Wednesday, February 27, 2013

More Basics for Bumblebeans!

I know most of you are aware of how special my friend Victoria Findlay Wolfe is.  The woman is a dynamo ---and one of the things I like about her is the fact that she is so intune to the needs of others.

Not only is she heavily involved in making and collecting quilts for those in need, but goes out of her way to be there for the deliveries.  She sees first hand the faces – the mothers, the children ---those whose lives are made just a bit brighter, just a bit better with the gift of a much needed quilt.

She sent an email  with the following information yesterday to those of us who have offered up links to our free patterns as a resource for those who are wanting to sew, but need inspiration on what they can do to get started.:

THANK YOU for your support of my Bumble Beans BASICS program!
You have all opted to lend me a link to your free patterns to provide inspiration to quilters, to make quilts for donation.
I have a post and video going up tomorrow (shown below) about the Newest CALL FOR QUILTS and LINKS to each of you to thank you!
ALL the info is listed on the site, but here is the general info for the newest gather:
For: Child & Family Institute of St.Luke's and Roosevelt hospitals in NYC, Parent-Infant Center
The details:
100 baby quilts
100 Toddler quilts.  ( Yes I mis-spoke in the video, saying 200 each, but it's really 100 each) Accepting until June 1st.
Clean, handmade new quilts.
There is a NEW FORM they must fill out on the project page, before sending me their quilts.
The emails generates a number for them to put on the outside of the box, so I can easily identify who the quilts are from.
I will then have proper information so they can be thanked.
ALL quilts must be shipped with delivery confirmation.
Note, I am NOT a 5013C as of yet, It is listed on the site, I can not send them a tax donation form.
Please note that Bumble Beans BASICS is not currently a 501(c)(3)   At this time we can not send you a tax exemption form. Please print out your online form and keep for your records.

A little Video with explanation from Victoria herself:

I know there are many of us who want to pitch in and make quilts for the children of St Luke’s & Roosevelt hospitals.
More information can be found by clicking the link to Bumble Beans Basics Project Page HERE.  If you scroll down the page, you will find the red link to the online form to fill out about your quilt before sending it in.
I personally don’t have as much time to make as many giving quilts as I’d like ---I have provided links to my free patterns to be posted on the Bumble Beans Basics page in hopes that YOU can help be my hands to fill this needy cause.
Are you feeling the winter doldrums hanging on?  Make a bright quilt for a child. It will lift your spirits and  swell your heart.
Just start sewing!  What if you made 2 quilts? One for a girl, one for a boy?
Together we can make a difference!


  1. Thanks for the webcam last night I really enjoyed it. You give me inspiration.
    Paula in La.

  2. Enjoyed your webcam last night also . . . got Part 2 of Easy Street cut out . . . can't wait to see you when you come to Louisiana in June!

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  4. My Easy Street is too big (haha), but I'll make a small one!

  5. I make quilts to donate through my guild and always call them donation quilts rather than charity quilts. But that is a great idea to call them giving quilts. I try to make about one a month as it is a great way to use some of my abundant fabric stash. I like to make them at least 50 x 60 or even larger so that they are big enough for a larger child or even an adult.

  6. I agree Victoria is a wonderful person giving quilts is a pretty amazing feeling. Our Guild is making comfort pillows( which my small pillow looked more like animals), Pillowcases and crib blankets. Many of our members donate to Project Linus where quilts stay in NEbraska. Others make QOV to send to our service men and women. Myself have also done some quilts for Quiltforkids.God Bless America. Your Quilt Cam is so special and inspirational, thank you for taking time to share your talents and smile.

  7. I love calling them 'Giving Quilts'! I've finishing one this week for Linus my Senior Group also makes them for Childrens Hospital here in Cincinnati. I love some of your patterns like Scrappy trip or trip for using up those leftovers!!! easy to do, increases my expeirence for when I do make on that is a 'keeper' or given to family that I want to be "perfect".

    All those tips and patterns really help!


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