Tuesday, February 19, 2013

iPhone-o-Gram! Jamestown in Dallas, GA!

A fun study in neutrals is underway in Georgia today!

We are spending the morning string piecing background units for the Jamestown Landing quilt. Jamestown Landing is found in my book string fling.

A quick lunch break – some impromptu show and tell by students who brought quilts in to share, and we will be off and working on triangles focusing on the use of the easy and the ruler.

This afternoon we will pack it all up and I will follow a couple of my students over to the next guild lecture location for tonight – Cartersville Georgia.

Just another day in the Quilty trenches! :-)


  1. I remember the "neutrals" lesson, it has served me well.
    Faye in Maine

  2. can't wait to see the slideshow. i've got a neutral quilt swimming in my head.

  3. One of my faves in the book, can't wait to see the results of this workshop!

  4. Quilty Trenches! =^}
    If there would be any war, war on strings would be fine!
    No wonder every one looks sew happy!
    Thank you!
    Love from a dark amsterdam,

  5. I really need to make this one. I have oodles of cream and beige!

  6. Neutrals are my favorite color...color???...yes color. They make everything else "POP"!
    Hubby has lent me his laptop (Sony Vaio) and a 50' ethernet cord so I can now watch Quilt Cam back in my cutting room!!!! WHOOHOOOO!!!!
    Love ya' Bonnie!
    XOXOXOXO Subee

    1. try wifi,, it is a breeze to set up!!then you wont need to trip over that 50 footer and be in high cotton!

  7. Bonnie how in the world do you keep all these classes straight when you go to pack? You have been to how many different towns and each one you teach a different class? You are amazing girl!

  8. Every workshop has pictures of quilters holding up rotary cutters or scissors. Why???

  9. I want to say it started with a quilting cruise last year, as a joke. I want to say the cruise ship required an employee to stay in the room and make sure everyone was using the scissors/cutters appropriately. I believe the scissors and cutters had to be locked up after each class, and couldn't leave the room. I could be wrong, but that was when I first noticed it.


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