has several sections. If you don't like one, you may like the others. I just loved parts of it. I learned some things and gained a different perspective too. Fast forward to another section before ditch it altogether. :)

  6. I really enjoyed WQM when I saw it on The Quilt Show. But...that bow tie quilt is fabulous!


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