Monday, February 25, 2013

Evening Edition: Free Kindle Book!

I bet you thought I stopped reading!

I haven’t.  But I have a kindle full of stuff, and I stopped myself from going looking when I had so much I was already trying to read.

My reading time is pretty much limited to about 30 minutes before I fall asleep, or that time on the plane or in the airport when I can’t be stitching.

I do listen to audio books a lot --- And I like to do that when I’m driving in the car, especially long distances, but even short ones keep me in touch with the story I’m listening to.

I spent all day today buried in book orders, working on getting my online calendar back up to date, and doing some much needed inbox reorganization, filing and email answering.  It took ALL DAY!

I wanted to load a quilt on the long arm this evening, but the backing needed to be prewashed as it is quite the saturated color – so while that churns and sloshes in the washing machine – here I am!

How about this one?

Death's Imperfect Witness (Main/UK), by Pam Leonard, is free in the Kindle store, courtesy of publisher North Star Press.
Book Description:

In this Midwest Book Award Finalist, Zoe Lawrence, a physician and former cop, finds herself drawn into the hunt for a serial killer.

It's a journey that forces Zoe to navigate her uniquely porous boundaries separating right from wrong and into a reckless relationship with a man who should have been off-limits.

In the process, her own violent past looms. And while it causes her to question her own goodness, it also comes with a keen understanding of the killer's mind -- and an irresistible pull. Ultimately, Zoe's troubled past and present collide against a backdrop of sleep deprivation, hospital liaisons, and murder.
It sounds like the kind of book I can throw myself into ---and I downloaded it so it’s ready for my trip to Houston on Sunday!

Be sure to check before clicking that it is still free for you ---it was just a few minutes ago for me.

Time to throw that backing in the dryer ---and curl up and read while it tumbles!

And while I’m thinking of it – I’m planning Quilt Cam for tomorrow night (Tues, Feb 26) at 9pm Eastern!  Write yourself a reminder and come join me!

Have a good night, everyone!


  1. Thanks so much Bonnie. I've downloaded it on my iPad and while the Stars hockey game is on I'm going to recline and read. Thanks so much! Allison in Plano

  2. Bonnie, You better load up that Kindle with free books. I just read a blog that mentions that later this week Amazon is changing the way they compensate so free book bloggers may be going away.

  3. Thanks, Bonnie. Just downloaded to my tablet


  4. I've been using BookBub as a source for free/inexpensive books. Also using Audible.com for books for my iPod to make cardiac rehab pass, and look forward to it as I have a book in progress.


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