Thursday, February 21, 2013

Kay’s Geese!

Yesterday, Kay brought in HER Flying Geese Strippy quilt to show me……

This quilt is also Quntessential SOUTHERN in nature!

Just LOOK at that hand quilted fan texture!


So many of these turn-of-the-20th-century quilts have one thing in common…..top and bottom borders but no side borders!  Remember the string quilt I picked up on Sunday in this same area? Click HERE.

Here is the full quilt laid out--I took these photos on the floor, it was the only place to lay it out well enough to see the whole thing but the light from the window really highlighted the quilting texture ----

Georgia_Feb2013 809

7 rows of geese separated by 6 rows of sashing, and length added with top and bottom borders ---but how many of “US” would say it’s not complete without adding two more side borders?  I see this in so many old Southern quilts!

I love it this way! I may be re-thinking how I put my string geese together!

Georgia_Feb2013 811

Lower right corner.

Gosh, that quilting is GREAT TEXTURE!

Georgia_Feb2013 812

Upper right corner has a faded spot that makes the quilt look like it was folded, and set somewhere near a sunny window……the fading is completely rectangular.

Georgia_Feb2013 813

Upper left corner ---There are NO “feminine” fabrics in this quilt other than a few pale blue indigos with pretty designs, but other than that, no dress florals or fancies ---these are all plaids, stripes, indigos, shirtings, and some cranberries ----and look how fun it is on those geese that use cranberry as their wing triangles!

  Georgia_Feb2013 815

Here they are, right side up!  These geese are actually a bit smaller in size than the Geese On A String I am working on…..but I just love this quilt and the burnt pumpkin color of the sashing fabric.

Georgia_Feb2013 814

The backing fabric is a deep blue plaid with a feel much like homespun.   The backing is brought around to the front to bind,

What story could this quilt tell??  Oh I wish I knew!

Thanks, Kay for the wonderful time in Cartersville, GA  and for sharing this treasured quilt with me!


  1. I love Baptist Fan quilting more each time I see it. It is what I'm doing on the king-size 10th anniversary gift quilt for my DD and SIL. It does give great texture, doesn't it? Thanks for sharing that great quilt.

  2. My grandmother hand quilted all her quilts. Most of the with the Baptist Fan. There was hardly ever any feminine fabric in any of her quilts. She had 7 boys and one daughter who died at about 3 yrs old. I guess there were never any feminine scraps around for her to use. After she passed away we found an embroidered pillowcase with a stack of Sunbonnet Sue blocks stored inside. They were all hand stitched with embroidery accents and rick rack. These were things my grandmother never used in her quilts. I didn't even know she could embroider. My dad never recalls seeing these blocks. We can only surmise that they were a quilt in the works for her daughter and once she lost her the blocks were put away and never brought out for any one to see. One thing my grandmother never made was a baby quilt. She made each of her grandchildren a quilt. But they were made when we were all teenagers and older.

  3. Wow, that is unbelievably beautiful!

  4. I love the narrow/wide quilting of those Baptist fans. It gives the quilt so much texture! Thank you for sharing the pretty things you see on your travels!!

  5. I wonder if there are no side borders because the beds were so narrow back then? She must have had all boys!

  6. What a wonderful heirloom! I love how the past brings new ideas to us, and is relived in creative peoples visions.

  7. Love the history in the old quilts. And the CHEDDAR!

  8. Thank you Kay & Bonnie for sharing this lovely quilt.

  9. Love it! The orange, the borders (or not), the cranberry geese/backgrounds, the Baptist fans - mm-mm! Thanks, Kay, for sharing.

  10. Can you tell when it was made?
    the hand quilting is just so beautiful!

    Welcome home, enjoy every minute, I hope you have a pain
    free week to rest and recuperate.

    Happy Sewing

  11. This looks like one of YOUR quilts will look in 100 years!~ So cool!~

  12. Yes, this quilt is Amazing! Id know flying geese making a quilt like this. Fantastic quilting. Love this quilt.

  13. What's not to love about this one?! Wonderful!

  14. Love it, Love the double line Baptist fans. Have to say that I am partial to hand quilted quilts.

  15. What a beauty. The colors, the quilting amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Thanks for sharing the pretty quilt. Love the texture too from the quilting

  17. A true inspiration! I love the lack of side borders. I often stay away from predictable borders so having none works for me!

  18. I find it interesting that the Baptist fans don't all go in the same direction, they seem to be started on each side and meet in the middle. Interesting effect!


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