Sunday, February 24, 2013

Feb 24 Quilt Cam Time!

Wow ---it feels like forever since we have had time to do this!  I hope I can remember how to hook it all up again!

This is Laura V’s Winchester!

She writes:

Bonnie, here's my Winchester taking possession of my Easy Street while I stitch the binding down.
It looks snuggly to me – I wish I could join him, but then Laura would never get her binding finished!
I decided to pull strips for Sister’s Choice, the Re-Do this morning…..
sisterschoice1 003
It’s very very easy to do this --- all you need are 2 2.5” X 11” strips….and ONE 2.5” square –whichever fabric you want in the corner of the 9 patch, that is the fabric you cut the square from.
It’s very easy for me to stack strips on my cutting board ---after a couple hours, I’ve got 42 9-patch strip sets all pinned together!
sisterschoice1 001
Stitch the 2.5” X 11” strips together with a 1/4” seam.  MEASURE the height of your strip set.  It should be 4.5” from side to side, not 4 3/8”!  If you fall short, adjust your seam.
The cutting is simple….cut 4 2.5” sections from your strip set, and rearrange them as shown, placing the bonus square you cut in the bottom right corner. 
sisterschoice1 002

I’ve got Penny all ready – I’ve tested my seam and my strip sets measure out at 4.5!  I’m good to go!

Today I’ll be sewing  strips into pairs…just wait til you see how Penny zooms –and if we have enough time I’ll be pressing my strip sets and start the sub cutting.  I’ll worry about the star points at another time.  Gonna power through these 9 patches first!

You can find the full Sister’s Choice tutorial HERE!

Let's sew!  Bring a project -- or use the time to kit up a project ---time to get some quilting on!

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  1. Yes, Subee here...I am watching and thanks so very much for the lighting!!!
    XXOOXO Subee
    working on Hexies again...finger stopped bleeding after I started using my TJ thimble.

    1. Hi Bonnie! Working on sorting pictures in albums in our yahoo group. Gotta catch up on "photo mistress" duties!

  2. Penny is lovely and sounds great! I went to an estate auction yesterday where 5 vintage machines were sold...none at bargain prices. I didn't buy any machines, I bought a 12'x16' building for my new sewing room instead! Can't wait to get it moved and set up.


  3. Hi Bonnie. Welcome back home. I just finished my last block of EZ Street. Had to you my walk in closet solid was to put the blocks up. BTW, you are soooo lucky in finding cool vintage machines...


  4. Nothing here.. guess I go to ustream to watch it again..

  5. My first time catching you at the right time!

  6. Bonnie, I recently heard a quilter's bosom with a block laid out as yours as a "quilt rack". I thought it was cute.

  7. Hi, Bonnie! I'm working on cutting extra pieces for my Easy Street quilt. My daughter loves it, but they have a king-size bed, so I've had to upsize it (just added an extra row of blocks on one side and the bottom). I had no idea how much more fabric a king-size quilt takes!

  8. Anonymous2:20 PM EST

    So glad to spend time sewing with you today! I'm putting the last two seams on the final blocks for my sister's choice quilt. It's my first quilt, and I've been working on it for about a year. Hopefully I'll be laying out all of the blocks before the end of quilt cam today.


  9. Hi, Bonnie! So fun to see you today, since it's been a while. Hand quilting on my DD and SIL's gift king-sized quilt today, again, still, forever... Yesterday I finally had time and everything set up to play on my "new" LAQ I learned about at dinner with you and classmates in Prescott last month. So fun, but still tweaking stuff, trying to get tension right, etc. Have been learning a lot.

  10. Hi Bonnie,

    watching from France, Europe.
    I love the sound of your machine. It's as if she's purring!

  11. What is your opinion of the wizard sewing machine? Do you have one?Paula in KY

  12. Hi Bonnie wish I could see you trying to connect via iPhone way out in Benicia calif
    You'd think from California all would be "computer" possible

  13. Hi, Bonnie:
    I have two "Sister's Choice" quilts in progress also - one for my sister & one for me. I'm using my late mother's stash, so they will be special quilts. It's fun using my mom's eclectic stash!

  14. So... just wondering if you find your brain having to take a 'mental adjustment' moment when you switch from machine to machine. Going from the Bernina to the Featherweight... my eyes/brain feel like something is missing.

    So glad to spend time with you today working on my cheddar bowties.

