Monday, February 18, 2013

Doing The Decoupage Dance!

Remember Kathy’s Fabulous Case Redo from a couple weeks ago?

That was a travel trip for her to come spend class day with me in Greensboro, GA.

The past few days I have been in HER stomping grounds in Perry, GA ---and she brought goodies to show us how to do our own decoupage, re-do!

The Modge Podge Hodge Podge!

This is a stinky old really crummy featherweight case, that is still sturdy, but just needs an up-lift!

I’ve got a few cases and bases myself that I am really anxious to try this on, in fact – Yesterday on my way up to Dallas GA from Perry, I bought my FIRST EVER pack of scrap booking paper to combine with some of the papers that Kathy gifted to me after her demo.

Has a new addiction been born??

Georgia_Feb2013 499

Look at the cuteness coming together under the lid!  The hexie paper is actually quilters wrapping paper.  She saves labels, cards, ANYTHING that has a sewing theme on it.  We also thought that vintage sewing pattern envelopes would be a GREAT addition…..

Georgia_Feb2013 573 - Copy

Top of the newly decoupaged case with a cute name tag attached to the hgandle.

Georgia_Feb2013 574

Side panel --- fashion ladies!

Georgia_Feb2013 575 - Copy

Back side….several of the “sewing items” are actually stamped onto the paper before decoupaging on --- Stamps with sewing notions on them?  I see a whole new realm of collecting happening in my near future too!  I absolutely LOVE the stamp of the vintage machine!

Georgia_Feb2013 504

Front panel ---those aren’t real buttons, they are on the paper…cute cute!

And of course, MOD Podge ---one jar has done 2 cases according to Kathy.

I tried TWICE to get a video of the process with Kathy in action – the first time my camera said I didn’t have enough memory and gave us only 6 seconds.  The second day --- I ran out of power part way through! LOL!  But we have enough of a video I think you can get the jist of it.

There’s almost 6 minutes of messy brushing and chatter – and the video runs out when my battery dies ----this is just how my life goes!

Where the video runs out we are talking about how she is going to finish her case.  After the last coat of Mod Podge is brushed on and has dried completely --she will sand it lightly with a fine grit sand paper to get rid of any brush ridges, and completely protect it with a coat of a brush on clear coat of some sort.  Mod Podge isn't completely water proof, so it is good to put another protestant layer on it.

Thank you Kathy, for BOTH demos – I love your creativity and was so happy to spend another couple of days with you --- hope to see you again soon!


  1. You can use fabric for this, too. The Mod Podge works well with it.

  2. Lovely and a really great idea!

  3. Wow again, Kathy! I know you are both having a great time!

  4. Anonymous9:14 AM EST

    a protestant layer?
    Good thing I wasn't drinking coffee as I read :)

    1. Ditto! Had my cup in my hand and had to set it down!!! Perhaps she meant "protected" layer! LOL!!! :)

    2. Maybe she means pages from old hymnbooks?

  5. Once you buy your first sheets you cannot go back...it is like potato chips....sorry!!!! Welcome to the club :). Now you will find a million uses for it!

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  7. I used a flowered duct tape on my stinky featherweight case.

  8. I was going to ask if you couldn't use fabric and Dorothy answered that on the first comment. I think I would go with fabric scraps.

  9. I have made paper by copying notions on my computer. Buttons, labels, knitting needles, knitting, almost anything. Gives you an idea of what it will look like and it is easy to change!

  10. I was thinking "new addiction" before you said it! I have an ugly base that totally needs this done to it. Thanks for sharing the process!

  11. My Dad made me a case out of Oak wood. http://cathytomm.blogspot.ca/2013/02/finish-up-friday-machine-case.html
    I made a post on Friday because it was done and ready to use. It fits my machine but my mothers is just a little different and it does not fit inside.
    PS My last name was Manuel and I also have my Great Grandmother Manuel's hand crack.

  12. That Kathy is one creative lady!~ She is like Bonnie... never sleeps. Thanks for taking this video.

  13. I really want to do this to my case but the top is broken. I have to get it repaired first.

  14. The shirt labels from all those "deboned shirts" would be great!

  15. The shirt labels from all those "deboned shirts" would be great!

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  17. Bonnie
    I have just received my Singer Featherweight ...I am so excited it is a 222K and everything is there and the manual only has its front page missing ...all the feet are there ...I am so lucky can't wait to sew with her...now to think of a name
    Best wishes from Blueys Beach Australia

  18. My 301 case is rather fragrant and not in a good way. Right now it's closed up with some of those smell absorbing beads hopefully working their magic. Covering it with fabric sounds fun.


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