Saturday, February 02, 2013

iPhone-o-Gram! Live from Alpharetta!

Quilters are busy busy busy today in sunshiny but chilly Alpharetta, Georgia!

We have one gal with us who flew all the way from Oregon as an anniversary present from her happy to attend today's workshop!

We have had ladies travel from as far as Mississippi and Tennessee to come join the fun!

Blocks are starting together as we cut our oversized half-square triangles into strips, rearrange and sew them back together!

Happy quilting from all of us to all of you!


Kevin the Quilter said...

How nice to see a guy in one of your classes! Cool!

LindaBee said...

Bonnie...I'd love it if when you posted pictures of your workshops, you give the name of the quilt pattern and if it comes from one of your books to add that info also.

Beth said...

I use to live in Alpharetta, Ga....I would have been there today if I was closer. Have a great time and safe travels home Bonnie

AddieNCE said...

I think Bonnie wrote the name of the pattern in one of her previous posts.
It's Scrappy Mountain Majesties, a free pattern for Bonnie's blogreaders: http://quiltville.blogspot.de/2005/06/scrappy-mountain-majesties.html

Sue Monsey said...

What a great hubby! I just told my daughter that I can't imagine mine doing something like that - even knowing it would be something I would want to do - not because he isn't GREAT but because I don't think I have ever said anything to him like that - he did buy me my Gammill at a quilter's yard sale in 2010 so I can't complain ... lol

The quilt is beautiful and maybe someday I may be able to come to one of your classes in Oregon. The one that is up and coming this spring sold out so fast ... argh!

Shirley said...

Thanks LindaBee, I was also wanting to know the pattern/instructions. Will check it out :).

Maree in NC ☺ said...

Yeah ~ so glad Brenda could join y'all! ☺

Kelly said...

Check Bonnie's calendar. The name of each workshop is listed; look for instructions for that workshop. Some have a book required -that's where you'll find the pattern.