    Love ya girlfriend!

  15. Bonnie what are your Oscar predictions for tonight? I know you and your husband do movie nights when time permits. I've seen Beast of the Southern Wild, Les Miz and just last night, Zero Dark Thirty. Loved each one for different reasons. Zero was very intense, litterly had you sitting on edge of your seat.

  16. Listening to you today, I just had a brilliant idea.... I need to make quilts for my twin granddaughters and haven't decided what pattern yet. Why not your Sister's Choice pattern?? thanks for being you.

  17. Whew! Chris here from San Diego,
    I finally got Quiltcam to work on my cell phone. Not sure what the issue is, I NEVER have trouble getting quiltcam to work. Ustream wouldn't work on my laptop or my iPad. It keeps giving me the message "Content is not currently online" Yet, here you are. SIGH.
    I'm working on a BIG string quilt. My string drawer wouldn't close so I put them to work.

  18. Hiya Bonnie!

    Just tuning in after my nap. It's a marshmallow world up here in New Hampshire where we have a fresh coating of 8 inches of snow. I just finished my second of a pair of Sister's Choice twin sized quilts and they are so handsome! I used nine patches from a Civil War swap but mixed in non- Civil War fabrics for the neutral background because I had them and didn't want to spend more money on shirtings. You're encouragement to "throw it all in there" made me brave. Thank you so much for your wonderful free instructions!

  19. Welcome back! I missed you and couldn't wait to sew with you today. I'm finishing my 3rd "memory quilt" for 3 nieces that lost their dad. I used his kakki (?) pants, dress shirts and t-shirts. Enjoy your time home.

  20. Hi, Bonnie! Stitching along with you today in Rhode Island. The Ninigret quilters will be doing a 9-patch swap this Spring. I'm going to suggest Sister's Choice as a setting option for the swap blocks.

  21. Thanks for the motivation to get in the quilting studio and get going today! In keeping with your advice on having a strips, crumbs and hand pieced project going I am cutting up more hexies for the hand pieced project. Rainbow Talkin' Turkey is my string project, and hmmm going to have to figure out my very first crumb project! Any suggestions?

  22. I second the vote for Roxanne betweens for hand quilting. I have every single brand, all recommended somewhere by someone, but they all bend or break within a very short time of use. I am using a Roxanne between 11 right now that has lasted me through half the binding on this king sized quilt and still sharp and straight. Roxanne is all I will buy now for hand quilting.

  23. Hi, I am machine quilting today. I hope to have this finished by Tuesday, or somewhere close to Tuesday.

  24. Hey Bonnie - Really enjoying quilting with you today. I am working on hand-stitching the binding on my Jacob's Ladder quilt. I have not been able watch you very regularly because our internet usage was always at the maximum. We have just upgraded to unlimited usage and I am a happy girl!

  25. So nice to hear I can throw some of my white neutrals in there. I was cutting my strips for the Midnight Flight class in Portland. Still deciding on the Red or Cheddar colors. I don't have much cheddar. Still hoping to bring my EASY STREET flimsy with me. My Quilt Buddy has a Sister's choice quilt that she needs to quilt. I love the idea of making one for a Sister.

  26. Thanks for showing how to do the Sisters Choice 9 patch. I just love quilt cam, learning so much from you!! Thanks again...

  27. Enjoying video cam with you today. Comes in on my tablet or phone.
    New to all this and just discovered this.
    Love all your patterns


  28. after watching you today I'm digging in to my stash for more 2.5 strips to make sister's choice . I've been going to do this one for a while now so quilt cam time with you sounds perfect . thanks so much .Beth

  29. Hi Bonnie. Quiltcam was a blast today, thank you so much for your time. I know that you have been to Germany as a teacher. I am going to see my daughter who lives in Berlin. I've been unable to find quilt shops or other quilters to meet while I'm there. Do you have a connection you can share with me. I will be there at the end of March and early April.

  30. How do I know when you're going to be doing a Quilt Cam?

    Do I have to have a webcam for it to work too? Do people sew along with you while they've watching?

  31. Anonymous8:55 AM EST

    I bid on a 301 at an auction and got it for 29.99 just needs cleaning pretty good for featherweights big sister huh????.maybe I will be better at free motion now . need lots of practice !!!!Thanks for sharing your pretty machine with us Love you Bonnie!!!! Debbie Kelly http://somewhereinstitches.blogspot.com


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