Thursday, September 13, 2012

Evening Edition: Free Kindle Book -----

I’m toast tonight. I can’t go any farther!

I’ve spent the day at the computer --- but everything is cleaned up and as it should be. That feels SO GOOD.

I’ve spent the last few hours at the machine putting together a magazine project – and it’s looking good…..but I can’t sew any more tonight! Unfortunately this means no QuiltCam time ---I’m just all sewed out!

I’m going to call it an early one ---and get OUT of the basement. I’m not even sure I can read a book tonight, but I did want to post a freebie that I found that sounds awfully cute and I just downloaded it for my trip to Indiana on Saturday.

It’s a Dog’s Life by Dale Mayer is free tonight in the Amazon Kindle Store.

It’s the first day of Ninna’s job in the local animal shelter…and a dog is talking to her. Not just any dog…a fat, old, smart-alecky Basset Hound who says his name is Mosey.

She can’t quit, she needs this job. And then there’s the yummy vet. Who turns out to live across the street from her in a much bigger house than her tiny house. Big enough to hold a few animals – including the mouthy Mosey. With all this going on, she doesn’t have time to worry about the rash of break-ins and the sense of being watched. She’s too busy worrying that she’s nuts.

When Ninna agrees to dog sit for the cute vet from work, she sees it as a trial at being a pet owner and a way to build on her budding relationship with the vet. For Mosey, this weekend means time to get to know each other.

For the stalker who’s tracking Ninna’s movements, it means… opportunity.

A talking smelly basset hound? I can go for that! It sounds fun.

Tomorrow hopefully I’ll get the rest of the rows assembled for this top and be able to hit it hard and heavy!

Everyone have a good night --- and I’ll catch you next time!


  1. Anonymous8:46 PM EDT

    At some point could you give a little demo on quilt cam showing how you use the easy angle & companion angle rulers? Just got a set yesterday.
    Thank you,

    1. Darlis since she's out of the basement tonight, I'll jump in and give you the answer she gave someone else to this same question a week or two ago. Go look at her instructions for one of her free quilt patterns and there will be pictures that show you better than she could on her computer cam. I looked the other day and found that the pattern for My Blue Heaven goes into how to use the two rulers. You might find what you need there. HTH!

  2. Bonnie - love your freebie Kindle book recommendations - they aren't all for me, but most are, and about 99% are still free by the time I click through. I have 104 books on my Kindle at the moment, and I think I paid for about 4 of them - amazing isn't it? And unlike a library, there is no due date or overdue fees - how wonderful is technology eh?? PS, as an Aussie I'm hanging out for a visit from you downunder - I know you'll let us know once the ink is dry on the arrangements, just wanted you to know you have a lot of fans here...

    1. Look at Oct 2016 on Bonnie's calendar.

  3. Thanks for the Kindle freebie tip. I usually get all the books you post. I can identify with working in the basement because that is where my office is located; I teach school online, and I also sew down there. I remember you saying on your quilt cam, "I'm just a mom in the basement." That made me smile. ☺ Have a restful night.

  4. Hi Bonnie,
    When do you do the demo for Darlis, could you possibly also do a demo of how you hand quilt? Please? I'm a beginning hand quilter (Double Delight was my first hand-quilted quilt) and am still trying to find my 'zone' re the thimble wars. I really like quilting au natural, ie no thimble at all, but my nails are thrashed and I know this is not sustainable. I favour the 'push' with the thumb method of quilting (ie quilting away from me, not towards me) but I don't want to pay $100 for a thumb thimble. I'm just curious about how you hand quilt and would love a quilt cam demo and if you don't mind also mentioning your favourite thimble. Gee thanks! Mavis in Victoria, BC

    1. Hi Mavis, since Bonnie is out of the basement and away from her computer, I thought I'd jump in like I did above with Darlis and give you an answer that Bonnie might. She did a blog post in the last year on her thimble history. If you put thimble in the search box in the upper right hand corner of the blog page, you should come up with several blog posts including the one that goes into thimbles in great detail! HTH!

    2. Er duh...upper left corner!

  5. Hi Bonnie,
    I hope to see you in Indiana on Sunday for the trunk show. I am working on short trip.

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  7. Bonnie,

    Thank you again for another Kindle recommendation! I have 2 of these mouthy basset hounds that carry on long coversations with each other. They are not allowed in my fiber arts room as they tend to try to sneak away with yarn or fabric in their very drooly mouths. Ugh!


  8. Thanks for the Kindle freebie notices. Because of your posts I decided to get myself a Kindle and I'm enjoying it immensely;I download most of the books you alert us to. 30 minutes on the exercise bike every day got a lot more interesting with my Kindle!


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