Monday, September 03, 2012

One Hour of Simply Needle & Thread Linky!

September is National Sewing Month!

How perfect is this for Simply Needle & Thread?

Last night I got all of my stuff together and put it in my comfy chair down here in my studio. It will nag at me all day this way, begging me to sit and do some stitches!

Want to see where I’m working?

nearlyinsane 067

Even though my studio room is long and narrow, I’m lucky to have enough room for a pair of chairs. It’s not “House Beautiful” down here --- there are cords that run across the floor – the yellow one you see is a heavy duty extension from the other side of the basement – for the iron. I can’t run the quilting machine and the iron on the same circuit or it blows the breaker. Necessity beats aesthetics, you know? Yes, there is a yellow cord all the way across the basement. So what. It works!

I’ve got everything I need right by my chair. My thread, needles, scissors, seam ripper for removing basting and a tall insulated cup of my favorite Margarita Crystal Light!

nearlyinsane 069

From here I’ve got a perfect view of what’s on Netflix! I hardly watch “regular” TV ---I like that I don’t have political ads, or ads of any sort. I love movies!

sewingmonth 001

After watching a movie, and finding that I had completed the hand quilting on 3 complete LARGE fans ---I marked down the time I’d spent –an hour and a half! And went to bed! That wasn’t so hard!

Since September IS National Sewing Month – I think it’s the perfect time to put those hand stitches in projects that have been languishing. I’m hoping to get some more in today. And I think tracking myself on my calendar page that will be kept right by my chair will help me to see that progress!

If you are joining in and have a blog and want to link up below, please do!

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The address for THIS post is http://quiltville.blogspot.com/2012/09/september-is-national-sewing-month.html see the difference?

When in doubt, ask me. If you link it to your whole blog I’ll have to delete your entry and have you try again because I can’t fix it for you.

Write a post of the project you are going to be working on this month. Show us where you sew, make your post interesting! Tell us about the project and why it has languished….let’s get those stitches in, one at a time!


  1. I do love that quilt, especially the backing fabric. Any pic I might post of where I'm stitching would not be in "House Beautiful" either, and that's my family room! But I'll be comfy and, like you, watching something on the TV in front of me. Post and link to come. Gotta print out that calendar.

  2. I don't do much Hand sewing except on road trips and then it is mostly bindings and hanging sleeves. I linked my UFO for September. It needs a lot of extra TLC this Month to get it to the Flimsy stage. Hope that is ok?

  3. I would love to learn how to quilt by hand. So far it's just by sewing machine. Don't worry about your set up. If it works for you, that's all that counts..:-) Me? I do my cutting in the kitchen counter with cutting mat of course, ( lots of light in there.) Sewing machine on Dining Room table. And SMALL ironing board on the buffet table. ;-)

    ~ Susan

    1. Susan, isn't the kitchen counter great for cutting? I do mine there, too--just the right height!

  4. Oh, Bonnie, your sewing studio is great!~ We ALL have those cords. I put camoflauge duct tape over mine, as I have carpet like yours and not only are they less noticable, but I don't trip over them as much. tee hee.
    I love it!~ Thanks for sharing with us. I am not blogging anymore. However, I will am getting out a little quilt to work on with you. I will get it hand quilted in no time this way. You are so clever and inspire us all.
    I need to you to bring my book to Aiken, please. As well as any that I don't have. I Leaders & Enders and Scraps * Shritails 1.
    Thank you!!~

  5. Anonymous12:19 PM EDT

    I try to get a little hand sewing done every night while my husband watches whatever "stupid" program he has on the television - I just finished blanket stitching around 12 little owls for a small wall hanging for my daughter's bathroom. She has to come and tell me what color/placement of buttons for their eyes then off to being quilted -

    I now have four small (less than 24x24) quilts to be quilted! These I will get done soon so I can spend my handsewing time doing their bindings.

    Other than that, I am going back to work on an applique border for a queen-size quilt - I have been "hopping" around on it so it's always a treat to come to an area of leaves/hearts that are already done - one side is completely finished. Maybe, my goal will be to get it done in September ...

    Sue Monsey
    Aloha, Oregon

  6. I'll be working on a project that is so old we call it The Forever Quilt. Started in 1989, and it was even a "fast project" until it became a hand-quilting thing. So I sat down with it last night and discovered I'm pretty close to done with border #1, a little bit done on border #2, then will have to do all of border #3 and the binding ... so sort of do-able. One and a half hours last night, so day 1 of what I hope to be "many" days of progress in September. And I'm just a few miles away from Sue in Aloha, Oregon!

  7. I do not have any handquilting to do. I am not as diligent as I should be with my quilting. So my goal for the month of September is to work on the Midnight Flight. I took the class with Bonnie in Williamsburg at the Quiltmaker Block party. I need to become more regular in my quilting. My daughter, Olivia (9), is going to sew 25 minutes a day. She is working on a quilted bag.

    becky and olivia
    greencastle pa

  8. Anonymous1:04 PM EDT

    i have a quilt i started to hand quilt a few years ago......probably longer than i think the way times gets away from us, i'm thinking this is the motivator to get that out and make some progress...thank you bonnie!

  9. Anonymous5:24 PM EDT

    Just curious....what are all those rolled-up papers in the first picture? Plans for bigger sewing rooms??? LOL!! No really -- I have just about everything else in my sewing room but I don't have lots of rolls of papers like that. Am I missing some important thing that quilters are supposed to have??? Ohhhhh noooooo!

    1. The papers are pantograph patterns for the quilting machine. They go on the table side of the machine and are traced with a laser light that is attached to the machine while stitching. I don't use these so much anymore since I had my longarm computerized.

    2. Anonymous7:43 PM EDT

      Ah ha! Since I didn't recognize them, can you tell I'm still quilting with my own two short arms?! :D

      I'm going to have to try some Margarita Crystal Light, too. Or maybe skip the crystal part. Maybe that will help my meandering? ;)

  10. Love the quilt you are working on - so scrummy! It reminds me of chocolate and strawberry ice-cream that I loved as a kid!!!

  11. Anonymous6:50 PM EDT

    Handpiecing 6 pointed stars with Kitty Cam watching :-) Angela

  12. Anonymous10:22 PM EDT

    I would like to be a part of the hand work too but I do not have a blog. May I play too.
    Donna in warm sunny Oregon

  13. I just LOVE this quilt & I agree that the blue would look lovely as a binding.
    Sewing day 2 done.
    Lush x

  14. I will get moving on Hand sewing tomorrow. Have some work that must be done by the end of the month, and must start. Better now than later!

  15. Here you go, you said you like to see where I work... I will blog in the next day or two and show my mess while I watch QuiltCam. Deb

  16. Anonymous9:55 AM EDT

    I've been trying to work on a baby quilt for a cousin who doesn't hand quilt and oh my it's boring. She embrodiered the blocks and I'm quilting around the design and square. Then I'll quilt the sashings with some design. I've been extremely busy with our business and having our grandsons living with us (ages 6 & 2) so hand quilting was not on my list of "get it done" for some time. Now I'm taking up the project every night and quilting at least 1 hours. Thanks Bonnie, this project is finally going to get finished and mailed off soon. Laura ninepatch@hotmail.com

  17. I linked up a blog post.....my first one ever. But it looked like it had been removed when I looked from my phone. Somehow it had gotten into draft mode again. Sorry for any difficulties. Cynthia

  18. I don't have a blog. But have been doing hand embroidery all month.


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