Wednesday, February 06, 2013

iPhone-o-Gram! Table for Three!

Class wound to a finish with the Lake Oconee girls at 4pm.

I loaded the remains of the day into Shamu, and drove off into the 70 degree late afternoon sunshine making my way east on I-20 towards Augusta.

I had a date with three vintage ladies for dinner!!

Siobhan has collected various machines over the years, even bringing some back from England. It is time to get them sewing.

"Helen" is a 1910 Singer 66 treadle head with red eye decals---she needs a cabinet, but we spent time cleaning and oiling and getting her sticky innards loosened up and moving freely. Where she was clunky and stiff before, she is completely free moving and utterly quiet!

Can't wait to find her a treadle cabinet, get a belt and a bobbin cover and really get her going.

The hand crank just needed cleaning and oiling and was ready to roll. Her name is Maggie, and she dates to 1921, a lovely little 99k.

The photo below is of Sio's first stitches on her--so exciting!

The little electric 99 came over from England and was not plugged in for that reason. We are looking into swapping out the UK motor for a US voltage one, an easy one-bolt swap and much safer than a transformer which has a tendency to get hot.

Fun evening with machines, quilts, and a good friend!!


  1. I get such a thrill out of saving the old Dears. They just sew so well and I can take care of them. Not like my computer machine and it will die long before the old ones. Its just too fun. Thanks for sharing. lovely machines.

  2. I have to get my treadle out. I got it from my parents as a gift when I completed my graduate degree back in 1997 but with work and three kids and a husband it got placed in my sewing room and has been used as a piece of furniture. These blogs are getting me excited to find out what it can do. Thanks

  3. Okay, one of your "old" friends is a crank, one has to be kicked to get her started and the third is currently unsafe at any speed! Sounds like my collection of old friends! Enjoy your visit and I am sure her machines are appreciating you!

  4. I am a sucker for a good decal. Glad you had fun! Lane

  5. Bonnie, I love hearing about your adventures wih "old" friend! Have you done a tutorial on cleaning up the old mechanisms? I have 1898 treadle with lots of rusty-looking spots and grit. I know the answer is oil, but also maybe some sanding or something? I'm afraid to start.


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