Saturday, February 02, 2013

Byway to Braselton!

While the stops I made on my way to Atlanta were fun wanders, I didn’t pick up much along the way.

I saw “average” treadle machines with prices way too high.

I saw “ordinary” old Singers with bad wiring and missing parts for much higher than I needed to pay, besides they were models that I already have.

Could it be that I am slowing down?

I am doing my best to practice the “Catch & Release” method of antiquing!  ((Sometimes I can do it, sometimes I can’t!))

This little town was a new one on my radar --- mostly because there is a huge billboard on I-85 about 5 miles ahead of the exit telling passers-by that there are 4 Antique places in Braselton, Georgia --- next exit, turn left!

And this building is the first one I saw --- ooooh perfect!

This is a larger building than it looks.  It is two stories and goes back and back and back and back – you can spend a good amount of time in here!

The only machine worth mentioning was a hand-crank:

Georgia_Feb2013 091

I’m not even sure what it is --- the name is all worn off the front.  It’s not a toy, but it’s not full sized by any means either.

Do you noticed the position of the bobbin slide plates?  This is a “transverse” shuttle.  And yes --- despite the fact that this machine is worn clear down to the cast iron beneath the finish ---the shuttle is still there!

Georgia_Feb2013 087

Tiny little slide plates!  On the Transverse shuttle….the bobbin rides from right to left and back to right again in a straight line, where as a “vibrating” shuttle swings in an arc.

This poor machine has almost not finish left at all, you can tell that by what decals are barely left.  Rusty as all get out, and they wanted quite a bit of money for it.  These ones are easy for me to Catch & Release!

The wood base is even in very rough terrible shape.

Georgia_Feb2013 089

Can you make out a brand name on this? I can’t!

Georgia_Feb2013 090
I love the little “sewing machine” emblem at the base of the pillar ----and the floral spray above it is still in pretty good condition too.  But everything else?  Too rough.  Even if you could get this up and working, cosmetically it’s just not going to be in very good condition ever.  But still.  I wish I could know more.   What if I passed up on something REALLY rare?

I did spy one other thing that caught my attention though:

Georgia_Feb2013 092

I spotted this folded over a chair ---and recognizing the fabrics from the late 1800s through the 1920s --- I had to open it up and check it out further:

Georgia_Feb2013 093

Oh this is a fun one!  There are some early chrome yellows that have faded to soft butter in color.  The burgundy resists are a dead give-away to me of a particular period in time, around the turning of the 20th century.  The turkey reds with yellow details are fabulous too ---dang I wish I had gotten better close ups of the fabrics and the shirtings in the light areas are also wonderful!

This quilt was only $65.00 --- and yes.  This one IS in the van.  I’ll see if I can get better inspection photos of it tomorrow for you ----I love the half square triangles in the center of the blocks!

We are gathering up our gear and on our way to spend a day making Scrappy Mountain Majesties blocks…….Whatever you get up to today, I hope you have some time set aside of needle and thread!


  1. Lovely Log Cabin ....think you were right to pass on the machine

  2. Anonymous8:51 AM EST

    Did I ever show you my FOUR hand crank machines? They are wrapped up for the move now but I can tell you in way better condition. Enjoy your travels and new friends along the way.

  3. Ooo! Love that quilt! Hope you make one and share the pattern with us...

  4. Ooo! Love that quilt! Hope you make one and share the pattern with us...

  5. Anonymous1:51 PM EST

    It is ok to leave machines that don't speak to you..... just make you appreciate and act on machines when they talk to you. Fact is, most collecting is hunt hunt hunt hunt hunt and then at times it is buy buy buy..... go with the flow and appreciate that your "button" has catch and release..... some of us do not learn that soon enough and have closets of stuff that is marginal....

  6. The quilt is beautiful. I wonder if that crown and triangle have something to do with the brand. It was obviously well loved by someone.

  7. love the half square triangle to start with

  8. I love that quilt!!
    Saw this on Goodwill today...Look familiar?! : )

  9. Bonnie,
    The sewing machine emblem on that machine is indicative of a Vesta machine. I have a very sad Vesta hand-crank with the same emblem.
    Kitty Longo

  10. Very tough to leave the machine behind, but Happy to take the quilt with you! I see Log Cabin Challenge in our Future...LOL. I saw another brand of machine with a LION on it at our Antique Mall. There was a Treadle too, it had the Vibrating Shuttle too. I took it out to see if the bobbin was there and couldn't put it back in. OPPS! Don't think I'll be buying on with a shuttle bobbin anytime soon. I e-mailed Cindy Peters and she was quick to reply about converting my Knee controlled Bentwood "Tombstone" machine to a Hand Crank. DH even says to Do IT! Thanks for sharing her info on QuiltCam.


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