Sunday, February 17, 2013

iPhone-o-Gram! Hello, Atlanta!

I am in the middle of making my way about 100 miles northwest to Dallas, Georgia!

It's bright and sunny without a cloud in the sky, but boy is it windy and chilly out there! Brisk 41° :-)

I pulled over into a little plaza for some lunch – and happily found a thrift shop next-door!

A quick walk-through found a familiar case – I removed the lid to reveal a wizard sewing machine, identical to my Joe Cool!

This is one of those days of "catch and release" – I don't need another Joe Cool and the price was $50.

I've been getting a ton of emails about the problem with this morning's slideshow – I wish I could help you, but SkyDrive sometimes throws a hiccup and it's out of my control whether you can view the slideshow or not.

I have not changed my settings – there is nothing I can do to fix it – my suggestion is to give it some time and go back and look at the slideshow tomorrow.

It's one of those free things we love when it works well, get frustrated at when it doesn't – and hopefully it will return to normal in the future.

I am leaving this message here because this is a traveling day for me – and I really don't have time to tell everyone individually who has commented or emailed that there isn't anything that I can do to fix the problem.

I have no idea why the slideshow would work for the crumbs class the day before, and not work for the Blue Ridge beauty class this morning. Like I said – there are gremlins everywhere and there is nothing that I did to change this to have this effect on you.

Go quilt something :-) Cross your fingers and click your heels – come back tomorrow and check again maybe it will be working :-)


Rcoleman said...

The slideshow worked perfect for me this morning. I loved all of the colors!!

Rcoleman said...

The slideshow worked perfect for me this morning. I loved all of the colors!!

OconeeGreene said...

The slide show worked for me and I was delighted to see my friend Susan Bellflower's picture. I just LOVE seeing other Guild's work. I've heard that they had a lot of fun and learned a lot too! Safe travels!

Kristy said...

The slideshow worked this morning right after you posted it, then when I went back to look at it again I couldn't open it. I will give it some time. The problem is definitely with Skydrive.

gmp said...

Worked o.k. for me too this morning.

Betty said...

I didn't have any problems with the slideshow this morning. As always I enjoyed looking for familiar fabrics. I almost always see at least one that is in my stash.
Someone will be happy to get that machine for $50, if it works. I like the concept of catch and release, it saves me lots of money!

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

My best friends just built a house in Dallas, Georgia!

Aliceart said...

Thanks. I wasn't sure if it was something you had changed or didn't know about. Enjoy your trip.

Mary said...

you are a "finder" I wish the Antique Malls here would have all the fun machines you are sharing. I know about the catch and release since I finally found a Featherweight and bought it. You have me looking for a Treadle next...I wonder if there might be one in Portland??? Just a month and a few days away. :)

Tammy said...

Gorgeous machine. Never seen one like it before

Alan Wade said...

Great sewing machine Bonnie.. Hope you will also enjoy iPhone VPN