Sunday, September 23, 2012

Waving Towards Germany!

I am completely blown away by the number of quilters who sewed along with me today. Or cut fabric. Or cleaned a sewing room. Or cooked dinner while tuned in.

This was the first time where I planned it at a time that would work for those in Europe as well as for those in the States, and I’m SO happy it worked for SO many.

My apologies to those down-under – I know that it was bad for you time-wise, but I felt the need to shift things a little so that those in Europe aren’t making themselves set their alarm clocks for 2am ((!!!)) so they can join us.

I was told by more than one person though, that they were only joining in until Downton Abbey started, and then I was on my own. LOL!

Germany, France, Netherlands, England, Scotland, Ireland, Iceland, South Africa, Brazil, New Zealand, India, Israel, Norway, Sweden ---and that is just off the top of my head, I know there are more places than I can count. You were all part of the 1400 views who watched me snap the thread on the treadle by sewing backwards yet again, and laughed along with me!

I got the best part of the deal – I got to visit with you AND sew and make progress on my project!

I wanted to share a bit from an email I just received and I wanted to share it with you because THIS is why I do what I do ---

I believe that quilting is a way to connect with others. We all go through many of the same things in life, the ups the downs the hard and the joyful ---and the quilting is the one thread we have in common.

Danijela wrote:

Dear Bonnie,
This was fun, I spent Sunday evening with you on QuiltCam!
On behalf of my old Singer Treadle I would like to say thank you! You made me taking her out of the corner where she was decoratively placed and dust her properly and trying out if she still sews. I inherited her from a very old lady who died in the age of 98 years and I know that still in her nineties she was sewing on this machine all her garments! So it should work.

That's me on Danijela's phone!  In Potsdam, Germany!
Well it took me a while to find out how to thread the machine and we still have "tension issues" no clue how to change the tension in the bobbin. Newertheless, during QuiltCam I completed a block which I here proudly share with you. Not bad for my first try and bad tension! In any way I had a lot of fun!!!
Not sure how old the machine is, the label says C46760.
Let me take this opportunity to thank you - although very late! - for last year's mystery. I will always remember each step of this mystery as it accompanied me when my life started getting down with a speed of a rollercoaster. In October I met my boyfriend whom I love very much and the first two weeks of the mystery I was feeling like on a honeymoon.

At the beginning of December my mother was diagnosed with cancer which we were told cannot be cured. I was devastated. Sewing the steps you gave us every week gave me the break I needed. I sewed my brain out and at least during those times I was not thinking about this terrible disease my mum was suffering from.
When the mystery was unveiled I was speechless. I so love this quilt pattern, and very often when I lay on this quilt I look at those little and tiny pieces.
During the summer mum went through a horrible chemo therapy, and I spend as much time as possible with her in the hospital. Over months I was just sitting at her side. And again, inspired by you, one day I brought some hexies and started to sew.
Thank you for bringing us quilters together even over continents! You are great!All the best and ganz viele Grüße
Danijela from Potsdam, Germany
THIS is why we do what we do.  How often is the simple act of sewing together pieces of fabric with needle and thread, or sewing strip sets together through the machine to hold the world at bay our means of SANITY until we can settle our thoughts and do what we have to do?  No matter how old we are, no matter where we are -- we all go through these things in our lives and the simple fact of having quilting in common with each other is a great equalizer. Quilting is a healer.

I know some cultures that carry worry stones in their pockets --- I prefer a thimble, needle, thread, and a few pieces of fabric in mine.

Thanks for sharing your story Danijela!

And a side note from me --- did any of you see that Danijela's machine is identical to my Tiffany?!? I can hardly wait to get the bobbins here so that I can try mine out too :c)



  1. It was great to sew with you tonight Bonnie, so glad you could accommodate us in Europe and let us watch Downton Abbey :-) My kids were still awake when you read out my message and were "chuffed to bits"!
    It's great that we all share a hobby that can shrink the world so much!

  2. I can certainly relate to Daniela's post Bonnie. As I said in an earlier email, Me and Mom are on that same journey. I drag my machine over everyday and it helps us both. Therapy. Mom always enjoys seeing my progress and I enjoy telling her about your QUILTCAMS and all the fun folks around the world that lovingly share our obsession!

    1. Blessings to you and your mom in this difficulty journey. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers tonight. Likewise with you Danijela ... God bless you and your families.

  3. Okay - I'm jealous of those who are already getting to watch Downton Abbey! Can't wait till it gets here in the States - and then Bonnie, I'll be watching Downton Abbey too.
    I do enjoy your quiltcam! You are so comfortable being "on air". It's helping me to get many projects done. Sometime again, I need you to demonstrate the binding technique you use, especially finising it off so that it fits the quilt/table runner.

