Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Creative Stitch Quilt Shop!

North Manchester, Indiana is getting a down-town face lift!

Brand new beautiful side walks adorned with classic old-style lamp posts and trees will soon line these streets with gorgeous old brick buildings of turn-of-the-twentieth-century architecture!

This is the Burdge building….look at that roof line, the clock tower and the wonderful detail!

You know how it goes ---things are always an inconvenient MESS before the better can happen.

I'm not about to let a little bit of construction mess stop me from exploring!

Indiana_Sept2012 029

Another view of the quaint downtown streets!

It’s going to be wonderful! If you look down the row of shops, you will see in bold letters, The Creative Stitch Quilt Shop.

Indiana_Sept2012 150

Never let a bit of construction stop you either!

Indiana_Sept2012 149

Cute window displays welcoming in Autumn and the cooler weather----

Indiana_Sept2012 142

I love shops in old buildings, don't you? It might look small from the entrance, but this place is FULL of goodies for every quilter--

Indiana_Sept2012 145

Awesome Fat Quarter station!

It’s an old piece of furniture from a post office, the names clearly visible on the labels beneath each cubby. I WANT THIS!

Of course, it weighs more than a piano, it’s one piece! Still….one COULD find an old farm table…and make the top cubby part? Who am I kidding, it’s not likely to happen here, but I just love the easy access to those great colors of FQs…and seeing them this way just inspires me to want to SEW!

Indiana_Sept2012 148

I’m drawn to the old sphinx treadle!

Indiana_Sept2012 152

The chimney with original brickwork already inspiring delightful holiday stitchery.

Indiana_Sept2012 151

Oodles of books and patterns and samples to inspire!

Indiana_Sept2012 153

I dare you NOT to touch or pet --- I bet you can’t do it!

Indiana_Sept2012 147

The Creative Stitch is owned by Linda Cearbaugh, shown here helping a customer on a busy Tuesday morning. She has two long arm machines in the back of the shop and provides quilting services for many local quilters.

Indiana_Sept2012 141

I continue to wander until I find the mother load!

Itchy fingers start digging for buried treasure!

Indiana_Sept2012 143

My method? Pull out all you THINK you want, and then start loading it into the bag, favorite pieces first!

Indiana_Sept2012 144

The rule is, the bag must zip closed!

I had more room left over…how’s this for packing skills? LOL!

Indiana_Sept2012 169

This is what came home with me. 2 yards of a greeny-turquoise with yellow green flowers. A really ODD color, and I liked it! One bag of scraps, bursting with possibilities, and an adorable hand made pendant!

Indiana_Sept2012 170

These are made by a local artisan in Indiana and I just had to have one! The log cabin block is glass encased on both sides, and the artist has signed her name on the back. I’ll hang it from a ribbon or a chain --- a perfect piece of “something special” from Indiana---

Indiana_Sept2012 171

If you have a chance, and you are anywhere near North Manchester, IN – stop in on Linda and tell her that Bonnie sent you!!


  1. Looks like a very nice shop in a very pretty little downtown. She had really nice wall samples, too! Fun!

  2. Anonymous9:33 AM EDT

    That looks Like a cute shop! I see your Baggie still has some air in it. If you squeezed it out, you probably get more in there. ;). My husband doesn't appreciate my packing skills. I got a weeks worth of clothes for 5 people in 1 suitcase. Thing weighed 80lbs...good thing it was a car trip!

  3. Love the log cabin pendant.

  4. What a great quilt shop! And, you did very well with your shopping. I love that little Log Cabin pendant. I have 2 or 3 minatures Log Cabins that I bought at quilt shows, but they weren't incased in glass. they were just turned, and intended to be a key chain. This is a much prettier way to feature that tiny block.


  5. Anonymous9:39 AM EDT

    How fun! Just to be able to visit all these places is inspiring to me.

  6. The mail cubby brings back great memories. One wall of our large garage had those covering it. My dad worked as a mail sorter for years, when the Zip code came in the sorting stations were changed. He used the cubbies with cardboard milk cartons on their sides for storage of all mater of things. Garden seeds with the row markers for seeding every spring, garden gloves, and tools were all kept closest to the door for fast retrievals. The tables to 2 of those stations reside in my garage. One he topped with vinyl and is used regularly to groom our dogs on.

  7. Anonymous10:10 AM EDT

    Not only do you take your readers to Bali, but also to interesting quilt shops in the USA! Many thanks, Bonnie, for your excellant blogging--the best quilting blog of all!!
    Laura in the NC Mountains

  8. Oh, and wouldn't that building with the quilt shop look SO nice if the upper story windows had glass in them instead of being boarded up? Wonderful store, great pendant.

  9. Anonymous10:24 AM EDT

    Thanks for the quilt shop trip for those of us who have to travel at least 100-135 miles to see sew much fabric. You are the Johnny Appleseed of quilting, leaving quilts in your wake...Stephani in N. TX (tomazec@aol.com)

  10. LOVE that greeny-turquoise fabric. I love any color that falls in that middle ground between green and blue, and that's a tough shade to find.

  11. HOW Cool is that???? I love the pendant! and the scrap bag idea.

  12. My favorite quilt shop! And I always stop at the coffee shop too :)

  13. Anonymous12:28 PM EDT

    You got into the scrap box before me! Darn! I love that box and always go there first and fill the bag up tight. I love Linda and the shop. Thanks for coming to Indiana.

  14. Oh, how charming. I just LOVE little shops and downtown areas like this. The owner has done a wonderful job. Look at that quilt behind the counter!~ I will have to call or email her about those pendants, I WANT one!~ Thanks for showing.

  15. Love the old brick architecture, reminds me of my hometown. This quilt shop reminds me too of Grandma's Attic in Dallas, OR, wonderful fabrics and beautiful samples - mostly in 'my style' colors and patterns. I may never make it to Indiana, but thank you for sharing what's there :)

  16. I called and they are out of them till next week or so.
    Bonnie, where should I order the Sewing Mates Adjustable Table from? Or, does it matter? No need to write unless there is a specific place that is better (free shiiping and / or good price). Dont want to bother you, I know you are busy.
    Want to get one before I go to the next retreat Oct 3.

    1. You can find it by just Googling the name of it! Good Luck! Looks really neat too!

  17. Anonymous3:54 PM EDT

    ok, getting the Atlas out to find this town in Indiana! what a neat looking shop. Homey warm quilts, goodies to look at and buy make a great shop to visit. Thanks for sharing with us, Bonnie.

  18. Anonymous6:33 PM EDT

    That is yummy green. I have it. Looks like nice shoo. Thanks for sharing!

    Jessica in CO

  19. Anonymous7:48 PM EDT

    I have been to that store and love it!

  20. I love those scraps!! I would love to have a couple of them please, lol. I love the colors you got too, esp that brown print. I saw another cubby, is it attached to a table too? I love all sorts of cubbies. Nancy

  21. Very nice shop! Love how neat an organized it is too. Makes it so much easier to find what you're looking for. Love the fat quarter shelving-isn't that the coolest??


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