Sunday, February 17, 2013

Four Patches, Triangles and Blue Ridge Beauty!

And they weren’t all blue! ((But this machine was!))

This is why I prefer NOT to quilt or teach from kits.  I absolutely love seeing what other people bring to sew into their projects.  What good is it to have a room full of 24 ladies make 24 identical projects?

It certainly doesn’t make for an interesting quilt show when all 24 cookie cutter quilts are there on display ---but it makes a GREAT display when you can have a rainbow of quilts in different layouts all shown in a wide variety of fabrics.


Watching other people and what they are sewing with color-wise or lay-out wise gives our brains a chance to see things in different light, and encourages us to try new things and take brave chances with our NEXT quilt!

This is Kathy’s “Fleetwood” machine, 1950’s to early 1960s, made in Japan!  This machine base was also quite ratty, and was dressed up by the fun addition of decorative DUCT TAPE!  We also filmed a little demo of Kathy and her Decoupage project and I’ll be showing that in a future post.  FUN!

I know the units for this class aren’t hard.  BASIC!  But we go through a lot of things in class starting with everything from setting that perfect 1/4” seam allowance, getting those strip sets and units the size they need to be and why it is always important to do a test strip set first before you just go willy nilly into piecing only to find out that things are too small.  We went over the differences between rulers and how even ruler placement can give you a strip that is already a few threads too narrow, so no matter how perfect your 1/4” seam is – your strip set won’t reach the height it needs to be.

I love the knowledge, experience and comments that others bring to the table.  I love watching the more experienced guild ladies take the newer quilters under their protective wings encouraging them along, making their first baby steps in quilting positive ones.

I love the sense of community, and deep caring that goes on between friends who have known each other for years ----Quilting is not just “That Thing We Do”.  It is who we are.  It’s a caring, giving thing.  It's our life style choice!

We also went over simple little things like pressing:

Georgia_Feb2013 569

IF all the four patches are sewn the same way --- the seams will spin around all in the same direction, and nest where four patch meets four patch in this quilt.

Likewise, if all of the blocks are sewn in the same manner, and all the seams on the back of the block are spun in the same direction, as these blocks are turned in the quilt, no matter which way they turn they will nest with each other.

Does it matter which way the seams on your blocks spin? NO.  As long as the 4 patches all spin the same way, those will nest.  As long as your blocks are all assembled the same way so that the block seams will all nest, you will be golden!  Just be consistent in your work so that your blocks all spin the same way as each other. 

notice the 4 patches spin clock wise, and the block counter clock wise – this will still work as long as all the blocks are the same.

It’s a beautiful thing!

Georgia_Feb2013 570

Block from the front!

We even had a pinning demo so that we can match those points and meet them where the triangles join in the block center.  Basic things, but oh what a difference they make in how the quilt comes together!

Here our photos from yesterday’s Blue Ridge Beauty class.  Blue Ridge Beauty pattern is found in Adventures with Leaders and Enders and can be ordered HERE.

This morning is my “day off!”

I’m moving locations to the other side of Atlanta today -----I’m hoping for some antique browsing experiences!  I need to do a google search and see what comes up in the area….

Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone!


  1. It was great having you visit our guild and share with us some of your quilt knowledge! We all had a wonderful time. I can't wait to see some of the finished projects! Safe travels Bonnie.

  2. Thanks for sharing such wonderful knowledge! This was my first scrap quilt of yours that I made and I gave it to my mother! Loved it!

    Enjoy your day in Atlanta. I am sure you will find many treasures. I lived there in the mid-80's!! :)

    1. Bonnie, am I doing something wrong to access the slideshow? I viewed some a few days ago and didn't have any trouble, but I get a message saying that I don't have permission to view these, or this might not exist anymore!

    2. Guess I will just wait and try again another time and give the sky drive time to get itself settled down! It does this every so often and then, the next day or several hour later, works fine. Hate having to be patience! :)

    3. Yep, Sky Drive is not working properly. I'm not one for waiting either.

  3. Bonnie I just love this pattern - I've recently finished a version in neutrals and plaids for my daughter's friend on her 21st - I put a plain neutral border around it and hand appliqued plaid flower vines in it - you can find it here http://www.quiltingbebbs.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/farewell-2012-heres-to-2013.html - thanks for all your amazing patterns you are a real inspiration xxx

  4. Wonderful! Looks like. A great time was had by all by the smiling faces. I recently finished this top and have the back made . Of course my favorite color is blue so that is the color of mine but aren't all the variations fab! Maybe ther is another one of these in my future. Have a great time on your adventure and hoping you find some great things to share on the blog.

  5. Oops, me too. I usually view your class slideshows without difficulty, but today it won't let me do anything unless I create a microsoft account which I do not want to do. Has something changed?

  6. I am not able to access the class slideshow either...even when I log on to Skydrive...

  7. I love your scrappy quilts. I strive to make them scrappy too. With that said, I do from time to time buy kits. But danged if I can't leave them alone. There is always something in my stash that I'd rather use in place of that little piece that's in the kit. So the swap is made, the quilt is more "me" but my stash has not gone down. And I always seem to want the fabric in different places than suggested.

  8. Looks like Bonnie may have found a way to fix that damaged case bottom from several weeks ago-duct tape! Never thought of getting the pretty stuff and using it! Kathy is such a great source of ideas! Thanks, gals! :)

  9. It's been awhile since I viewed a slide show here and now I notice that you have to have a Microsoft account to view? Is there any way around that? :-)

  10. Oh dear... I see someone else already has addressed this. I should have read back.

  11. I was so excited when 'Easy Street' started that I encouraged my Project Linus group to make the components ready to put together for Linus. They all did really well, but once the first block was assembled, one lady (a newish quilter with no self confidence) said, 'Oh, that's too difficult for me. I'd never be able to make that!' To which there was a chorus of, 'But you just have!!' As we say here in the UK, there's nowt so queer as folk!

  12. It's so neat to hear another teacher's thoughts and how a simple pattern leaves room for basic quilting techniques! So important! So many quilters know how so sew but don't know why their quilts are "off" In fact, I came to find out how to get some of your seam guides for my students. Will be going over to your website to find thm and see when you will be home to ship them! Thanks!

  13. Another beautiful sewing machine

  14. Always so much fun to see your class pics, to see everyone's work coming along, their quilts coming together. Even the ones that aren't my color choices, I find inspiring and beautiful. I can't wait for my turn for a class with you. Come on April, hurry up and get here! (and not just because it is very cold and blustery here either)


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