Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine’s Day, 2013!

This year is flying by already, isn't it?

I’m on my way out the door ---but wanted to leave my Valentine’s wish for all of you!

If I could, I’d sign a ton of “school sized” valentines and slip them into each of your desks with candy conversation hearts from me!

And since I can’t do that – how about a cute little tilted paper pieced heart?  Click HERE to print the foundation pattern.

Of course, if I was on the ball, I would have sent something like this weeks ago so you would have had a chance to have something MADE for Valentine’s day ;c)

The car is packed – I’m heading out the door.  Next stop, Perry GA!


Have a super sweet day, everyone!


  1. Thanks for the pattern. I have to smile when you talked about giving us each a valentine at our desk.It sure takes me back quite a few years. Happy Valentines Day.

  2. Anonymous8:50 AM EST

    Happy St Valentine's Day to you also!

    Drive safe, stop at antique malls at least every 50 miles or so lol, and watch out for vintage sewing machines looking for a home --- your home that is. They will hitch a car ride with you :)


  3. I just love your comic that is really a great hoot!! Sweet Ambrosia gives the best idea on travelling.

  4. Safe travels to the sweetest quilting "personality" ever! thanks for all you do for everyone. Take care of yourself!

  5. Fun little heart pattern, Bonnie. Should make a real sweet Valentine! Thanks so much!

  6. Happy Valentine's Day & safe travels. <3

  7. Great comic! I would love a heart full of threads :)

  8. Thank you. Hope yours is special too


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