Sunday, February 24, 2013

Traveling Threads & Pieces Parts!

This is a bit of a disjointed Sunday morning blog post.

Nothing has really happened since I posted about finding Elise last night –we ended up running out for Mexican food, and by the time we were done there wasn’t much else to accomplish for the day ---I did some simple treadling while watching “Bramwell” on Netflix.

Okay, so it’s not Downton Abbey, but it’s about a lady doctor in 1896 London, and all she goes through trying to help people when the men doctors don’t want women doctors around, and dealing with the limited medical knowledge of the day.  Great show for stitching by!

I wanted to share a little hint that came in from a reader:

Bonnie, glad your home safe and sound and I am looking forward to Quilt cam on Sunday. I was looking at this Colgate Dental Floss container that was empty and wondered what it could be used for.

I opened it and discovered 2 little discs on spool pins. I used my exacto knife to cut off the bigger one because my bobbin would not fit on it. My bobbin does fit on the narrower one and I was thinking this would a great way to have thread and a cutter handy for plane travel.

I did have to use a piece of tape to keep it closed because the 2 spool pins were the locking mechanism.

Thanks for sharing your hint with us!  What a great way to repurpose an empty dental floss container!  ((And this looks like the cute mini one you get with cleanings and check-ups…))

I also want to share what came in the mail while I was gone to Georgia:

antiquequilts 009

1940s double wedding ring sections in feed sacks!

These came from Marsha, and what a great catalogue of fabrics of the day these are--

They are also LARGE rings…my favorite of all.  I love them big and chunky --- look:

antiquequilts 010

Big & Bold!

There are only 17 rings.  Not enough for a quilt….but I’d love to do SOMETHING with these – the fabrics are fabulous!  Thank you so much, Marsha!

I’m torn between what I want to pull out for Quilt-Cam today.  My Sow-Along blocks have languished on my wall.  I have an idea I want to do for sashing  (Thanks to a border I put on another quilt!) and before I can get to that I need to finish the last of the blocks.

I also wanted to get busy RE-MAKING the Sister’s Choice quilt that is in the  free pattern section above --- this poor one has been loved and used and washed and dried and drug all over the country and it is showing its wear.  I teach this class quite a bit still, and I think the class sample needs an up-do.  I was thinking if we did this as a “Quilt-Cam” project---that those of you who always wanted to do it, could sew along WITH me.

And I’m stuck between these two “Want to do’s” and not sure which one to go with!

Whatever we do --- Quilt Cam will go live at 2pm Eastern!  See you then!


  1. I have been wanting to do Sister's Choice for awhile. It would be fun to do during Quilt Cam. Lots and lots of 2-1/2" strips and blocks available in the sewing room ready to go. See you at 2.

  2. I'm going to have to go out and buy dental floss. All of our floss has been tiny samples from dentists. I do some hand sewing while waiting for my child in the car line at school, and always manage to lose my thread to the area between the seat and console. I love the wedding ring sections. I have always admired those quilts, but need to gain the confidence before tackling one.

  3. My bobbins will fit inside the Oral-B Glide brand floss containers without having to cut anything out. There is one little spool that comes out leaving a small spool pin for the bobbin to fit on. Run the thread through the cutter and snap the case closed, easy peasy! I have taken them on the plane with no problems. I also keep one in my hand sewing project bag.

  4. Awesome wedding ring blocks!! So beautiful

  5. WAIT! I've got to print the pattern and cut fabrics this morning for Sisters Choice quilt top. WAIT!!!

  6. Watching you and hearing all the great tips and questions asked and answered during QuiltCam really inspire me and make my day. Doing Sister Choice would be great, but I agree with Luann please give us time to print pattern and get some cut and ready to go

  7. I need another project like I need a hole in my head, but I am all for Sister's Choice as a joint Quilt Cam project - but like the others above, I do need a little time to prepare. Thanks for all you do!

  8. Well, I'm in the beginning stages of your Basket Weave free pattern, and I guess I'll work on that during quilt cam, since I don't need to start on anything else new right now. I've got only 21 of the 98 blocks done, but lots and lots of strips ready to go, and the foundation papers are waiting.

  9. i enjoyed quilt cam today. I don't need another project but have many 2 1/2 inch strips... I will be going to Heritage quilt show in bloomington ind I hope to see you not taking any of your classes. only one available when I found the show was your braid quilt and I had just finished one. hope I can stop by and say hi at one of your classes and get my string fling book signed. thanks

  10. Busy Sunday, but I managed to catch the last 20 minutes of Quilt Cam!! I am one of those who has "always" (since 2009) wanted to do the Sister's Choice and my 2 1/2" strips drawer is overflowing. So I may be a day late and a dollar short as they say...but I want to play too! Hopefully I will get started later today or tomorrow and can join in on Tuesday!!

  11. Makes me want to go floss my teeth! What motivation :)

  12. I adore the Wedding Ring pattern, but have always felt intimidated by it. Those arcs of feed sacks are a great starting point. Do you think you could combine them with modern fabrics or would you have to use some precious vintage fabric. If there was any project that merited that, this would be it.


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