    Ann Mary (preludetoaseam@gmail.com)

    1. I cannot wait until Downton Abbey also!!

  4. Bonnie, you are the woman! You bring such happiness and needed time outs to many, all around the world! Whoeverwould have thought we would be able to be together and watch you sew/treadle!!

  5. Anonymous7:24 PM EDT

    Hi Bonnie,
    What a touching letter you shared with us. Thank you. I will hold her in my thoughts and prayers.
    The quilt cam is new since I've been away for the summer. I need to catch up a bit I think. Do you post the time etc. that you are going to do it? Sorry I missed it. I will be watching for the next one.
    I'm not sure if you have my new email address.

    1. Anonymous9:51 PM EDT

      Bonnie doesn't usually schedule quiltcam time, this was an exception. But if she's on quiltcam, it's usually in the neighbourhood of 8:30 or 9:00 eastern, for an hour or so. (and definitely no quiltcam when she's on the road.)


  6. Potsdam...wow, I remember the American duty train stopping there when I was stationed in Berlin! Fun to think that how much more open the world is and a quilter in Potsdam and one in North Carolina can quilt together via quilt-cam!

    ps...I am suffering from Downton Abbey envy as well! Already pre-ordered on Amazon...

  7. I think it is great that all us quilters can connect on your quilt cam. I was making out a grocery list while watching. (forgot it when I went to the grocery though. LOL!) Hello ladies from Europe and beyond.

  8. Anonymous8:09 PM EDT

    Let Danijela know that her machine is dated to 1904. Di in TN

  9. Maree mynanamaree@yahoo.com8:25 PM EDT

    Cold chills and tears in my eyes reading this! Thank you so much, dear Bonnie, for all of the goodness and quilting love you bring to the world! ♥ Love visiting with all you ladies around the globe! ☺

  10. Thank you for sharing you Sunday afternoon with all of us! What is the name of the mystery quilt that Danijela made? My husband really like that one!

    1. Tina in NJ9:20 PM EDT

      Ghat's Orca Bay from last year. It's in Bonnie 's newest book, String Fling. The colors may bre a bit different from Bonnie's, but you get that with a mystery.

    2. Thanks so much Tina. I see that I need to get a copy of her newest book! :-)

      Tami C.

  11. I love that email.....how true, quilting IS healing!

  12. Bonnie---so very well said. I cannot begin to tell you what wonderful therepy, in every way, quilting is, for me. You are my super role-model! Thank you, dear-heart, for being YOU.

    I want to join Quilt-cam too. Is it every Sunday? What time (EST)?

  13. Did not join your sew-in today, but make it as often as I can. Thanks for the push to sit and do my hand sewing - aquiring quite a stash of hexies.

  14. Anonymous10:03 PM EDT

    Hi, Bonnie, I missed watching you treadle! My treadle "head" that I am restoring has the same Tiffany decals, and I have had difficulty determining the correct model number as well. I found that the bobbin cover slide for a 66 fit perfectly, and I have been using a drop-in bobbin without a case, as the hook assembly (?) has the tension in it. Now I question whether I have it right. I hope to find a treadle in a cabinet someday. Theresa in Sugar Land

    1. Anonymous11:26 AM EDT

      What is the model number of your machine? (Look on the base just below the bobbin winder)

    2. Anonymous9:49 PM EDT

      There's no model number on it, just the serial number that begins with G; the bobbin winder is high on the right, the presser foot is mounted on the back instead of the side, and the tension spring is on the front of the machine. Theresa theresajames5@gmail.com

  15. Anonymous10:04 PM EDT

    I just wonder how Danijela's mom is doing now? And when is the next mystery quilt series? I saw your schedule, Bonnie, hope you will be able to fit it in but don't stress yourself over it. By the way, I got my binding done today on a quilt started a year ago (took me awhile to find the backing I wanted, I'm fussy). Rea from CNY reaweb@windstream.net

    1. Hi Rea, thank you for asking, mum is recovering now from the therapy and we truly hope that we gained some time.
      I wish you all the best and happy sewing! Danijela

  16. What a wonderful email!
    Quilting has been a blessing to me in a similar way.
    Thank you Bonnie for publishing it,

    Al the best, mary

  17. Anonymous8:25 AM EDT

    We need to start a Quilter's United Nations. Make quilts not war! Toni in TN

  18. Oh, Potsdam. So many memories! I stayed there in a small pension one year after German Reunification. So much construction was going on to build a modern infrastructure. There was no phone in our room. We walked to the corner and made phone calls in a red telephone booth. I am sure everyone has a phone now. Such a historic town - the conference with Stalin, Truman, and Churchill which ended WWII was held there. Anyway, viele Gruesse, Daniele! (Leider, kein Umlaut bei meinem Computer!)


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