Monday, February 04, 2013

String Spider Webs in Alpharetta!

As you could tell from yesterday’s iphone-o-gram, we were having a fabulously scrappily fun day in Alpharetta!

The bags, the boxes, the bins of strings just kept over flowing --- strips were flying, what a good good time!

This poor paper box….it was never going to be the same after this!

I must say when it was brought into the room, that the lid fit snuggly, nothing was escaping, those scraps were very well behaved!

But you know what happens with a bit of shuffling and digging?

The contents of that humble copy paper box started to get a little more sure of themslves ---“Oh!  Look!  We are going to be a QUILT!!”

“Let’s puff ourselves up to the proudest we can be – come on you guys, we are not just lowly scraps anymore –we are about to be BEEE-UUU-TII_FUL!!”

And pretty soon the scraps went from simply occupying the space within the box to this:

Georgia_Feb2013 197

Oh no! They are escaping!!

To this:

Georgia_Feb2013 207

Oh, Goodness!!


Georgia_Feb2013 209

It’s a full on ESCAPE!! LOL!

And the funniest part?  What fit in the box…..with the lid on….before class, would NOT fit back in to the box.  It was more than just FLUFFED, it seemed there were more scraps after we sewed all day, than before we started!  I call these scraps with ATTITUDE! :cD

I hope you enjoy viewing the photos below!

The String Spider Web pattern is found by clicking the Free Patterns tab at the top of the blog.

Today is my long day.  This morning I have “off” so I am headed to get a massage…..my right hamstring is all locked up again and all the standing and then all the driving is a bit painful ---mostly it hurts at night at the end of the day, and when I’m trying to get to sleep, so going to have that worked on today.

This afternoon I’m doing a book signing at Tiny Stitches in Marietta, GA from 2pm to 3pm!  And then I’ll hightail it back over to Alpharetta for tonight’s guild meeting ----

After the meeting is over tonight, I’m driving over 100 miles to Lake Oconee GA – tomorrow morning starts my fun with the Lake Oconee quilt guild, and there is no way I want to battle Atlanta traffic on a Tuesday morning to get to Greensboro, GA in time for their morning meeting.  So tonight it is.  I’ll be a zombie ----but Quilt Zombies do have a lot of fun!

Have a great Monday, everyone!


  1. :) Looks like great fun! Loving those scraps with attitude! :)

  2. that just proves those scraps do truly multiply - I think they must be related to the 'dust bunnies'!

  3. Bonnie, every time I see your class posts, it looks like everyone is having so much fun! I can't wait to take my class with you in April with my guild!

  4. Bonnie your description of a scrap box is wonderful! I can totally relate. Gotta love those "scraps with attitude"!

  5. Anonymous9:32 AM EST

    I don't know where you get your energy! But I am envious.
    Thanks for letting us get a peek at your class.
    Maybe one day you will be near the Racine/Milwaukee area!


  6. That happens to me too what is up with scraps? I have to admit to filling 5 huge black garbage bags of scraps like these and donating them to my local library where quilters come in and make things for charity. I just can't justify paying 50 cents a pound to move them
    to my new home. You've taught us all the joy of scrap quilting Bonnie, well done.

    Happy Sewing

  7. I love seeing how everyone's blocks are always so different!

  8. Aaahhh those scraps seem to be just making a happy dance!
    Or living a biblical life, maybe : be fruitful and multiply!
    Could they just spread the virus to the other side of the ocean? Then I would never have to search the bin again, just simply command them: Jump! And then: Spread out! All reds to one side and change partner!
    Love this post, but that might not really be a surprise 8^}
    From a chilly Amsterdam,
    Love, Irene

  9. I love seeing your slideshows!~They are all beautiful, but what a great idea to make a Halloween one!~ that one is so cute. Be safe driving Bonnie. Hope you get your body to feeling better soon.

  10. I think I have to add this quilt to my to be done list! Love the one with the greys!

  11. Wait a second..this one is on my list, LOL. I want one with red background but now I want one with grey too!

  12. Reminds me that I need to get mine quilted!

  13. Please drive safely. I hate driving at night anymore-getting older I guess. The pictures were great, I particularly liked the pastel one. It's different. Micki

  14. What a clever and fun way for you to describe how the scraps were escaping from the box so they could become a beautiful quilt!


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