Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Noon Time Funny!

This little giggle was sent on to me by Brook!

She says:

We talked about Decoupaging the lid to our sewing machines but I found this today and I am torn between wanting to do this to my mini van and the fact that there so much great fabric that can be used for more quilts and other craft projects.  What do you think?

I was laughing so hard I couldn’t sew straight!

The History of Mod Podge:

The inventor of Mod Podge®, Jan Wetstone, first developed Mod Podge® in the 1960s in her garage. The name of this now-famous mixture came from the term "Modern Decoupage." She tested it on all kinds of surfaces; she even decoupaged a Volkswagen Beetle using bed sheets! At the time, Ms. Wetstone owned an interior design shop in Atlanta. Decoupage was all the rage, but extremely time consuming. It was a tedious task to brush on layer upon layer of varnish, sanding between each coat. Ms. Wetstone "did some experimenting" in the back room of her shop and Mod Podge was born.

After sharing some of her Mod Podge- coated prints in her shop, her customers demanded that she share her decoupage secret--and the rest is history. She began offering Mod Podge kits in her shop and they were a huge success. The product was such a hit that a major Atlanta department store purchased exclusive rights to her kits.

bug car

In 1967, Mod Podge received recognition as one of four best items in the Housewares Show in Chicago, at the time, the largest show of its kind. Eventually Mod Podge was sold to Enterprise Paints and then went through a variety of owners. In 1979, Mod Podge found a permanent home with Plaid Enterprises.

Now you know more about Mod Podge than you ever wanted to know!

Best Buy called – the desktop puter is ready to go pick up.  That, and a run to go pick up the package at the right post office, and mail off book orders are on the agenda, and I’m still hoping for Quilt Cam time at 9pm tonight!

Oh yes – fabric for a border is in the wash --- I hope to get that done too!

Can I buy  more hours for this day?


  1. Hi Bonny,
    makes a Good Old German Car even nicer! *g*
    I am just missing a little bit quilting with it *lol*
    Have a nice day,
    HUgs from Doris from Good Old Germany :o))

  2. What a great idea!

    OMG...car + Go! hexi die + Mod Podge = incredibly large, rolling Grandmother's Flower Garden! Someone find my husband and warn him before I start cutting!!!

  3. Lol, that takes flower power to a whole new level. My HS friend had a lime-green VW - that was wayyyyy back in the day. I'd definitely keep my fabric for quilting ;)

  4. My seam guides arrived today- they are fabulous!

  5. If you can buy more hours for the day I want to know where you shop!!! Cause I am SO going to buy up as much as I can possibly afford!!!

  6. I loved seeing this car! What a creative antidote to an ugly paint job! Seriously, I have been thinking abut doing this to my old kitchen cabinet doors with pieces of tissue paper in bright colors. I have seen some of my friends do some beautiful things on beat up pieces of wood furniture with bright tissue paper. Thanks for sharing those fun photos. See ya later at quilt cam.

  7. I think you need to mod podge shamu!

  8. I drive a beautiful little 1968 beetle - hmmm..... now there's an idea!!!!

  9. I think you should decoupage Shamu.... but if you don't go w water& whale themed fabric, it will have to change names!

  10. Buying a vowel might get you "more" or "day",but you really want to solve the puzzle of how to pack 48 hours into 24 hours! You do a fantastic job of cramming your days chock full and then having time for us and quilt cam! Thank you!

  11. This reminds me of a friend's old VW bus. She lovingly referred to it as "Patch". It was mid-70's VW green and the back left rear corner had a dent which she covered with patchwork, much like this bug.

  12. Who would have thought that you can use quilts for car exterior! Well, based on the photos, it is possible! I bet this car will not feel cold during winter! The quilt will keep her warm! XD

    Leisa Dreps


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