Sunday, February 03, 2013

Rainy Day Scrappy Mountains!

What started out as a bright and brisk 27 degree morning turned into a grey and dreary afternoon with drenching rain that fell just as we were packing it up and loading it out --- of course!

The last time I visited with the Chatahoochie Evening Stars was about 5 years ago – I had just relocated to North Carolina, and I had so much fun with these ladies that when I was asked to come back I whole heartedly said yes!

Boy has a lot happened in the past 5 years!  Still – it is fun to see familiar faces, and catch up with everyone, and meet some newbies that weren’t here last time.

As I mentioned, Brenda is visiting from Oregon --- today was her wedding anniversary and I received an email from her hubby months ago saying he wanted to surprise her with a trip and a weekend full of classes.  What a first rate guy!!  Isn’t that the coolest thing?

Barb drove all the way from Mississippi --- she found out about it from another class member, Renee who is a guild member, and the two of them had become internet friends, and this was the first time they got to meet in person!

Debbie was also a traveling visitor ---I can’t remember off the top of my head where she is from, but she traveled from a few hours away to come join us as well.

Anna and Emelia ((Shown smiling above!)) traveled from about 3 + hours away, being from the Oak Ridge, TN area.

If we build it, they will ccome!

The fun thing is ---- now everyone who was a stranger is friends with everyone else --- and the circle increases!

Here is how we spent our day:

And to think ---we have another day of crazy sewing in front of us!  Whooot!


Jennifer Mitchell said...

Emilia looks so happy! I would have been too. What does her shirt say?

Judy said...

I wish my husband was the gentlemen who would come and sew with me. He prefers to be on the lake ice fishing. LOL! I love all the different fabric choices which makes each quilt top so unique. Looks like a lot of fun for all! :) I wish a safe trip home for you and the many ladies who traveled to have some sewing fun. Kuddos to the hubby who gave his wife your workshop as a anniversary gift. What a neat idea!

Michelle said...

How fun....and how nice that Brenda's husband did this. I too am in Oregon. what part is Brenda from?

Kathi Kraftyzales said...

Awesome! I can hardly wait ubtil November Bonnie visits the Rio Grande Valley Quilt Guild!!

Tammy said...

Brenda is one lucky gal! I'd love to view your slideshow, but since you've gone to Skydrive I'm having trouble. It doesn't like my browsers and it wants me to create a hotmail account. Is Skydrive for PCs? I have a Mac.

Maureen said...

I have a Mac and don't have trouble with Skydrive. I'm on Firefox, so I haven't tried it on any others. Good luck with finding the magic formula!

nankc said...

I'm on Google Chrome and I don't have any problem.

nankc said...

Her shirt says "Mess with my fabric--I will rip your seams out".

Karen in Kentucky said...

Love seeing everyone's fabric choices. Just tickles me to death to see a guy in your classes! Love it when the men find they love quilting too!

Brenda said...

I am from Tillamook.

JaneB said...

I really love the navy blue prints with the cream background. What a great selection of scrappy blocks.

scrappy; said...


I keep thinking about this pattern: Scrappy Mountain Majesties. Do you sell this pattern? I have two of your "shirttails" books, but it isn't in there. I love the slide show from your quilting lesson. How fun. Guess I will have to try to get to see you at Sisters, Or.