Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Race is Still On! Please Vote!

And get your friends to vote!  Please post the link on your facebook pages, your news groups, your twitter feeds -- anywhere that quilters gather!
The Amazing Race is still on!

The "runner up" in the Best Quilt Designer category has re-issued a call to her followers that I am the one to beat in this race for Best Quilt Designer!

If you haven't cast your vote yet -- please do so! this is very exciting! ((And of course, all in good fun!))

If you have not voted already, would you please do so? Go here, and click the star underneath my name!

The voting goes through tomorrow -- if you enjoy this page, my website, my blog, my quiltcam and my books and magazine articles, and have made quilts with any of my designs ---and feel like giving something back -- please go vote!

Thank you!!


paulette said...

Just voted...you seem to be kicking **** in all categories!! Congrats!!

Lynmar said...

Hey Bonnie: Just checked out the voting site, CONGRATULATIONS GIRL you are the best in all categories. WOO WHOO we who love you already know that.
Lynda from Chicago.

Faye said...

Did my due diligence!! Hoping the outcome is in your favor!!
Faye in Maine (on vaca in FL)

Lynmar said...

There is something amiss. One SewCalGal site announced the winners, now I can't get to it again. Sorry, Lynda from Chicago

Marj said...

The big difference between you and your competition for best designer is she charges to be a member of her website to get her "free" patterns. The two of you are very close in votes though. Good Luck!

Tinliz said...

I voted. Your totals are looking good. You rock.

Centergranny said...

It's on my FB page as well! Good luck.

crazy quilter said...

Hey Bonnie, I voted and I was thinking I read you could vote more than once but no such luck for me . Anyway I had already posted the voting on my Facebook page hope it brings you across the finish line the winner! Can hardly wait for the winners to be announced.

quiltingmieke said...

hello, so ou have y vote, ig hug Mieke from Belgium

wolf3349 said...

I have also voted for you Bonnie. Hoping you win them all.

pjbear said...

Hey Bonnie I have already voted also posted on my facebook as well a couple of days ago. Good luck you rock.

city said...

thanks for share.