Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Happy Scrappy Trips on Lake Oconee!

How wonderful the bond between mother and daughters who quilt together!

This is Terry and her mom who came together for the day –and it was so fun to see them working on their projects together.

I just love this photo --- please note the reflection in the mirror behind, with Terry’s profile and her hand resting gently on her mother’s shoulder.

Quilting is about RELATIONSHIPS!

This has also been the week of traveling quilters--

Remember last weekend when Brenda was gifted the trip all the way from Oregon to come to my classes in  Alpharetta?

Today I met Roberta who came all the way from New York to spend time with her friend Becky who is a guild member ----so they both could come play in this week’s classes!

Scrappy Trips ((Found in the Free Patterns Tab above)) needs no explaination or introduction.  It’s been one of my most popular long standing classes since I started teaching for groups, guilds and shops.

The piecing is simple, the concept is fun --- everything goes, and it always works EVERY TIME!

This was a half day class yesterday – and these ladies got a ton done in the 3 hours we were stitching!

Take a peek!

Today we’ve got a full day Smith Mountain Morning class going ---and after class is over I’m tossing everything back into Shamu and headed out to Augusta where I’ll drop in on Siobhan, stay the night and head home through Columbia SC tomorrow morning – I’m hoping to catch a glimpse of my son Jason on my way through – I’ll stop by his work to see if he has a moment to spare to hug on his mom a bit before heading back out on the road again….

This first trip of two through Georgia is winding down and I get to head home for a week before heading back to Perry for Valentine’s day!


  1. love this pattern, it is next after easy street ! what a great time together :)


  2. My Mom and I shared our love of quilting, and it just made it more fun being able to do it together. When she passed away, it was very difficult for me to quilt. I went to one guild meeting, left early, and cried all the way home. That is when I decided that I needed to take a break from quilting, and so I started knitting again. The knitting helped me over the bumpy road, and eventually I got back into quilting. The bond between a mother and daughter is very special, and should be treasured.

  3. Hi Bonnie, I am glad to see you finally found the other sample quilt. I am sorry I just went and left you with that. My ride was ready to leave and we had another appointment to get to. I enjoyed your talk though, and it was so much fun to see quilts I had previously only seen on the internet, in person. Safe and happy traveling for the rest of our trip and, see you at the next quilt cam!

  4. How wonderful to enjoy ladies who share your love of scrappy quilts. I have loved seeing each fabric square being alike, but so different and I have enjoyed the pictures you have posted with each of the ladies.

  5. Mom and I get together and work on quilts once a month--and sometimes my busy sisters join us. : )
    I can't believe how much some of the ladies accomplished in a three hour class!

  6. I tried this pattern quite a few years ago and could not get it to work. Now that I understand the whole "scrappy" concept I think I'm going to get it out and try it again.
    I love the tenderness reflected in your photo!

  7. I love this quilt! But, I especially love that mother/daughter thing picture. Wish I could convince my daughter to join me in quilting! She says I'll have to hook one of the three granddaughters.

  8. I really want to make one of these ... I borrowed a 2.5" strip cutter for my AccuQuilt from a friend and have been turning my striped and plaid shirts into strips ... the purpose is to make one of these with them. I can hardly wait to get to it but there are several other quilts that need to be finished first ... I have way too many UFO's in my life right now.

    By the way, the quilt blocks in the slide show are absolutely beautiful!

  9. I love the monochromatic red one! What a great idea using all one color on it!

  10. "Scrappy trips" and stained glass windows, both beautiful!

  11. What a lovely photo of mother and daughter. My mum, my sister and I all quilt. I have to leave the four of your books of the arm of the sofa for when my mum comes to sit with the boys whilst I am at work. She has just returned leaders and enders to start cutting her scraps into useable pieces. She is amazed at how many useful pieces you can get out of the trimmings of a border or scraps. I will make her a scrap quilter lol x

  12. I hope all these ladies share their completed trip quilts with us - I've got one going too - along with a scrappy spiderweb... ! FUN!!!

  13. I saw the hand but saw the cross first.


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