Sunday, February 03, 2013

Scrappy Trips Block Drive for Quilts of Valor!

 Some quilt designs are timeless!

I wrote the quick piecing directions for Scrappy Trips in 1999 when I taught it for a charity quilt class for my guild. 

I posted the directions to the website so everyone could print their own copy, and the rest is history! 

I don’t know how many Scrappy Trips quilts have been made, but with the popularity of the Scrappy Trip-Along on Flickr and Instagram ----and thanks to Pinterest, Scrappy Trips quilts are popping up all over the place and it is so exciting to watch!

For instance, I  just typed in “Scrappy Trip Along” into my browser search bar and it came up with these images HERE.

But there is one group who has approached Scrappy Trips in such a wonderful manner I have to stop and share it with you!

Alycia over at Alyciaquilts.blogspot.com has been hosting a Scrappy Trips Block Drive for Quilts of Valor.  They started in November, and have had many blocks sent in – and tops are coming together!

Jan 12 2013_71

The blocks are designed with a white fabric down the center of the block to form a designated chain to connect the blocks together.

For more photos, and information on how to participate in such a worthy cause, contact Aylica by email HERE.

Thanks for the great job you do, ladies!  This is such an on-going worthy cause and I’m happy to play a very small part in making this design available ---14 years later, still going strong!


  1. I like seeing them in RW&B. I made some last year and they showed up in the Google 'feed', the first picture. I made them for the Block Lotto Blog. Thanks for making them look so easy, I enjoyed making at least two to swap.

  2. It must be very rewarding for you to see what a positive influence you have on the quilting community. Thanks for everything you do and have done so creatively and selflessly.

  3. Thank you so much for the pattern, I made one and just love it!

  4. Hi Bonnie,
    Your Srappy Trips is the Aussie Heroes Block of the Month for February. http://aussieheroquilts.blogspot.com.au/
    We make quilts and laundry bags for Australians serving in the forces overseas. I have been making quilt for them for about 6 months and find it very inspiring.

  5. Scrappy Trips pieces are going with me to Florida next week for piecing on the trip down and back as well as while I am there. Looking forward to working on them.
    Faye in Maine

  6. What an amazing legacy..and you are so gracious about it!!

    Our church group made 6 or 8 when the pattern first came out.
    They were twin size and delivered to a local childrens home.

    Thanks Bonnie for all the wonderful things you do for all of us.

  7. I've been a fan of Scrappy Trips since 2005. I just went and checked the date on my printout. The times have changed since then - I now have it on my iPad. I am a BIG fan of Quiltville - enjoy the Quilt Cam.

  8. I'm still working on a Trip Around the World for DD's friend who is on her 2nd tour in Afgan. I just finished piecing the back this afternoon. I have a sm Linus quilt to put on the Mid arm, then the Trip quilt.
    I'm also hoping to get the Easy street done this week too so I can QUILT away on my Mid arm.
    Last month I did a class at the senior center and we made great Granny aquares. Next we are doing the Scrappy Trip!

  9. I saw a picture of a Scrappy Trip Around the World this week on Pinterest and followed the link to your blog. I have always wanted to make one but thought it looked like a lot of small block piecing. Once I saw your instructions I couldn't wait to start one. I have made 5 squares so far. Quick, fun and easy. Thanks for sharing your instructions.

  10. It was an honor to participate in this block drive for Alycia and Quilts of Valor. The scrappy trips block certainly is the craze going now, and looks PERFECT in patriotic colors. Thanks for sharing your talents with us Bonnie! BTW, Alycia is an angel on earth for the hard work she does with QOV!

  11. Bonnie, I've made two scrappy trips...the first was patriotic for a friend retiring from the military and the other is 1930's and getting it red binding finished this week!

  12. I'm making my first scrappy trip ... Thanks so much for the pattern, Bonnie!

  13. That's wonderful! I'm still working on mine! I fell in love with your idea right away!
    When I'm finished, I will post it on flicker!

  14. Thank you for letting us know about this Bonnie! I never would have known about this if you hadn't mentioned it on your blog. I am definitely going to participate! THANKS again!

  15. Thanks Bonnie for all you do for all of us! I just added a challenge to the Phoenix Modern Quilt Guid's blog to whip up a few of these blocks for Alycia and QOV. :)


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