Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hello, Indiana!

I made it!

The luggage made it!

Both of my flights were on time. There were NO snafus, no problems….I showed up in Fort Wayne when I was supposed to show up!

I met Linda as I came out of the secure area on my way to the baggage claim and we chatted on as if we were old friends! Truth be told, she had taken one of my classes a few years ago when I taught for a retreat here in Indiana.

I wish I could say I remembered more than her face, but she remembered ME, which meant I was not lost or being searched for, and that’s a good thing!

Indiana_Sept2012 027

Sorry for the blurr – these are moving targets!

All 100 lbs of quilts, rollling out of the baggage claim chute! My other suitcase showed up first – these guys were LAST so I was a bit worried at this point…..what do I do for 2 lectures if no quilts show up? Sing and tap dance? Uhhhhhhh…juggle? But no worries. Here they came!

Linda asked if I was hungry, and I looked at her with hope in my eyes and said “CULVERS?!”

She said that there was one clear on the other side of town but it wasn’t in the direction we were going ----I said, don’t sweat it! Don’t go out of your way, we have a couple days yet.

But low and behold….as we drove from the airport toward North Manchester --- what do I spy as we drive by??!

Indiana_Sept2012 028

The tell tale sign of blue awnings and the big oval CULVERS sign above the door! I pointed. I waved. I said….CULVERS!! And Linda pulled a u-turn at the next light and we were off to find out what the flavor of the day was ----

Indiana_Sept2012 030

German Chocolate Fudge.

Now I know many of you will disagree with me here, but to me, chocolate is only a vehicle for OTHER THINGS. Like nuts. or brownie bits. or marshmallow like in Rocky Road --- but chocolate fudge by itself holds no place in my heart ---- but see what is above it?? Oooohhhh….PUMPKIN!

Indiana_Sept2012 033

Culvers! Oh, how I love thee!

Here we are with our pumpkin pecan concrete mixers. Probably aptly named because it is about to turn my hind end as heavy as a cement truck. And just about as big. But I don’t care! And I’m sure you guessed which one is mine? Hint: It’s not the small one! LOL!

And the truth of the matter is – I asked for a MEDIUM. I thought I was safe with a MEDIUM. After this baby I would hate to see the large….seriously?!

And to tell you MORE truth ---we justified this ---it includes PUMPKIN. And NUTS. Both of which are healthy for us. I mean – I ate VEGETABLES in this belly full of love ----it’s gotta be good for me, right? :c)

Indiana_Sept2012 031

Since my last Culvers adventure, they’ve added sweet potato fries to the menu. This is so not fair. I want a Culvers in NC….do you see what is above those sweet potato frieds? Yeah, it’s a burger…but it is those fried cheese curds that have my attention. How do you choose? Sweet Potato fries? Cheese curds ---

On second thought, it’s a good thing there is NOT one of these places in NC!

I’m tucked into the B&B in North Manchester where I’ll be spending the next two nights. After dinner I took a lovely walk through the little town gazing at old brick victorian homes and parks and quaint gardens and sidewalks. Pictures to come --- phone was dead by the time I was taking a walk ----

Tomorrow – Tulip Fields workshop! It’s going to be a whole lot of messy string-piecing fun!

Have a good evening, everyone!


  1. I, too, am a Culvers addict. We recently relocated from Pittsburgh (where there are none) to a place where there are several within striking distance. Bringing out the elastic waisted pants for winter.... {{sigh}}......

  2. Glad you (and all your stuff) made it safely to Indiana! I'm thinking you're right about it being a good thing there isn't a Culver's in NC... my oh my...

    Sweet dreams!

  3. Us Aussies don't get this "pumpkin is a sweet" thing LOL don't know if I would ever be tempted....but chocolate fudge......ohhhh....

  4. You must stop at Mr. Dave's in North Manchester and have a breaded tenderloin. Hubby has family in N. Man., I am sad because we will be going there the following week. Would have loved to go to your class.

  5. Not sure about the pumpkin, but I totally agree with you on the chocolate ice cream. I have never been a fan. Wish we had a Culver's here in Nashville, TN.

  6. I know it's not till November, but there's a Culver's in Ann Arbor, MI.

  7. Glad you made it to North Manchester without a hitch. I will see you tomorrow. I am from North Webster which is 1/2 hour north on state road 13. Another quiet little town.

  8. I think I need to try a Culvers. Looks like another great adventure for you!

  9. I just checked the Culver's website.....and Bonnie, you have one coming soon to Greenville, SC (not too far if you are driving a little south, right?) Sadly.....there are none in New England! Dang!

  10. I have never heard a a Culver's, but a pumpkin pecan concrete mixer sure sounds good to me. And would you believe it!!! There is one about 10 or 12 blocks from where I used to live in Thornton! I can see right now that I'm going to have to make a trip back to the old neighborhood. I still go up there for my doctor & dentist, so I have a good excuse! There's only one Culver's in the Denver metro area! Thanks Bonnie! Have a good time up there.

  11. Anonymous11:00 PM EDT

    Some things are better if you can't have them so often.....!

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  13. http://sewnsewofmaine.blogspot.com/2012/09/accuquilt-playtime-wahoo-only-10-more.html

  14. I would love to have one of those pumpkin pecan concret mixer. Sound sinful. LOL----Nothing on the west coast. :(

    Bonnie I love reading your blog & the photos you post with it.

  15. I was amazed at the way you packed the quilts....I would have been so afraid they wouldn't arrive like that, why don't you pack them into a suitcase or is it the weight?

  16. My ex husband went to prep school at "Culver" and it's in Indiana :0)

    Happy Sewing, I know those ladies are gonna have a ball with you tomorrow Bonnie, are ya finally back in on EST zone?

  17. I've never seen a Culvers during travelling through the States, they must be rare in the western part. The shakes look great.
    I'm a fan of Cinnabon, who drove miles to grab them...
    Have good time

  18. Cindy, The Purple Quilter9:17 AM EDT

    Oh Bonnie!!!! I have to live life through you in so many ways, but today it is my beloved CULVER'S!!!!! Missing my WI days and memories of Culver's each week!! Sweet Potato Fries...OH MY!! I would be in heaven too! Sounds like you are enjoying it enough for the both of us! LOL! :)

  19. A Culver's opened about 15 miles from me (and way out of my normal path) a few years ago, and that was dangerous. Then one opened about 3 miles from me last year. Now all of my jeans are too tight, and I don't have to wonder why. The cheese curds are fabulous, and I'm way too fond of their house-label root beer. Better yet, Culver's root beer floats made with the custard. Deadly awesome!

  20. Oh Bonnie, such a girl after my own heart! Sad to say I've never been to a Culver's...guess I need to make a trip to Indiana, or at least search them out on the net...but I love all things pumpkin and sweet potato...so those would be my votes!

  21. I, too, am a Culver's fan . We don' t have any in PA. When we drive to Illinois to visit our daughter, we try to hold off having lunch until we get to Indiana and Culver's country. Then while we are visiting in Illinois we eat there as frequently as possible. The cheese curds are great!

  22. Love,love Culvers!!! I have got one only 5 minutes away!!

  23. If you want a Culver's near you you'll just have to buy a franchise. You can run that in your spare time!!! LOL

  24. I'm with you chocolate no Pumpkin yes!
    I have to take 16 quilts on the plane trip, what did you wrap the quilts in?


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