Saturday, February 23, 2013

Love Ring Bliss!

I’ve often admired Drunkard’s Path quilts – but I don’t come across very many.  Why is that?

I don’t know!

The units can be rotated in so many different ways, just like log cabin blocks, and the curved design is intriguing in positive/negative, light/dark.

This is a layout I’ve not seen before ---an expanded “Love Ring” style block.

I’m guessing this quilt to be 1950s by the fabrics that are in it --- it could even push to early 1960s.

georgia_feb2013 065
These are very LARGE Love Ring blocks…and it really gives you a chance to focus on each color in each block, and wonder where each fabric came from….the design just mesmerizes me!
And do you see what I see along the top edge?
georgia_feb2013 066
Closer, do you see it now??
georgia_feb2013 067
A row of  "one-third" blocks!  Oh, I love that orange!
I’m thinking Drunkards Path would be a great take a long project.  I did do this as a baby quilt in 1930s prints –and it was sweet, but “ordinary” in my early quilting days.  How we could pop it up now!
And after yesterday’s foray into the shirt closet – wouldn’t this look great in plaids?!

It would also be super in today's bold and bright modern prints.
drunkards path 01
I just checked over to my friend Linda Franz’s Inklingo page --
She has a Drunkard’s Path set!

Let’s face it – if I’m going to do these --- I want to have the cutting lines AND the hand sewing lines visible.  There are hash marks to line everything up, lines to sew on so things fit perfectly ---
To visit Linda’s Drunkard’s Path page click on the icon below:

Be sure to tell Linda that Bonnie sent you!

Check out Linda’s Drunkard’s Path Video:

And then for some more Drunkard's Path inspiration...click HERE to see all the designs on Pinterest!  You could spend hours dreaming and drooling!

Have a great Saturday everyone!


  1. One of my first quilts was a Drunkards Path (though the book called it Rocky Road to Dublin!) It is green and orange and more than King size! What was I thinking?!

  2. I did a small drunkard's path for a customer to give as a wedding gift - but we used the alternative name - Solomon's puzzle - a much better name as a wedding quilt for a Christian family!

  3. It's going to look so good in the shirt plaids! I did a queen year's ago in the 30's prints, too.....still needs to be quilted, though! Sheesh! That dang ufo pile! lol

  4. wouldn't we hear whining if you added those curves to this years mystery? Cracks me up to think about it. I did a large twin in the 90's with Hoffman metallics, beautiful and got me over fear of curves...

  5. But I don't need another project!!! LOL. But the first thing I said was, that would be great in plaids and strips with muslin. Hummm

  6. I tried a DP in a workshop years ago when I was a really new quilter. It just *didn't* work -- but it was my fabric choices that fouled it up; nothing else. I may have to explore the path once more...in a small way to start!

  7. This is neat!!!! Love how the 'border' blocks for a swag look.

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  9. Before moving to New Mexico, I lived in Bradley County, TN. Next door in Polk County (near Benton, TN), there were two sisters who did nothing but Drunkard's Path quilts--they made them by the dozens! I'm guessing those sisters have passed on, and I'm wondering how many of their quilts are still around. I'm also wondering how many of their quilts have made their way into antique and vintage shops in that area.
    I've tried to remember their names, and the best I can come up with is that one sister was named Lora.

  10. I have an Irish Drunkard's Path table runner I made with the GO! die. It's a shamrock print, lol. I had fun playing on EQ7 to make different settings.
    About the top 1/3rd blocks. Is one wrong? The white path part changes on the 3rd from left. This is certainly fun with the colors and design.

  11. Anonymous12:45 PM EST

    My current portable hand-piecing project is an Inklingo 4 inch Drunkard's Path bed scarf that I'm making as a present for a dear friend. I LOVE Inklingo.

    ~Jillian in North Dakota

  12. That *is* a neat quilt! I wonder if the partial row is because the quilter didn't have enough fabric to make full blocks....

    I'd machine piece it and use the AccuQuilt Drunkard's Path die.

  13. Love Ring - too cool. Had just found this layout of the Drunkard's Path (I think I found it on Pinterest) while searching for a 'wedding quilt' idea for my niece who is getting married this summer. Love Drunkard's Path and love the idea of making a wedding ring with the Drunkard's Path block. Will use friend's studio cutter Drunkard's Path die to cut pieces. Will do it scrappy and it will be BIG as my niece and her fiance are both over 6ft tall.

    Question - What was used for batting in antique quilts? Can't imagine they pulled it off a roll as we do now.

  14. I really do like that block layout, but what I like best about the vintage quilt is the proportions of the arc that the quilter used in each block. The blocks when joined do not create smooth circles, but rather pointed arches like a Gothic church. Very cool effect!

    The Inklingo method will probably give you more 'perfect' geometry, but I'm very intrigued by the subtle imperfection of the 'pointed curves' version. If you don't mind, I'll be saving some of these photos for inspiration if I ever get around to making this pattern.

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  16. I love that setting for the Love Ring! I've made two Drunkard's Path quilts, different layouts, using Inklingo. I've always been attracted to Drunkard's Path quilts - with Inklingo they are so easily achievable! In fact, I'm about to start a third one. :-)

  17. I think that will make a beautiful baby quilt....just think we shouldn't call it Drunkard's Path. Someone mentioned it's alternate name of Solomon's Puzzle. That would be better....

  18. I love that quilt! Great example of use what you have thought process! Didn't have enough of the fabrics to finish the top, so used something else!

    I'm a little confused though with the shapes you've illustrated. Where would pieces C and D come in to the design? I've seen DP with pieces A and B only before.............

    You always seem to find the best stuff! Whenever I go to auctions, antique shops, thrift stores, etc., there's NOTHING worth looking at!

  19. Oh that is beautiful! I had to open up my Inklingo Drunkards Path 3" to see how it all fits. It would take 36 little blocks to make one of these bigger blocks.. What fun! Thanks so much for sharing this!

  20. My mother made several drunkard's path quilts. One of them had each of 20 blocks in a different pattern and two different scrap fabrics. Each block was made up of 16 little blocks. One of her grandsons chose that quilt for their wedding quilt.

  21. I started piecing a navy and white drunkard's path quilt about 10 years ago...seeing this quilt makes me want to finish it! I love Inklingo for the ease of printing shapes and the precision of piecing. I am using the 3" drunkard's path templates. Will be working on this during QuiltCam this afternoon! See you then!

  22. Love the DP. tied to make one in the early 80's, of course all by hand. Now that I have the accuquilt studio, may have to try one again. beautiful quilt. I have trouble with picking out fabric and then cutting them, tires me out, and then they become "to do".

    love your machine blog and love the Elise story.

    happy quilting!


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