Sunday, February 03, 2013

iPhone-o-Gram! Strips & Spider Webs!

Having a ball digging in the scraps for String Spider Webs class!

Spirits are high and the chatter and laughter is infecting!

We have several ladies who have never string pieced before and they are gung ho about this new found freedom in scrappy piecing.

What a fun way to sew away on Super Bowl Sunday---


  1. Oh what fun! Great way to spend SUper Bowl Sunday! Have a great time!

  2. I am in the final stages of connecting the blocks of my Bonnie Hunter inspired string spiderwebs. a fun quilt to do when trying to use up the scrap heap

  3. What fun! Someday, somewhere we are going to cross paths and I'm going to take a class with you. We hope you come to northern Calif. sometime. Sonoma county maybe? We are making your Braid pattern in our mini group as donation quilts. I'll try to send pictures. There are 7 of us cutting and sewing. Thank you Bonnie for all your free patterns, and your most kind and generous personality. Hugs.

  4. "I am a stripper." Love that!

  5. LOL "I am a stripper".

    God help me if my mom ever catches me wearing a sign like that. The jokes will be endlessssssss.

    looks like fun though! I'm re-piecing part of a top today...mixed up two rows. whoops!

  6. Love the "I am a stripper"!!! There is just something about the sense of humour of women

  7. So funny that sign, ROTFLOL !
    Looks good fun. I have been sorting scraps and have a nice baggy of strings, might have to start a new project now scrappy trips is done!

  8. I know you had a great time ! I was catching up on Downton Abby since football is not my thing.


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